Yunho and jaejoong relationship questions

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yunho and jaejoong relationship questions

But in my mind, there is only one person KIM JAE JOONG ~ During our recent interview with Dong Bang Shin Gi, when asked if they were in a relationship. including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. To learn. However, as a result many of our burning questions are left . Was it because Yunho broke Jaejoong's heart (did YunJae really exist)? Ah, if only I at a certain point their relationship made like a degree turn and went.

I get to see you do well, visited a friend in the military for the first time, and experience new things thanks to you.

Yunho is good and healthy, everyone! Yunho who is currently doing his mandatory military service, enlisted in July of He will be discharged in April of BoA began her training aroundand debuted in Yunho on the other hand was recruited in and debuted in So they likely first encountered one another injust when BoA was transitioning to focus on her Japanese debut.

So professionally, Yunho must hold BoA in a special place. They are also some of the oldest artists currently signed to SM Entertainment. Although Yunho refers to BoA as sunbaenimhe is actually older than she is, by about 9 months. He was born on February 6, and she November 5, But, the reason he refers to her as sunbaenim, is she debuted before him.

Also, when they met she was already an accomplished recording artist, and he just a trainee.

yunho and jaejoong relationship questions

So clearly, Yunho must have looked up to her. Which must explains why he still calls her sunbaenim. I still remember when she debuted, everyone in the company was rooting for her. In two years, she topped Japan, and she was only Personally, I was a fan of hers too.

BoA explained her choice, saying that because she is so close to Yunho, he will take the initiative and take care of everything without her even telling him to. Number 1 is that they are both born in the year of the tiger. Tigers are known to be confident as well as independent.

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Yunho as leader of TVXQ from the very beginning has shown his remarkable confidence, and BoA as a solo artist embodies independence. She especially had a hard time in Japan, where she was all alone.

And, at times BoA has expressed how if she had been in a group, her solo debuts in Japan and America would have been a lot easier. But, being a strong tiger she soldiered on. And, many a fan is thankful for that.

yunho and jaejoong relationship questions

Who does Yunho think he is not to like me! Yunho slowly breaks the barriers Jaejoong still has around from his bad boy days. Jae has a girlfriend named Misun. Jaejoong is upset, and Yunho comforts the other teen.

Yunho has a girlfriend named Eunhee. That devastates Jae seeing as the one thing, music, which brought about such a positive change in his life, he failed at. He vows never to do music again. Eunhee and Yunho breakup. Early — Employment Jaejoong gets a job at a daycare center to help pay for college in the future.

Jaejoong dates a girl named Heajung. Jaejoong and Heajung part ways because she senses something weird between Jaejoong and Yunho. Yunho declares himself a pre-law major while Jaejoong is undecided.

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Jae sees how unhappy pre-law makes Yunho. Yunho has a girlfriend Hyunjae. Yoochun asks Jae if he and Yunho are dating because of the way they act around each other.

Su questions Yunho the way Chun did Jae. YunJae starts to think about their feelings. Summer — Confession and Ending Employment Jaejoong tells Yunho that he likes the younger man more than a friend. Yunho takes time to come to terms with his feelings and also the fact that one of his best male friend likes him more than a friend.

They start dating July 31st.

Dating rumour!!!!11! - OMONA THEY DIDN'T! Endless charms, endless possibilities ♥

Jaejoong quits his job at the daycare center. His parents will help out with the rest of college. Fall Semester — Majors Jaejoong needs to declare a major; Yunho helps him choose music. Jae ends up focusing on composing and song writing. He helps Yunho stand up to his father and change his major to dance.

Yunho is just as interesting as JaeJoong...

Yunho is afraid of their reaction like he is with his own parents, namely his father. YunJae tells the Kims. Yunho acts nervous at home. Fall Semester — Explosion! Employment and Family Ties Yunho tells his parents about his relationship with Jaejoong over the phone.

yunho and jaejoong relationship questions

Jung loves her son. Yunho gets a job at a dance studio to help pay for school. He also becomes closer with the Kim family and spends more time with them then he does his own family.

The Enduring "Friendship" (Relationship?) of 'BoA' and 'Yunho' - GoodMoMusic

Fall Semester — Paaarrr-tay! They have final projects they must complete before graduating. Yunho has to choreograph and perform a dance using a song senior music majors write while Jaejoong has to compose a song for a dance major or score for a film major.

The music, dance, and film majors must collaborate. YunJae work together and get the highest grades and best reception at the Senior Showcase the school has ever seen. May — Diplomas and Fathers YunJae graduates from college! Jung attend the ceremony because Jaejoong called and insisted they both come and also because what Jae said was the push that helped Mrs. Jung see how just badly her husband was treating her only son.

Kim asks his son when Jaejoong is going to bring him a grandson. Yunho continues to work at a dance studio while he sends his portfolio and resume to companies hoping to start his choreographing career.

yunho and jaejoong relationship questions

Companies are surprised to learn Jae can compose and write song lyrics and Yunho can choreograph and teach dance. YunJae gets an apartment together. Spring — Careers Jaejoong gets a job writing a song at a small entertainment company. Yunho gets a job at a small entertainment company choreographing a song. The song and dance receives moderate success.

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Jaejoong gets a break in the industry — one of his songs gets first place on Inkigayo. YG asks Jae to work on a full album for one of their artists. Finding out he is adopted, especially when his career is taking off, devastates Jae and makes him question a lot of things about Mr.

We love you no matter what. A song Jaejoong wrote is released and does not do as well as expected. Yunho choreographs a song for a young seven-member boy group that has only debuted for around a year.