Vanille and sazh relationship advice

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vanille and sazh relationship advice

I like him way more then Fang, Vanille or Snow and I think Square Enix did Sazh asked feeling like his relationship with his son was on the line. . but if the kid ever need advice or help with girls he knew were to find Sazh. I think Vanille and Hope would have made a great couple to be honest. and Sazh, who are more down-to-earth and cynical, and Vanille and. Hope's father affirms his trust in his son and provides advice on what the characters Vanille's relationship with Sazh is executed perfectly.

However once Sazh was a good distance away from Hope and Vanille he cast a look over at near by boulder. The two women just looked sheepishly at each other and stayed low.

So what if they were a worried about Hope and Vanille and wanted to keep an eye on them? Lightning your surrogate son is in love with Fang's surrogate sister and I think she loves him back. If anything was going to happened now it would be on Hope but if the kid ever need advice or help with girls he knew were to find Sazh.

vanille and sazh relationship advice

No matter what Lightning thought somethings it takes a father to show a boy how to be man. One, I know nothing of fishing. I saw the movie "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen" and even thought I'm twenty years under the target market I loved it.

After seeing I thought of Sazh and Hope having a leisurely chat about faith, fathers and life while fishing. Vanille got mixed into this because I could never see Lightning enjoying fishing. She really doesn't have them temperament for it. Secondly let me say this. Hope is my favorite Final Fantasy hero because I can really relate with him.

His strained relationship with his father looks like the one I had with my father at that age. The feeling that Hope had toward his father in this fan fiction are every much like my own feelings for my father when I was that old. Not that part when Hope blamed his father for not being their when his mom died.

My mom is very much live and still married to my dad. That part was my interruption of Hope's feelings I understand my father better now as a young man. He did what a man of his generation was expected to do, go out and be the breadwinner and proved for your family, which he did very successfully. Even today when we talk about back then he'll say he should have made more time for me and my brother as we were growing up and less time at work.

Well no one can be a perfect father because all children are different and so are their needs but I love and respect my father dearly. It was only a few years ago that someone pointed out to me that when I talk about my father I never call him dad.

I don't know if that say anything about my relationship with him but it's the truth. God now this feels way to heavy to leave off right here.

Let's end on something lighter. He focused another fire spell into his hands and held it over his wet clothes. Hope's shoes and shocks were drying in the sun but he had left his shorts on even though they were still damp. You see Hope was very nervous because just behind him was a line in the dirt and on the other side of the line was Vanille likewise in a state of undress.

Hope couldn't tell if when he shivered it was from the cold water or from excitement at the thought of turning around. For all the honor and selflessness Hope had he was still a red-blooded male and his instincts pulled at him.

He was so conflicted that he he didn't notice that his clothing had started to smolder. Behind him and yet so very close. Just put to much power into a spell. Hope was so tense that she thought it was adorable. However he left his shorts on and Vanille didn't think that was sporting of him at all not that the parts she could see were bad. That so soft looking pale skin of his and wet sliver hair both just begging to be touched. Vanille sighed both from longing and disheartenment.

She had wanted to catch Hope sneaking a peek at her but no such luck. She wanted to know if Hope liked her or not and then they could stop this silly game they had been playing. Most of Vanille's clothing was dry but her hair wasn't and was out of it's normal ponytails.

She casually stepped over the line in the dirt she had made walked up behind Hope. Then Vanille warped her arms around Hope's chest. I didn't say anything about me not crossing it.

I don't know how you do things in Cocoon but do I really need to be the one to make the first move? She pulled back a bit but he stopped her and held her close.

Vanille just smirked and kissed Hope back. Vanille was sure that this wasn't just Hope's first first move but checkmate. If was a PS3 I would have won a Trophy just now. After a couple of tutorials about camera control and the Datalog which is a BIG part of the story explanation in this game.

You can ignore it if you don't care about the plot, but a lot of things will not be as clear if you do so you can finally start running through the first of the many hallways of this game. By the way, you can bring up the map on the screen in full size by pressing the X button.

You can remove or display it by pressing Back there is no reason to ever remove it. Enemies will be marked as red dots on your mini-map. You don't necessarily have to fight all the enemies you encounter to be powerful enough to progress through the game, and in fact most of the times it will be a good idea to run past the groups of enemies that you can avoid to make your life easier.

Fighting will earn you more or less valuable Spoils loot, dropped itemsand therefore Gil, and later also CP the classic "Exp" to power up your characters. Just so you know it, there is a long list of available "Spoil" items in the game, but most of them are generic "materials" that don't really matter: For a quick reference, the stars Rating you receive at the end of the battle have an influence on the Spoil you receive: You may also "Stagger" enemies as you fight; a tutorial about Staggering will take place later soon enough, don't worry.

Now let's actually start playing. Right as you start you will unlock your first Achievement: Took the first steps toward challenging an unjust fate. It's possible to try and surprise enemies for a pre-emptive attack engage battle from behind them, thus surprising thembut these first enemies are too weak for this to possibly make a difference, so don't bother and just run into battle.

You can simply Auto-Battle your way through this fight, as well as the upcoming ones.

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Shortly after the third group of enemies you will find the first Treasure Sphere on the left as you go on; it contains a Potion. Continue to trigger a cutscene. There is another Save Station up ahead -- save the game and continue. This is an equippable Accessory; give it to Lightning access the game menu with Y, then use the Equipment option to assign her this piece of equipment for an extra boost of her HP, and then continue North.

Continue further North; after Lightning jumps off the platforms on the left, check on the right before going towards the next enemies to find a treasure sphere that contains 50 Gil.

