Akazukin chacha ending 3 year relationship

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akazukin chacha ending 3 year relationship

List of Akazukin Chacha episodes This article is a list of all 74 episodes of The series ran for one and a half years, with episode 74 airing on 30 June OVAs which were released in and following the end of the TV series. continues to daydream about various possibilities of a marriage between the two. Akazukin Chacha is the story of a young witch, ChaCha, who lives with her master Seravi Anime: Akazukin Chacha Year, till .. OVA, , 3 eps, (), () .. going on in the love/lust/hate relationship between Seravy and Dorothy-chan. . C6, Ending 3, 2m. Akazukin Chacha is a shōjo manga series by Min Ayahana. It was serialized by Shueisha in the This was followed by a sequel OVA series of three episodes released At the end of this story arc, Chacha, Shiine, Riiya, Orin, Yakko, Marin, . His rescue by Seravy years ago serves as the main reason for Yakko's crush on.

Neither men moved a muscle or spoke a word for a full minute. After a second more, Clovis gave up the silent staring game and bent to his side to meet Dorothy's gaze beyond the other man's obstructing presence, waving his hand in greeting, "Yes, it's me Dorothy!

akazukin chacha ending 3 year relationship

Without skipping a beat, she sidestepped Seravi and grabbed Clovis' arm to pull him towards the direction of the basement, her tone admonishing as she told him how long she waited for him to arrive. Clovis apologized profusely as he gets pulled along, explaining how long it takes to drive out to the countryside and up to their place. Dorothy rolled her eyes in exasperation, "I honestly do not understand how you people can keep up with such annoying limitations, when simple magic could have made things so much easier.

Had I known it would be so troublesome, I would have just flew over and picked you up from the mansion. Dorothy stopped to turn around and scowl at him, "You, sir, are lucky that I am a very understanding lady, so much so that I would allow and forgive you for making such an insulting query, given your lack of knowledge in magic.

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Flying is one of the basics for a magician, it is second nature to us practitioners. So to answer your question, yes, it is safe. I didn't mean to offend, it's just that I've never tried flying, even back when I tried learning magic.

A full, genuinely amused laugh. Where do I hold on then? I can't wait for my first ride, then. Cha Cha nodded earnestly as she bit on a large cookie, "These cookies are really delicious! Thank you so much, Mr.

In akazukin chacha, who does chacha end up with?

Please, have some more! Nobility such as he do not usually spend time eating and playing with the children, with high-class society dismissing it as being "insignificant nuisances". Coming from a rich family herself, she knew what it was like living with parents that you don't even talk to unless you got into trouble or was needed, much less having comfortable, happy meals with.

Maybe he had a difficult childhood? Dorothy made a mental note on this. It might be a nice topic for them to share thoughts and feelings, and getting to know each other better.

Seravi smiled most tightly, "because I make the best cookies. But instead, she turned cautious eyes to Clovis, wondering how the new guy was going to take that. It's somewhat like my curse. Clovis nodded in defeat and smiled, "I guess I will have to settle for second best then. Dorothy did warn me that you always get Number 1 in everything that you put your mind to. To challenge you will definitely be like pounding myself on the head. Isn't that right, Dorothy? He then turned his attention back to the children and offered to share his adventure stories during his travels to different countries.

The children quickly hoorayed and both storyteller and listeners were quickly absorbed in their own world, completely oblivious to the silent tension between the remaining adults in the table.

akazukin chacha ending 3 year relationship

Seravi looked at his companion questioningly. First name basis already? That certainly is fast. Dorothy lifted one haughty eyebrow.

Seems awkward to address my friend in honorifics, don't you think?

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Seravi lifted surprised brows in a mocking gesture. When you hardly know anything about the guy? At that, she smiled most innocently. I will most certainly try to know everything about him. Seravi crossed his arms in quiet reserve, his expression bland. Are you doing this just to spite me?

Dorothy rolled her eyes in exasperation. Seravi stared at her hard. The man is evil. Do not fall for his tricks, Dorothy. Dorothy frowned as she met those annoyed and stubborn green eyes. Will you stop that? The man hasn't done anything to deserve such slander! Seravi lifted a very condescending eyebrow.

You honestly think he'd show and tell you his evil plans? In any case, you seem so sure he's innocent…did he bribe you with his super delicious cookies too?

Irritated purple eyes immediately shifted to a darker angry hue. At a young age, she dreamt of becoming "The World's Greatest Magician" and she achieves that goal by dealing the final blow to Peekabon, the then "World's Greatest Magician".

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Since Seravi liked Dorothy so much, he refused to fight her so that she could have a chance to regain the title. So in an attempt to make him hate her, she uses magic and changes her golden hair pink. Seravi was so mad he refused to even talk to her! You'd think that he'd be willing to fight her then. Dorothy likes Seravi but does resent the fact that he succeeds in almost everything he does. She couldn't believe it when she heard Chacha beat him and took the title of "The World's Greatest Magician".

Years ago, Dorothy was approached by a knight who asked her to bring up his son Shiine and teach him magic. The knight was Access who was under the command of Daimarou. Daimarou had imprisoned Shiine's mother so Access had no choice but to carry out Daimarou's orders.

However, before he was under Daiimarou, he worked for the king, Chacha's father, and he still retains his noble nature. He did not want Shiine to grow up under Daimarou's leadership so he brought him to Dorothy. Dorothy has been teaching Shiine magic, but Shiine is usually seen cleaning or cooking. Shiine lives with Dorothy as her student. When Shiine was young, Dorothy once locked him out for wetting his bed!

Shiine does all the cooking and cleaning because, according to Seravi, " Dorothy can't cook, sew or do any househod work. Although she doesn't act it, she likes Seravi and they eventually tie the knot.

She and Shiine had to temporarily move in with Seravi when he and Riiya grew too big and they wrecked her house watch the episode if you wanna know more.

It was the second last episode. She has a quick temper, especailly when Seravi insults her either directly of using Elizabeth. He usually makes cracks about her pink hair. Even when they were going to get married, Seravi put Dorothy's ring in a solution that would make whoever touch that ring sprout golden hair that Dorothy had when she was young. His plan messed up and the priest Daimarou's former flunkie Sorges picked it up instead "It's really me!

Relations with Seravi Need I say anymore? They like each other even though they act otherwise. Shiine Entrusted to her by Access, Shiine's father. She's been bringing him up, teaching him magic and treating him like a servent by making him cook and clean.

akazukin chacha ending 3 year relationship

Contrary to what Seravi says, Dorothy can cook. Dorothy and Shiine have a mother-son relationship. Riiya He makes insensitive cracks her way as well.

When she cooked a delicious meal, he said "I always knew you were good for something Dorothy! He just calls her Dorothy.