Zulekha haywood and iman relationship poems

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zulekha haywood and iman relationship poems

The two share one daughter, Alexandria Zahra Jones, and two respective children from former relationships, Zulekha Haywood and Duncan. Iman and daughter Lexi Alexandria Jones, Iman Bowie, Iman And David Bowie, .. David Bowie and his wife jogglerwiki.info was a lot of mutual respect, lots of love and happiness in this marriage. Band of Gold: 15 Quotes About Marriage. Walking to university in Nairobi, year-old Iman Abdulmajid was Yet to younger generations, she is best known for her marriage to the late David then married New York Knicks basketball star Spencer Haywood in

For the first six years of our marriage it was out of the question to have another child as Iman was working pretty much round the clock setting up and consolidating her cosmetics company and I was still touring quite regularly.

We had to be in a position where nothing could take us from home for at least the first couple of years. So, in reality, we had only been trying for Alex for a year or two before Iman got pregnant. And on the same day David telephoned his son, Duncan, in London. Is that right, David? Well, let's set it straight.

zulekha haywood and iman relationship poems

My son's full real name is Duncan Zowie Haywood. As a toddler he was called by his second name Zowie. But it was such an identifiable name during the Seventies that if I called him loudly in public places, everyone would turn to stare, so I started calling him Joey to take the pressure off. It has the same sound and number of syllables as Zowie. And Joe stuck for most of his childhood. Now he has reverted to his real name, Duncan.

Haywood was my father's name. That's David's father's other name. Such a strong name. Duncan has sent the most lovely toys — he won't see her until Christmas as he is working in London, but he is terribly excited about seeing her. There's a joy or a contentment that's almost palpable to both of us. Overnight, our lives have been enriched beyond belief. The city of Alexandria was famous for its great library which was the font of all knowledge in its time.

Iman And David Bowie Celebrate 20th Wedding Anniversary, Cutest Couple Moments (PHOTOS)

What knowledge would you and Iman hope to impart? So l've had to improvise a nursery in what was, until a few weeks ago, my library. So the first thing I would tell her to take through life is, 'Don't trust builders' deadlines. To not do things merely to please other people, but to satisfy her own inner needs.

It's just too far away and unreal. It's really not a good idea to forecast or double guess the fates, you will always be fooled.

We both live very much in the now. You look pretty fresh-faced and alert. And, of course, my night nurse is a wonderful woman who has been such an incredible help to me.

I don't think you could describe him as a New Man though because, helpful as he is, I get the feeling he's really waiting for the time when he can start reading and drawing and teaching her things.

zulekha haywood and iman relationship poems

He's sort of just being useful at the moment. Getty Images Having had a baby in your 20s and now one in your 40s, which age is better for motherhood in your opinion? The commitment to give of yourself and the knowledge that the time is right are what's important. The thing is, I suppose, a younger person may not correctly divine the right time, because of lack of life experience, so the older woman may have the advantage of truly knowing if it's right or not. Have you changed your beauty or fitness routine since Alexandria's arrival?

I'm quite insufferable about fitness, I suppose. I think it's really important, though I'm not a body nut. The one thing you learn as you get older is that the body will do what the body wants. All you can do is try to guide it a little. But seriously, I find my weight is coming down slowly and fairly naturally. Though I must admit I can't wait to get back into the gym. Getty Images Do you have any tips for older mothers? The child must come first above all else.

Iman's daughter Zulekha

And pace yourself every day. There is quite a lot you will have to give up. In short, you 'II never have seen so much of the inside of your home as you now will.

zulekha haywood and iman relationship poems

But the up side You and she had your babies only six days apart, have you been in touch since? No doubt we'll run into each other again one day, and then the babies can compare mothers or something.

Apart from the first trimester exhaustion it was really trouble free and comparatively easy. Toward the end I found it a little hard to breathe easily as Alexandria has such long legs and they were planted well and truly on my lungs. She was also terribly active in the womb.

Doing all the exercises that I wanted to do myself! Getty Images Was the birth as trouble-free as your pregnancy? On the evening of the I4th, which is a special day for David and me as it was the day of the month that we first met, we had our usual cosy little dinner.

zulekha haywood and iman relationship poems

Just the two of us. Though she started on a rough path with her mother, the supermodel eventually came to realize that all her mum did was for her own best interest. Mohamed Abdulmajid father Like Marian, he was also an activist and very involved in the issues concerning the independence of his home country.

He was a diplomat stationed in Tanzania but tried his best to be available for his family. Nadia Abdulmajid younger sister, born to same parents Date of birth: December 5 Zodiac sign: Sagittarius She lives in Washington and works as hair stylist.

Idil Abdulmajid younger sister, born to same parents She lives in Annandale, Virginia. There is no much information about them. Spencer Haywood ex-husband Duration of Marriage: April 22, Zodiac Sign: Taurus Her first husband was a Somali man whom she was with in college but they split upon her moving to the United States to pursue her career in modelling.

In America, she met Spencer who was a basketball player and they fell in love. Their wedding was in and a year after the two welcomed their first child.

zulekha haywood and iman relationship poems

It all came crashing for Iman and Spencer in and they were involved in a tense custody battle for their daughter. They are together till date and have three daughters David Bowie late husband Duration of Marriage: April 24, — January 10, till his death Date of Birth: January 8, Date of Death: January 10 age: Capricorn Some years after her first divorce, the exotic beauty married rock star David Bowie.

The HELLO! exclusive in which David Bowie and Iman introduced daughter Alexandria: Read in full

David is a British singer with albums that dominated the music charts in the first few months of His songs were mainly in the genre of inspirational music. The British singer was first married to Angie Barnett from to and they have a son Duncan born in together. The Bowie-Abdulmajid union happened at a romantic Tuscany ceremony in They were married for two decades and nearly four years before Iman lost her love to liver cancer. No one knew he was in such terrible state except family and close friends.

The illness was kept a secret for 18 long months until at 69, the shocker came and he passed on.