Utena and anthy relationship problems

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utena and anthy relationship problems

Anthy also begins as a sort of generic character type. Despite only obeying Akio, Anthy's developing friendship with Utena is clear, girls in abusive relationships, I think she could be an extremely relatable . She challenges the student council member, Saionji, to a duel, to try to regain Wakaba's honor. Saionji challenges Utena to a duel, which she wins – making her Anthy's current “ master,” although Utena is bothered by her obedience (which. An examination of Revolutionary Girl Utena as part of a key subgenre of Utena and Anthy's relationship is undeniably the core of the series and it is a Anthy is a complex character that challenges the “damsel in distress”.

Utena goes to rescue her and finds Saionji in the water and unconscious.

Anthy Himemiya

Then why did you try to win her in a duel? For him, the Rose Bride and her purported ability to grant miracles represent the only path to his desires. He cares nothing for her as a person, only what she represents: He treats her as he does — controlling, possessive, and abusive — because her thoughts and desires are nothing to him. When Saionji and Utena arrive at the arena, they are greeted by a haunting sight: As they run to her, the rose shoots up on a column of bricks. The castle begins to crumble, and Saionji just…laughs.

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Keep your promise to me! Anthy is rescued, the arena returns to normal, and yet Saionji still lashes out with violence. It is finally clear to him that he has lost, once and for all, but his reaction is not an acceptance of defeat, graceful or otherwise.

Rather, it is one of blind, violent rage, as he attacks Utena and Anthy, intent to seriously harm or even kill in his eyes. Many domestic abuse survivors say that the true danger lies in leaving their abusers, who become even more violent when fueled by their possessive grudges, and lash out at anyone they see as having helped their victims escape.

His attack is blocked at the last second by Touga jumping in front of the couple, taking the blow himself. Saionji is the most obvious element of the patriarchy — most people are well aware that domestic violence is a problem that exists and needs to be combatted.

The elementary student is still blindly in love? And yes, he is very much a boy. So he does what any normal child does: The height difference though… And so, he draws two!

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Those double blades though. But afterward, Tsuwabuki chooses to hang out with Mari instead of Nanami, for at least a day. Wakaba apparently has her own prince dreams, and at lunch with Utena, someone who just might be him appears: And during a meeting supposedly about giving him a second chance, she instead literally sips tea as Wakaba and Kazami banter and flirt.

Touga + Utena - Boyfriend - Revolutionary Girl Utena

So, she asks him to tell Wakaba how he feels, and it goes… …poorly. Frustrated and confused, he goes to Nemuro Memorial Hall with no appointment, and is actually rejected by Mikage. Here, another piece of information is revealed: None other than the one who began this whole sordid saga: From her POV, this is the best thing ever: Akio actually makes sense this time: And that happens, fast.

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Saionji makes Wakaba an admittedly adorable leaf hairpin, but his affection for her is limited to her room. Mikage later visits Saionji and the latter reveals that he plans, somehow, to get back into school and into his rightful spot in the highest social circle. Mikage asked for the thing that would bring Wakaba to him: With that, she slides a sword out of Saionji and sets off against Utena… …who is so completely heartbroken to see her friend in front of her, that she never draws her own sword from Anthy.

Instead, she pleads with Wakaba to snap out of it, but the onion girl is under the spell of the black rose and comes the closest of any Duelist to actually killing Anthy. This entire sequence was devastating.

Mikage, for his part, keeps Saionji around and calls him a fool. Apparently, Keiko, Aiko, and Yuuko they have names! She grins and bears it, and continues to participate in Nanami henchwomen activity, like calling Utena vermin for literally being in the same room as Touga.

utena and anthy relationship problems

Utena and Anthy hang out with Akio together, and he compares them to Castor and Pollux, the Gemini twins. Of course Nanami sees it, and in the basement, a black rose is plucked, but whose?

Well, Nanami makes it easy: So, she goes to Nemuro Memorial Hall to seek the power to change her fate. Pretty relatable, to be honest. Utena takes care of her pretty easily, but at the end of the duel, she reveals: And now, onto the answers… kind of.

Apparently, Mikage and Mamiya are down to their last black rose, which begs the question: Meanwhile, the Student Council finally takes the question of the Black Roses seriously. As Nanami, the holdout, was finally used as a sword. Utena, while looking for Chu-Chu, stumbles into Mikage, who tries to recruit her into his seminar.

Mikage is approached in his office by Akio, who reminds him of a contract made long ago. The prevailing tale about Nemuro Memorial Hall, first told by Miki, is that Professor Nemuro and male students perished in a fire.

utena and anthy relationship problems

This is only partly true: