Utena and anthy relationship tips

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utena and anthy relationship tips

Anthy also begins as a sort of generic character type. Despite only obeying Akio, Anthy's developing friendship with Utena is in abusive relationships, I think she could be an extremely relatable .. Nanami is RGU's initial antagonist, as she is always bullying Anthy and plotting ways to make her hated. View "5 Times Anime Got Same-Sex Relationships Right" and more funny posts the credits) but remains mostly shrouded in hints, nudges, and winks. Despite the creepy setup, Utena and Anthy become very close in all. An examination of Revolutionary Girl Utena as part of a key subgenre of Utena and Anthy's relationship is undeniably the core of the series and it is a and twisted in their own ways and most of whom have interesting arcs.

utena and anthy relationship tips

Central to all of this is, of course, our heroine Utena Tenjou, and her would-be princess Anthy Himemiya. Little does Utena know, she is simply another game-piece in a larger power scheme… and Anthy herself is even more entrenched in the entire system than Utena could possibly understand.

So begins their relationship, though — Utena as the prince, Anthy as the princess, albeit in a completely platonic sense. Utena is completely committed to playing the prince, which really has nothing to do with Anthy as a person; even here she remains symbolic, her personality and who she actually is mattering not.

utena and anthy relationship tips

Utena regards Anthy as slightly odd and as needing saving, but her relationship with Anthy is purely surface. However, as time progresses, their relationship begins to shift slightly — its a very slow process initially, as Anthy likewise does not quite regard Utena as a fully formed human being — to Anthy, Utena is simply another necessary figure, a person who claims to have her best interests at heart but only wishes to use Anthy to fulfill her own desires.

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And, to an extent, Anthy is correct about this. But Anthy wishes to use Utena, too, but for much more complicated and darker purposes, although this is something which takes a very long time to become clear. And Anthy realizes this as Utena duels Touga. However, it remains an extremely rocky one, as Anthy herself is so bound up within the system which seemingly uses her as merely a pawn. At one point, she attempts suicide, which Utena saves her from. She breaks down somewhat, but is a combination of unable and unwilling to fully inform Utena of the entire scheme at hand.

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Anthy literally stab Utena in the back, though, with the sword of Dios. Utena apologizes for making her continue believing in a fake prince, and the coffin holding Anthy drops as Utena is skewered by the swords Anthy had been subjected to. Akio yells after her, but Anthy walks away, exiting school grounds with a promise to herself to find Utena, wherever she has gone. The princess ultimately saves herself. Then couple all of that with the fact that just about Everyone Is Bi.

Chiho Saito the mangaka and one of the writers has said that people should consider Utena and Anthy to be like a married couple. In the third volume, Wakaba starts to become jealous of Utena's closeness to Anthy, so Utena has to reassure her that she still considers her to be a dear friend.

Wakaba then asks, "Then what about Anthy Himemiya?!

utena and anthy relationship tips

If that's how you want it, fine! I'll be the mistress. And I'll just fight the legal wife over you! Wakaba also has a loud and public crush on Utena, which she mainly expresses by glomping Utena and going for rides on her back later on. She elicits these reactions whether dressed as a boy or wearing Ohtori's female uniform, as proved by the episode coming after her loss at the hands of Touga, which she tried to cope with by acting like a princess instead of a prince.

Yes, the other girls were still seriously wet for her. Chigusa Sanjouin from the Utena Sega Saturn game gets her share of fangirls squeeing over her when she appears in class, and Kozue is even seen dating her at one point.

5 Times Anime Got Same-Sex Relationships Right

The Sega Saturn game is similar to a dating sim game. And then there's the secret Anthy scenario where the player character challenges Utena to a duel for Anthy and wins. Afterwards, the player character and Anthy end up taking a bath together and it's heavily implied that they had sex. Juri seems to have quite a few fangirls in the series too. And then there's her secret obsession with Shiori, which consumes her entire life.

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Nearly all of Juri's angst comes from her being a closeted lesbian. Shiori herself is hinted to be secretly in love with Juri, though she's in heavy denial over it for a number of reasons.

This was ultimately confirmed by Ikuhara in one of the booklets that came with Right Stuf's rerelease of the series. And while Utena often claims to be totally straightshe clearly develops some manner of romantic feelings for Anthy by the end of the series.

Utena frequently comes to Anthy's aid whenever she is slapped around by others and wants to save her from her secret pain.

utena and anthy relationship tips

Utena also acts quite upset when she sees Saionji mistreating or making advances on Anthy. Utena does share a questionable relationship with Anthy, going so far in the latter episodes to sleep facing each other, hands clasped. Utena and Anthy gaze at each other adoringly during the opening credits and have scenes where it almost looks like they're about to kiss.

They also hold hands. There's also when Utena and Anthy draw the sword from one another people who do this tend to have a sort of relationship with each other and Utena holds Anthy in her arms.

Anthy Himemiya

The official art of the two together and the second ED are pretty yuri-tastic as well. In fact the official art has plenty of yaoi too and can be viewed here: In episode 3 Nanami tries to embarrass Anthy, by giving her a dissolving dress and having a boy spray her with champagne.

Utena rejects Touga and makes a dress for Anthy after her dress dissolves, then dances with her. In episode 9 Utena expresses visible concern when she learns Anthy has been kidnapped and goes to find her and wants to save her.

When she saves her she screams her name and holds her in her arms until she wakes up. They tenderly say each other's names while looking in each other's eyes and Utena acts relieved to find that Anthy's alright. In episode 10 Anthy tries to keep Nanami from being so angry at Utena but Nanami slaps her. Utena comes to Anthy's aid again. In episode 11 Utena runs to Anthy and Touga telling the latter to get away from Anthy when she sees him hitting on Anthy.

Also, she vows again to protect Anthy, thinking that she won't give Anthy to the other duelists, not even to her prince. When Utena gets to the dueling arena to duel Touga she also places her hand in Anthy's.