Tourism recreation and leisure relationship advice

The relationship among leisure, recreation and tourism - Fig.1

tourism recreation and leisure relationship advice

Download scientific diagram | 1: Relationship between leisure, recreation and tourism from publication: Travel behaviour analysis of Vhembe District. United Nations Regional Workshop on Travel and Tourism. Statistics, Roseau Holidays, leisure and recreation. Visiting friends and. GCSE Leisure & Tourism – Investigating Leisure & Tourism in a chosen area. 2 A For example, within the sport and physical recreation component there may be major sports Inter-relationships is the term used to explain how the different .. main service of a travel agent is the advice provided to help customers.

In dictionaries it is categorized as noun and have these meanings 1. Both Leisure and Recreation are often prerequisites for tourism.

tourism recreation and leisure relationship advice

Boundaries between recreation and tourism are blur, as both activities often share the same environments and facilities and compete for space and finance: Hotels and resort facilities may partly rely on revenues generated by local users functions, club membership, restaurant usage etc.

It is really hard to draw a line where recreation ends and tourism starts. When not talking about statistics then it is also not so important.

It is important to understand that both try to save environment and use it as sustainable as possible. Also both have to main target groups — locals and tourists.

tourism recreation and leisure relationship advice

Both groups can use and benefit from facilities developed in the area. Tourism, recreation and leisure are overlapping concepts and there are difficulties defining the terms.

tourism recreation and leisure relationship advice

But there are certain criteria for all of them. Leisure includes discretionary time, recreation is an activity on leisure time and tourism is temporary visiting. Furthermore, they put a high emphasis on independent studies and reading. What aspects of the course do you find difficult?

tourism recreation and leisure relationship advice

Does the university support you well? In the beginning it was difficult for me to get used to academic writing, but the university supports you greatly if needed, offering a wide range of study skills sessions and information.

How do you fund your studies? What sort of things do you get up to?

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If you are organised you can definitely find time to get involved with the social aspects of the universities such as sports clubs or societies. For example, I am in my final year and found time to participate actively in three different sport clubs.

How has your university supported your career aspirations? My university has definitely supported me during my application for a Masters degree. Asking a lecturer to write reference for me was not a problem at all.

When I decided that Huddersfield was my first choice, I knew I was making the best decision. Meeting Fiona, Derek and other lecturers around the university you could tell instantly how dedicated they were to ensuring you succeeded in your university course. Although Huddersfield is a small town compared with London; you feel right at home as soon as you start your course, meeting new people and experiencing exciting adventures like field trips to Malta.

Although I have faced difficulties with my university work, I've always had the support of my course leader and lecturers to ensure I come out with the best grades. Hospitality management at Huddersfield University encouraged me to develop my interpersonal skills and become passionate about my future.

Right now I'm currently doing my placement year in Denver, Colorado. This would have not been possible without the university. I chose the University of Huddersfield for many reasons and felt that it gave me a variety of options and possibilities.

When searching for universities, I found that Huddersfield was the only one that offered a combined course consisting of 4 hospitality management modules and two German modules. After discovering this I then went to the university's open day where I met the course leader and instantly got a good vibe from the university, and homely feeling from the town itself. Huddersfield was my first choice. One of the main deciders for me was the option to do a placement year — you take a year out and work in a hospitality industry of your choice.

This includes the possibility of staying in the UK or travelling to many different places abroad. I am currently enjoying a placement year with Hilton Hotels in Leeds and strongly recommend that you take the opportunity to do a placement.

What's it like to study Hospitality, Leisure, Recreation & Tourism?

A placement enables you to learn and widen your skills set for when you leave university, as well as gaining some life experience and earning money. I found that being on a smaller course has really benefitted me. You have more one to one contact with your tutors and get to know them personally, as well as being guided and supported throughout the course. I have found that the tutors are always been very helpful and responsive to emails and assisted me with any problems.

The course combines group work, independent work and practical work, all of which are valuable skills in the hospitality industry. After visiting a few universities, I knew that the University of Huddersfield was for me — the student village, the course sizes, and the friendly faces all helped my decision. The course itself was great. The design of the modules and the knowledge of the lecturers make this course superb.

All of the lecturers have operational experience, which is a huge bonus.