About last night 1986 ending a relationship

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about last night 1986 ending a relationship

About 'About Last Night,' the Chicago version moments but always struck me as primarily a relationship drama. . "Did it end up evolving to be something less authentic than the Chicago movie that we set out to make?. It sounds like a simple story, and yet "About Last Night. If there's anyone more afraid of a serious relationship than your average customer in a. About Last Night is a romantic drama about a man and woman who the relationship very casually, which is partly why Debbie ended it.

Danny is not so quick to let go of his wilder ways, and while he feels great affection for Debbie, wants to know that he is still attractive to others. He is pressured by Bernie to play it cool and not dote over Debbie, making decisions that are sometimes cold. Their complications are minor but appear very large. Steve treated the relationship very casually, which is partly why Debbie ended it.

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He slips away from the party and goes to her, making it so they are alone in the room. Shutting off the light, he makes a move on her, thinking she will, as she had done in the past, simply have sex with him. But this year is different. Debbie is different and she pushes him away. She tells him there is somebody else now, though he fires back. Instead, he stops, he listens, and we see that for once, he does look at Debbie for who she is, and he does see the love.

He sincerely asks her if Danny loves her back.

about last night 1986 ending a relationship

This moment is the turning point for both Debbie and Danny. As Debbie is confronting Steve, Danny is at his party turing down free sex with a loose woman at his job. About Last Night is a wonderful little film that falls for a few conventions of the period and genre, but comes out as one of the best and remains a truly great romance film that easily stands the test of time.

Ultimately, however, one night isn't enough, and it isn't long before Danny's womanizing best friend, Bernie James Belushiand Debbie's roommate, Joan Elizabeth Perkinsare feeling neglected. Then, with little premeditation and less consideration, Danny and Debbie decide to move in together.

Bernie and Joan are aghast, but nothing they say dissuades the happy couple. But the concept of "living together" is a far different thing from the reality, as they quickly discover. The transition from friends and lovers to a couple is filled with deadfalls, and Danny and Debbie fall prey to more than one.

Despite the undeniable highs of the arrangement, it soon becomes apparent that the mushrooming difficulties are threatening to choke out the happiness and optimism that brought them together in the first place.

about last night 1986 ending a relationship

The strength of About Last Night The film tracks the relationship with uncanny precision: No long-term relationship survives and thrives without a profound commitment on the parts of both members of the couple; in this film, neither Danny nor Debbie is emotionally secure enough to make that commitment. Their relationship fails not because they are incompatible indeed, their love is genuinebut because they are immature and not yet comfortable enough in their own skins to be able to merge their lives.

Bernie and Joan are the devils that sit on their shoulders and whisper nasty things into their ears. It isn't that these two see the danger inherent in Danny and Debbie rash decision.

about last night 1986 ending a relationship

Rather, they are against the match for selfish reasons. Neither wants to lose their best single friend. There's also the familiar element of jealousy that some unattached people feel when "one of their own" finds someone else. Yet, although Bernie and Joan represent corrosive elements, their interference only hastens the demise of a relationship that could not have stood the test of time.

The ending is something of a cheat. It's the only part of the movie that doesn't ring true, a reminder that "downbeat" doesn't play well at the multiplex.

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Instead, because this is a movie and it's still selling a form of fantasy, we are left to believe there will be a happy ending for these two after all. Having emerged through the furnace of failure, they are now ready for success. Most of the time, when David Mamet is involved on any level in the writing of a movie, even if someone else is adapting his play, the snap of the dialogue is unmistakable.

The only time it's possible to truly "hear" Mamet is during the opening sequence, in which Bernie tells Danny about a bizarre sexual tryst. For the most part, Zwick's efforts are workmanlike. This represents a solid proving ground; Glory would never have been as powerful had the director not cut his teeth here. The most evident flaw in Zwick's approach is his decision to use not one or two but four musical montages.

A narrative shortcut set to a pop song, the montage is often employed in romantic comedies and dramas, but Zwick's overuse of it cheapens the dramatic arc. The songs that accompany the montages are forgettable - odd, considering the contributions of well-known performers like Sheena Easton, John Waite, and Bob Seger.

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As Danny, bad boy Rob Lowe is cast against type as a guy with a good heart who's insecure around women. InLowe was at the peak of his popularity and his being cast in the film virtually assured that it would achieve some degree of box office success. His co-star is Demi Moore who, despite having appeared opposite Lowe a year earlier in St.