Transformers 2 megatron and starscream relationship

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transformers 2 megatron and starscream relationship

Starscream is a fictional character in the many continuities in the Transformers franchise. . However, Megatron eventually gets a hold of Starscream, using his newfound connection with Unicron to brainwash him into his loyal second-in- command. . In Transformers: Timelines volume 2 #2, "Games of Deception" Megatron. 1 Canon Background; 2 Fandom; 3 Notable Starscream-Centric Fanworks Some fans, however, view their relationship in various other ways, such as in The Transformers: the Movie when Starscream abandons Megatron. Megatron himself is not dumb though. He knows 2 things. First that Soundwave will always stay loyal even if he is not promoted. Second that.

Starscream successfully accomplishes most of this, however, when he can no longer possess Scourge, he demands that Unicron restore his own, original body so that he can complete the connections.

Unicron complies and again demands that Starscream complete the connections, only to have Starscream double-cross him and tell him to "do it himself". At this point, the Autobots set off an explosion that blows Unicron's head and Starscream out into space.

transformers 2 megatron and starscream relationship

As Starscream tumbles out of control, he encounters the Decepticons who unleash all of their firepower on him, damaging him and pushing him farther into space. Transformersvoiced by Doug Parker. In the episode "Possessed", He takes control of Waspinator's body following a lightning storm. Starscream claims that he had been killed in battle defending Galvatron from Unicron, and pledges his allegiance to the Predacon leader Megatron.

In reality, he was destroyed by Galvatron, and plots to usurp Megatron and take control of the Predacons. He captures the Maximal base, and later holds Optimus Primal and Dinobot hostage, ordering the Maximals to attack the Predacon base in exchange for their safety. He is defeated by the combined efforts of the Maximals and Blackarachnia, freeing Waspinator's body, and sending Starcream's ghost hurdling back into the depths of space.

transformers 2 megatron and starscream relationship

Like the Decepticon air commander who came before him, Starscream is both ambitious and deadly. He makes up for his lack of size with unmatched speed and maneuverability. He hopes to one day dethrone Galvatron as the Predacon emperor of destruction and rule the universe himself.

He is also slightly effeminate, often laughing and gesturing in a shaky way.

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When transformed Starscream becomes a stealth fighter capable of soaring at very high speed. In fighter mode he can use the "Formation Scream" and combine with his loyal partner BB to become a powerful air fighter, in which Starscream forms the rear of the combination. In robot mode his attack of choice are his "Screamwinder Missiles" which are strong enough to vaporize most opponents. Starscream, during an assassination attempt, accidentally turned Megastorm into Gigastorm. As Hellscream, he has the beast mode of a cyborg shark, whilst Max B transforms into a cyborg wolf.

Hellscream is last seen escaping the exploding Nemesis with Max B and Gigastorm. The Starscream of the "Unicron Trilogy" universe has gone through many notable changes in his personality as his story has progressed. At times he is quite similar to his G1 predecessor, but on many other occasions has displayed markedly different traits to his namesake.

He originally came to Earth as part of Megatron's expedition to gain the power of the Mini-Cons alongside Demolishor and Cyclonus. However, Starscream's frustration over having been made the last of the Decepticons to gain his partner Mini-Con led him to be manipulated by Sideways into battling with Megatron, which he lost. Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen Keychain Starscream: Toys & Games

During his time with the Autobots, he formed a surprisingly close friendship with the human Alexis. However, Thrust eventually manipulated Starscream into rejoining the Decepticons, though Starscream still vowed to destroy Megatron. During the Unicron Battles, Starscream was one of the five Cybertronians who received a power boost from the Mini-Cons, giving him a new color scheme that is that of Thundercracker's.

Despite having a Thundercracker color scheme, Starscream was never renamed into the fellow seeker, but had stated "I look like Thundercracker" when he gained the new body colors.

When Thrust was ousted as a servant of Unicron, Starscream reunited with Alexis and gave chase, though he ultimately failed to catch him.

transformers 2 megatron and starscream relationship

When Megatron, now calling himself "Galvatron", refused to acknowledge the existence of Unicron and the potential threat he carried, Starscream challenged his leader to a duel and allowed him to stab him in the chest with the Star Saber. After a final sendoff with Galvatron, the seeker pulled the Star Saber out of his chest, exposing his spark, and fired on Unicron directly, only for the Chaos Bringer to fire a bolt of lightning that completely incinerated Starscream, killing him.

Starscream's death ultimately convinced Galvatron of Unicron's existence and he allied the Decepticons with the Autobots to end the threat.

transformers 2 megatron and starscream relationship

In Energon, set ten years later, Alpha Q revives Starscream and wipes all memories of his old life to use him as his personal assassin. However, Megatron eventually gets a hold of Starscream, using his newfound connection with Unicron to brainwash him into his loyal second-in-command.

Later in the series, he is exposed to a pool of super energon, making his armor impervious to laser fire as well as recoloring it.


In the final episode, Starscream, along with Mirage, follows Galvatron into an energon sun, Galvatron having done so to break Unicron's hold over him. Starscream returned again in Cybertron as a darker, more ruthless character.

transformers 2 megatron and starscream relationship

While he appears to be loyal to Megatron like he was in Energon, he secretly prepares a coup against him to become leader of the Decepticons. This results in a fracturing of the group, with Starscream discovering a group of ancient Decepticons, including two named Thunderblast and Lugnutz; he also recruits neutral Transformers Sideways and Soundwave.

After several encounters, Starscream and Galvatron have one final battle which ends with Starscream, Soundwave, and Sideways being transported into another dimension. He is later located by Wing Saber, who teams up with Landmine and Mudflap to go after him. Animated[ edit ] Starscream appears in the animated series, voiced by Tom Kenny.

He transforms into a futuristic harrier jet, sporting a notable similarity to the Variable Fighters of Macross fame in his transformation sequence and resembles his Generation 1 counterpart in both design, personality, and ambitions. Joe and Transformers share a lot of similarities. Transformers, of course, had Starscream, while in the G. Joe, the two worked together. The two baddies, both wanting to overthrow their leaders, decide to unleash a giant robot called Bruticus.

The plan ultimately works out for Destro, as Cobra Commander winds up trapped under a pile of rubble thanks to Bruticus and the Baroness kills the helpless leader. Nor does it work out for Cobra, who are defeated. Joe and Transformers had their well-armed fancy fliers.

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The Joes had their take on the scissor-winged F, the Skystriker, while the Decepticons originally had three military-style jets, known as Seekers.

These Seekers were Skywarp, Thundercracker, and our man Starscream, who was an F Eagle in his original incarnation. Prime a harrier jet, Cybertronian jets, and the F used in the live-action films. There was one version of Starscream, though, that diverged quite significantly from the jets: Well, more accurately, in the Generation 1 cartoon Starscream was kicked out of the Decepticon fold and was more or less forced to create his own army if he wanted to survive.

He went to a lot of effort to create them, too. Starscream discovered some old U.