Akiba trip tohko ending a relationship

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akiba trip tohko ending a relationship

Akihabara NPC character models: Successfully complete the game with each girl's The Warmth You Share (Silver): Achieved the true end in Tohko's route. AKIBA'S TRIP: Undead & Undressed Trophy Guide .. If you don't, then you only unlock her Normal Ending. Here is a Achieved the true end in Tohko's route. Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed True Ending Guide Tokikaze ~ Rin Tokikaze ~ Tohko Sagisaka ~ Kati Raikkonen ~ Shion Kasugai ~ Nana.

He does not remember what happens next, but he ends up strapped on an operating table where he is told that just like many others he has signed a contract with the Magaimono organization. This contract allowed them to turn him into a synthister, a vampire-like superhuman that feeds off other people's life energy.

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He needs to absorb the energy for Magaimono, but he is quickly rescued by a girl called Shizuku Tokikaze. She is a friendly synthister and her blood allows the protagonist to withstand his task and defend Akihabara instead. He becomes a hunter to defeat the synthisters who prey on regular humans.

akiba trip tohko ending a relationship

Along with a band of freedom fighters Nanashi gets to roam the streets of Akihabara with over shops modeled after the real life ones. Fights are done with brawling beat 'em up gameplay against one or more opponents in a small environment. Just like the protagonist himself the synthisters are sensitive to sunlight, so he needs to weaken the durability of their clothing with attacks until a part starts to blink and then there is an opportunity to tear off one or multiple parts of their clothing through a stripping mechanic, exposing them to sunlight which kills them.

When multiple parts blink it is possible to perform chain strips. Rather than being a hentai title, the game presents the undressing in a quirky manner and does not contain full nudity. In the fighting system it is possible to attack using multiple stances and perform duo attacks with allies.

Attacks are based on targeting the head and the upper and lower body.

akiba trip tohko ending a relationship

Instead, over the course of the game, you inevitably, inadvertently, attack, on occasion, complete strangers. This happened a number of times to me whilst patrolling the streets, in which I accidentally happened to find himself in a fist fight with an officer of the law, rather than an enemy synthister, an act which subsequently led to my arrest. Combat in general is already made quite challenging by the fact that rarely is there only one opponent you face down, with often, anywhere between four and eight plus assailants getting in your way.

Although you usually enter a fight with an NPC non-playable character for the uninitiated beside you, even the assistance they provide is unable to quell the steady advance of the opposition, who appear to, on many an occasion, be equipped with better equipment than you.

Moreover, during combat, you are unable to alter what weapons or clothes you happen to have on your person, but you are able to repair your attire at the press of a button to replenish all that was lost to damage.

However, this slow process always leaves you vulnerable. Attempting to thwart the threat of the synthisters however occasionally seems to be not as pertinent as building relationships.

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During the game, you portray Nanashi, and rather than being the quintessential hero one may expect, he is rather, a geek, unfortunate enough to be transformed into a synthister. He, along with his friends, who form the Akiba Freedom Fighters, their base of operations held at the gaming venue MOGRA, take it upon themselves to try and save the city. If it is any conciliation however, your character is able to frequently alter their chosen attire.

In Mass Effect, it was mandatory to have conversations with people you wished to romance, and a similar, albeit, more difficult concept is applied here. Rather than alerting you with what is possibly the best response when prompted to say one of three possible sentences, the game challenges you to realize which statement or answer would best attract the woman you are attempting to woo.

The dialogue options the game provides to you are not necessarily separated into good or bad, but often have varying degrees of sarcasm or sexual innuendo attached, and it is up to you to decide how you want to be viewed. In Mass Effect, the most positive comment was always located at the top, while the most bad ass were at the bottom. Such a technique is not applied here, with options always been randomized in their location. Occasionally you can appear humble, violent, or even laid back, but again, many a response comes equipped with its own pros and cons.

Luckily, the game does assist you in tallying how well your rapport is with each available woman. By communicating with Yuto, a young man who considers himself an expert on the female psyche, he notifies you where each woman stands, and appears only too happy to admit when they feel nothing at all — sick bastard!

At times I felt constrained by the often lacking opportunity to speak, and I occasionally wished to be granted the option of retaliating agaisnt attacks directed towards my character. This was especially true with regards to the character Kaito, who not only had sarcastic quips to make about my efforts, but was trying to move in on my territory and steal my Shizuku! I hiss inappropriately in his direction! On the other hand, there was something undeniably poetic about much of the dialogue, for not only Nanashi and the other freedom fighters, but for the enemy as well, with a beauty that swept you up in the motivations and passions of the characters.

On a side note, notice the quotations around weapons? Although there is a collection of boxing gloves, balls, bats, swords, sticks and umbrellas to choose from, there are also brooms, guitars, posters, monitors and laptops, with basic home made appliances and everyday utensils been customized for combat. Depending on the size and shape of the weaponry will also weigh heavily on how your maneuverability is affected in combat.

Unlike in other games, upon finding a new dress or weapon, you can instantly fix it to your person without having to worry about the level you are on.

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Taking part in the main quest is only able to progress you so far, and it is during the side quests and the battle arena, that the player is able to acquire better equipment.

Side jobs, including hunting down synthisters, communing with everyday citizens, and helping people with basic dilemmas, not only provides you with money, and a degree of popularity amongst the locals, but almost always results in some kind of fight that allows you an opportunity to find equipment.

The same goes for the battle arena, and as you progress forward, you are able to fight stronger opposition. Annoyingly enough though, side quests come equipped with a time limit, and you are only made aware of this by checking on social media.

During game, you are provided with an e-mail account, which people use to contact you, and a Pitter profile, that allows you to keep up to date with public opinion.

The level of detail which has been applied to the social media spectrum of the game is amazing, with there been a huge abundance of Plips, each one feeling as though it could have easily been written by a real world individual.

akiba trip tohko ending a relationship

By taking a picture with your camera, you are able to tell the fake people from the real, and attack the enemy on site, wherever they may hide.