Watanuki and yuko relationship goals

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watanuki and yuko relationship goals

Also, Yuuko, who seems to have had some kind of love/hate relationship with Clow, .. it looks like the egg's purpose is to wipe Watanuki's memories of Yuuko. After going to a fake fortune teller, Watanuki and Yuuko go to a real fortune teller. . relationship with Syaoran Li and then Watanuki offers to grant Yuuko's wish. .. their powers in an attempt to escape from the tube- With their ultimate goal of . Just how well does it accomplish its goals? Reluctantly, Watanuki capitulates and begins working in Yuko's shop after school; . However, this relationship is non-existent in the “xxxHolic” anime and the characters from.

Kimihiro Watanuki and Himawari Kunogi Himawari Kunogi is Watanuki's primary love interest and a high school student whom he had liked long before actually meeting her. When asked why he likes her, he usually says that it is because she is cute and kind, which is obviously not enough for real feelings to blossom, so everyone is aware that it is simply puppy love. Himawari does not seem to have any deeper feelings for him and they remain good friends throughout the anime.

However, it is soon discovered that she was cursed at birth with bad luck, which means that she brings bad luck to everyone she spends time with or touches. They agree to stay only friends, and she chooses to stay away as often as possible, only visiting the shop on rare occasions. In order to make her feel better, Watanuki gives her Tanpopo, a small yellow bird that is immune to her bad luck curse.

The bird was born from an egg received from Yuuko, who wanted to help Watanuki with his relationship with Himawari. It is also hinted that in the end, Himawari actually falls in love with him, but marries some unknown businessman instead. They remain good friends and she visits the shop once a year.

Kimihiro Watanuki and Yuuko Ichihara At the beginning, Watanuki has a mentor-student relationship with Yuuko and he only respects her because she is older, wiser and obviously more powerful than him.

Kimihiro Watanuki

Because Yuuko seemed very childish and immature, he did not genuinely care about her and thought of her only as someone who was selfish and got him into trouble. However, as the story progresses, Watanuki matures and as he slowly reaches adulthood, his relationship with Yuuko becomes more serious.

He starts seeing through her mask of immaturity and cheerfulness and realizes that she is more than a powerful and bored witch who owns a shop for granting wishes.

He slowly starts confiding in her and talking to her about serious topics. By the end of the anime, Yuuko and Watanuki become true friends, deeply caring for each other, even though Yuuko's role was more of a caretaker and guardian than romantic partner.

By the time Yuuko dies, they already share a deep and understanding bond that is quite ambiguous to most fans. Even though it becomes obvious that they love each other, it is not explicitly shown whether it is the love of two friends or that of lovers.

watanuki and yuko relationship goals

However, when Yuuko appears in Watanuki's dream after her death, he tells her that he wishes to meet her no matter what, and that he will wait for her at the shop for as long as it takes for her to return. At some point, for Watanuki, Yuuko had become someone of great importance.

So even after he gained the freedom to leave the shop and move on, he chose to stay and wait for her return. Inn Between the Worlds: Yuuko's shop is the portal between worlds and dimensions.

watanuki and yuko relationship goals

The opening to one volume has Watanuki asking Yuuko if she's sure about something, and her replying that she is and wants him to "give it to her", all looking very suggestive. They're playing baseballof course, and Watanuki's about to pitch the ball to her. Possibly Watanuki and Haruka too, though Haruka is dead.

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Also with Yuuko, see the comment on Haruka. Chapter states that the Doumeki at that point is actually Shizuka Doumeki's great-grandson, and Watanuki himself wasn't fully aware of the time that passed, implying that after Shizuka, his son, grandson, and now great-grandson visited Watanuki in Shizuka Doumeki's place. In Touch with His Feminine Side: Doumeki claims he has parents, but the audience never sees them, and Doumeki only talks about his grandfather.

In the anime we see Doumeki's mother once in a flashback of when he asked if he could invite some friends over for the ghost story night, but her face is never shown. His mother is still obscured in Rou.

