Vampire knight yuki and zero relationship

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vampire knight yuki and zero relationship

I read Vampire Knight yesterday, and I felt compelled to compliment on I find Yuki and Zero to have more of a normal relationship, it seems. this is one of the web sites where you can read vampire knight and this chapter if you no! zero and yuki better! Kaname and Yuuki's relationship there's no incest going on here. Yuki discovers that Zero was bitten by a Pureblood vampire, turning him into a .. In those memories he expresses irritation at Yuki's relationship with Kaname.

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It was obvious though that she was goal-oriented. I think Kaname was really sad. So he went to sleep. When he awoke he found a power hungry descendant, and yet ended up in the arms of two loving vampires.

Riddo comes to take away the life he now finds as his purpose, and there is still nothing he could do to save them. He was then given the task of watching over Yuki, and this somewhat becomes his other purpose in life. While at the same time, he raises Zero into turning to a vengeful vampire hunter.

Analyzing these events that took place in his life, he must have found that a vampire is pitiful. All they can do is evil. They can only take away. He may also be blaming himself for the all things that happened. He must probably hate himself.

So, in seeing what troubles vampire bring to the world he wishes to end them. Yet, he was awaken by a power hungry vampire, and slowly and sadly, he sees that nothing has changed.

He slowly begins to see that the existence of vampires is a hindrance to human kind. Both cannot exist peacefully, in time the vampires will eventually suppress the humans, and even if peace is restored again, it will be the same cycle. Kaname loves Yuki, however seeing how all those he has loved have just banished from his sight he chooses to leave her, and kills Vampires.

He believes that it was the vampires existence that really drove away things that he cared about. Kaname knows that being a vampire will bring nothing but sadness, and so he decides to kill them, and after killing them he plans to make Yuki into human, probably sacrificing himself in the process. So Kaname really loves Yuki, and all he is doing is for her, for everyone, and maybe for him to finally rest in peace.

vampire knight yuki and zero relationship

However, she persistently rejects her starved vampire self because she has her own difficulties that she has never told anyone. This leaves Kaname confused, and often wondering why she hides these problems.

Vampire knight

Eventually after observing her for the year of living together, Yuki's actions of suppression and awkwardness towards Kaname, spur him to reveal the truth - that he is not her real brother. Kaname carries Yuki to the coffin that he has been laying in for the past thousands of years. Kaname allows her to drink his blood in order to read his memories of a distant time.

Times such as the the beginning of human civilization and the vampire race. From his memories, she witnesses how Rido had taken and killed her real brother to reawaken the Kuran Family's ancestor, Kaname.

vampire knight yuki and zero relationship

Rido had removed him from his slumber to devour his rich blood. Yuki also bared witness of Kaname's regression into a form of a baby, due to the lack of blood that was required for him to remain in his full form. Through these memories, Yuki learns that the Kaname that she knows, is not actually her brother, but her ancestor. After learning the truth, Yuki begins to see Kaname as someone more than just a brother and admired savior, but also as her fiance. Yuki now sees him as an equal and wishes to start over with Kaname, to which he agrees.

However with the reappearance of Zero at her debut ball, Yuki's heart begins to waver. With this in mind, Kaname decided to go back to his original plans after Yuki continuously defies him, even after he told her to wait for him.

Kaname begins doing things that will make Yuki hate and doubt him even though he "cherishes and loves her". Afterwards Yuki uncovers the truth behind the series of unfortunate events, and has successfully catches Kaname, in which she confronts him once again.

He asks for distress from her.

vampire knight yuki and zero relationship

The entire scene is very negative and dark, as Kaname is basically asking for Yuuki to agree to suffer if she wants the comfort of his company to keep her loneliness at bay. The implication here being because she is not being fair to him and has done nothing, in her mind, to earn his affections. Yuuki and Zero - Contrast the above with the scene between Zero and Yuuki. Rather than distress, Yuuki is happy.

vampire knight yuki and zero relationship

Her grief, to him, is an understandable thing. After all, he knows what it was like losing Ichiru despite their complicated relationship. More than that, Yuuki expresses gratitude to Zero for being there for her while expecting nothing in return. With Kaname, her arrangement to stay by his side was like a business arrangement.

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She granted him distress in exchange for him not sending her away when she had no where else to go. When Yuuki notices Kaname not responding, she says his name and he assumes she wants a hug. In the panel after Kaname pulls her toward him, she has stuck her arm out, stopping herself from being pulled any closer. Yuuki and Zero - Yuuki and Zero are discussing their relationship and the fact that Yuuki is still unable to move on with Zero. He tells her that his choices were his own, he redefines their relationship for her by acknowledging that he took away her smile by imposing unreasonable demands on her and he accepts her feelings for Zero by telling her that he understands they should be together.

In fact, the entire scene is about Kaname acknowledging his mistakes and how they hurt Yuuki and kept her from the person she should truly be with. Yuuki and Zero - Yuuki, again, is appropriately tearful when losing Zero. More than that, Zero and Yuuki express that they found happiness in their life together, in contrast to Kaname who said his happiness was found at the end of his journey rather than the journey itself.