Yudhisthira and draupadi relationship

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yudhisthira and draupadi relationship

While Yudhisthira's relationship with Draupadi is bitter-sweet, contrived and slightly twisted owing to feelings of insecurity, jealousy and revenge, he is not. But there are lot of unknown things about the relationship between Draupadi and the Pandavas. For instance, each Pandava brother had. Little wonder then Draupadi is one of the most popular and Thus all the Pandavas have other wives but these wives stay with their parents.

He then made a rule that Draupadi must live with one brother for a set period, and during this period, the other brothers cannot touch her.

It was Yudhisthir, who decided that Draupadi will live for one year with each brother and that since he is the eldest, she will start the cycle with him. He said that the brother who broke this rule will have to go into exile for 12 years. Arjun disturbed Yudhisthir and Draupadi. Arjun had to retrieve his weapons from the armory, in order to help a poor Brahmin whose cows had been stolen by thieves. As a result, Arjun had to depart on his 12 exile. During these 12 years, Arjun meets Indra Dev, gets cursed by Urvashi, learns lot of new skills from multiple teachers, marries Subadhra, followed by Chitrangada, etc.

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Among all of her husbands, Bhim was the only one who loved Draupadi the most. He always fulfilled all her desires and could not bear seeing her hurt.

yudhisthira and draupadi relationship

The scriptures refer to other women who had many husbands: Marisha, who married the ten Prachetas brothers and Jatila who was the common wife of seven sages. In early societies with high infant mortality rate and short lifespan, polygamy was preferred to polyandry.

When a man had many wives, the family could have more children than a woman who had many husbands. But polyandry had benefits too — sharing a wife assured sharing of property and no division of the land. In temples, one does see gods with many wives: This is either accepted matter-of-factly or simply explained away using metaphysics.

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But there are no images of the Goddess with multiple husbands. Usually her doorkeepers, such as Kala Bhairav and Gora Bhairava, are described as her sons or servants. The idea of the Goddess with more than one husband is unacceptable.

Even suggesting it is blasphemous. This was the man whom death would not touch. Draupadi as the goddess of death had declared it to Bhima on that fateful night. Yudhisthira was not just the biological son of the god Dharma, he was a practitioner of dharma in life - in his word, thought and deed, he served the cause of dharma. How could the embodiment of dharma on earth become a victim of death?

How could dharma die? True, dharma needs the support of power. Without power, dharma is ineffective. Yudhisthira needed the support of Krishna, and then of his brothers.

He told Krishna so very often that everything the Pandavas had was because of his grace.

yudhisthira and draupadi relationship

And Krishna was obliged to support Yudhisthira; that was in some sense his avataara dharma. But unlike dharma, protectors of dharma need not be beyond death. In the changed times either dharma would remain ineffective or new protectors of it would emerge. As Saaralaa Mahaabhaarata repeatedly declares, incarnations of Bhagawana Vishnu appear from time to time to rid the world of its burden.

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Now, what was dharma as represented by Yudhisthira in Saaralaa Mahaabhaarata? He was knowledgeable and wise. The questions which god Dharma, in the guise of a crane, asked him tested his knowledge, ethical sense, and sense of discrimination.

The god was satisfied with his answers.

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He would not betray her trust. Yudhisthira was truthful, and would suppress the truth only when he thought such an action would contribute to easing of tension. For instance, he did not want any one to know that Duryodhana had given Bhima poisonous food with an intention to kill him. Personal relationship mattered a great lot to him. After all the misery that Duryodhana had brought on him and his brothers, he would still ask the strongly reluctant Bhima and Arjuna to get Duryodhana out of trouble on certain occasions when he was in utter distress.