As you continue there will be a tutorial battle about Item Usage. It's not very important you may actually want to skip it, since it will make you use a Potion in battle. Proceed after another cutscene.

Some of the next groups of enemies are slightly stronger, and it's possible that they will kill your characters.

Sazh Katzroy

Should you die, remember that you can always "Retry" the last battle there is no real Game Over in this gameeither after a K. Follow Sazh on the platform on the left; save the game, and then proceed to "Activate" a control panel a red circle appears on the ground next to items you can interact with.

Hanging Edge - Skybridge No. It's a rather easy concept: As the gauge gets filled, the enemy will take more damage from your attacks; more precisely, the damage will be multiplied by the percentage shown in the Chain Gauge.

For example, if you deal 20 HP of damage at the default At one point the Chain Gauge will reach a critical value, the "Stagger point", which will trigger a particular condition that will weaken the enemy much more: Moreover, his weakness to status ailments will also increase, and the Chain Gauge itself will fill up much more quickly on a Staggered enemy.

The enemies won't stay Staggered forever, but only for a short amount of time. For more info on this subject, refer to the Strategies and Battle Mechanics page of this guide. After this mini-boss fight which you can win simply with the usual Auto-Battle command; kill the Wardens first another cutscene will play, and the action will switch focus to some other characters.

Then go on, approach some NPC if you want to read a few extra lines of dialogue, and then save the game before proceeding.

Then hop on the debris ahead to trigger more scenes and continue with the game. More scenes will trigger as you continue. After them, open the treasure sphere nearby, on the left, to get another Iron Bangle no need to equip it now. Then save the game at the station ahead, and proceed for more battles.

At one point you will fight a Beta Behemoth, a sort of mini-boss. Although this foe is stronger than the average enemy, you can still rely on Auto-Battle for an easy win your allies will automatically heal you with Potions if your HP get too low.

Final Fantasy XIII - Boss 14 "Brynhildr" [HD]

You will get 5x Potion at the end of this fight. A cutscene will trigger after this battle; then the game will ask you to save your progress -- do so, and continue. You can continue to rely on Auto-Battle to win, even though this enemy will deal quite a lot of damage. You shouldn't need to use Potions you will probably end the battle with very low HP if you don'tbut feel free to do so if you think you need it.

Open the treasure sphere ahead to get the Power Circle weapon for Snow; equip it, then go on to save the game.

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Proceed into more fights, or avoid them if you want there's enough room to easily sneak around all the upcoming enemies. Go up and down some stairs, and check on the right to find a small dead end where a treasure sphere worth Gil is.

Then go up and down more stairs to enter an easy event battle. Afterwards, examine the "bike" ahead for more scenes. There's nothing you can do here aside from looking around and listening to random NPC lines by approaching them.

Save the game if you want, and then examine the bike next to Vanille to trigger the cutscenes that will accompany you to the end of this first Chapter.

The game will ask you to save the game again before introducing you to Chapter 2. Chapter 2 - The Pulse Vestige.

vanille and sazh relationship advice

Map of Chapter 2 - The Pulse Vestige. This item will open the second shop in the game shops are only available at the Save Stationswhich however is still not important at this early stage: He places the pistol to his head but is unable to take his own life.

vanille and sazh relationship advice

Vanille and the unconscious Sazh are taken into an airship by Nabaat's regiment, and imprisoned on the Palamecia to be transported to Eden for a public execution. Upon the Palamecia, Sazh learns about Vanille's past and her recent awakening from crystal stasis. Vanille is a Pulse l'Cie from hundreds of years ago who had entered crystal stasis alongside Fang.

The pair's crystals had been placed inside the Vestige that had ended up in Bodhum when Cocoon had looted Pulse for raw materials. When the two had awoken they had found themselves in Cocoon. After being separated from Fang in the wake of the Euride incident, Vanille has been running from her fate.

Vanille's story sparks a flicker of hope in Sazh for his son, hoping that Dajh, too, could awaken one day. With a new reason to fight, Sazh helps Vanille overpower the guards. They break out of the cell, retrieve their weapons, and reunite with Lightning, Snow, Hope, and Fang, who have teamed up to rescue them. The reunited l'Cie confront Primarch Galenth Dysleythe head of the Sanctum government, who is also on the ship.

After he kills Nabaat and reveals himself as the fal'Cie BarthandelusDysley claims the party's collective Focus is to become Ragnarok, a mythical beast of destruction, and destroy Cocoon by killing Orphanthe fal'Cie that keeps Cocoon afloat. Sazh attempts to guide an airship off the Palamecia as it descends, but an unknown force drives it towards the Fifth Ark hidden beneath Eden instead. The party travels through the ark and their l'Cie powers are fully awoken.

Raines reveals himself a Sanctum l'Cie branded by Barthandelus with the Focus of helping them destroy Cocoon, but he is willing to sacrifice himself to defy it and attacks the party. The party defeats Raines who turns to crystal despite having defied his Focus, inspiring them to do the same. After Fang tames her Eidolon Bahamuta path to the ark's lower levels is revealed.

They party finds a Pulsian airship and a gate leading to Gran Pulse, where they hope to find answers on how to remove their l'Cie brands.

Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

Sazh pilots the airship to the world below and it is attacked by a wild wyvern. After an emergency landing, the party sets up a base camp in the Vallis Media. They search Gran Pulse for days but find no signs of human life, and decide to head for OerbaFang and Vanille's hometown.

He accepts her apology and admits his fault in letting Dajh out of his sight. They reach the top of Taejin's Tower and ride a capsule down to Oerba were the party finds Dysley has incited a civil war in Cocoon to bring it down, and decides to return there.