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I See Dead People: Watanuki, Kohane, and Doumeki after the whole heterochromia thing. Yuuko sometimes likes to mess with Watanuki just to get a rise out of him. Doumeki and others sometimes join in. I Will Wait for You: What Watanuki eventually swears to do for Yuuko when she disappears.

watanuki and yuko relationship goals

Watanuki at times, though he can switch to being the total opposite pretty quickly. And after Yuuko's death, he ceases to be one altogether. Watanuki turns out to be an unusual case. His magically induced amnesia made him forget things like good chunks of his childhood beyond their basic facts and even his parents' names. It's also not only partially anterograde for example, he can't remember the taste of anything he eats, or even remember if he ate itbut it's also done in such a way that he didn't even notice he had it for quite some time.

The discovery gave him a tomato-related nervous breakdown. Later, everyone except close friends and relations forget who Yuuko is when the stopped pocket of time she resides in starts moving again and the universe rewrites itself to be as if she'd died when she was intended to. Actually, one reason why Watanuki seems to develop such a severe obsession with her that he'd adopt her mannerisms and wear her clothes, is because he fears that if he doesn't keep her belongings near him, one day he'll start to forget her too.

Which makes the fact that the apparent purpose of the egg Doumeki was given to hold onto is to erase Watanuki's memories of Yuuko a rather painful truth to learn.

Watanuki and Doumeki are almost exclusively referred to by their last names by everyone in the series with only very select few exceptions.

watanuki and yuko relationship goals

Doumeki seems to call everyone except Yuuko by their last name. Taken Up to Eleven by Doumeki towards Kohane when it's revealed he's getting married to her and yet he apparently still will continue to call her by her family soon-to-be maiden name because "it's what they're used to".

Light Is Not Good: See someone with cute little angel wings? Quickly, before they pull out the boxcutter. Yuuko's shop is one of these, except with a twist: Yuuko arguably functions as a type B for Watanuki, considering how much of the rest of his life became dictated by his reaction to her death, how he continues to mourn her loss, and how her presence remains felt in the story right up to the last chapter. She even continues to be featured in some of the volume covers, if only in the back and without her face showing.

Watanuki is convinced he's in one of these, competing with Doumeki for Himawari's affections. The truth is Himawari always brings Doumeki along so that Watanuki doesn't get hurt due to her supernatural bad luck, and Doumeki has other reasons for sticking around Watanuki. Becomes a sort of Love Dodecahedron when its revealed Kohane's also grown to love Watanuki and a romantic subtext begins to emerge between him and Yuuko in later chapters.

This isn't even accounting for the fact that otherworldly beings like the Zashiki-Warashi, have a tendency to develop crushes on him. Mugetsu seems to like Watanuki WAY too much. So do some other supernatural beings, but they are at least humanoid. Martyr Without a Cause: Watanuki, and at times Doumeki. A major thread in the series is learning to temper the altruistic impulse with self-regard.

Doumeki's a bit of an uncertian example, though. Kimihiro Watanuki writes his family name as "April 1st," which also is his birthday.

While this alone doesn't mean too much alone, it means a hell of a lot when you realize that April 1st is also Sakura and presumably Syaoran's birthday.

His personal name is written with the kanji for "prophet". Also, Watanuki names Mugetsu meaning "No moon"because of the shape of its eyes. Yuuko offers an alternate interpretation for Watanuki's family name: The reading of his name, "Watanuki", comes from the custom of removing the padding from one's kimono on the 1st of April.

Particularly significant when Yuuko is musing that it isn't even really his name. The mysterious item that Doumeki brings to the shop also senses that "Watanuki" isn't his real name.

watanuki and yuko relationship goals

Think about how unlucky he was at the start of the series, before Yuuko and Syaoran pushed him to value his own existence he subconsciously drew misfortune to himself because he knew he was a substitute and not meant to exist.

Likewise, Kohane Tsuyuri's given name means "Little Feather". This becomes significant when she gives up her power to exorcise spirits, which is caused by one of C! Her family name, meaning May 7th, hasn't been explained to have any ulterior meaning, though as a name that is also a calender date, it serves as one of several parallels she has to Watanuki. And don't even try go read Tsubasa to understand, if anything you will end up even more confused. While doing some garden cleaning Watanuki and Doumeki break a spiderweb.

The spider decides to take revenge by taking Doumeki's eye away. The spider overracted a bit knowing that it takes about one hour for an average spider to make a full web. This is even worse knowing that this act leads to a rather long story arc that has major consequences story-wise.