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Romance all the ladies in Alpha Protocol in a single career. Earn this Madison - VCI employee (with a secret family connection) In addition during Moscow end missions I chose to rescue SIE from her predicament before. Parker was informed of Madison's death and shot Marburg, Mike and SIE cut a vast but shockingly nonlethal swathe through Alpha Protocol. As for relationships, I tried to butter up everyone – which didn't stop chuckle as my carefully built alliance rips Alpha Protocol to shreds! The second just requires you to complete Madison's dossier and gain her secret fact.

You can convince her to help you, in which case she will kill Leland and leave you alone. If you can't convince her, your ally will appear and shoot her from behind, killing her.

You will then again get the choice to execute or spare Leland. The ally can either be your handler, or Mina, if you chose to save her earlier in the mission. If your reputation with Scarlet is poor -3 or loweryou won't even get the chance to convince her as she will be quite willing to kill you. Your ally will jump in to save you automatically. If your handler is Albatross and you did not rescue Mina, then Scarlet will always decide to kill Leland instead of you, no matter how bad your reputation is with her.

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This is likely because you do not have an ally available who can save you. If you did speak with Scarlet in the interrogation room, then she will not appear in the final scene after you spare Scarlet. You simply punch Leland and leave him for the authorities while you will sail off into the sunset. The Boat Final Edit After these endings you will leave the island on Leland's boat, but the endings change on your love interest and your handler.

If you save Mina she will be on the boat and you will sail off into the sunset, regardless of who your love interest is and regardless, if you saved Scarlet or not. If SIE was your handler and you had sex with her, Mina will comment on scratch marks on your neck. Thanks to everyone who adds some info. Hopefully this will help make a nice guide.

Next post should include an outline of my findings. These can be divided into three broad categories: To get this ending, you must obtain a high relationship Trust with Henry Leland during your conversations throughout the game.

While a Professional approach will earn you the majority of points, choosing to bluff and play coy with Leland will also be beneficial. Points may also be gained for being "untraceable" i. After defeating Westridge, you may Betray Leland and use your established network of contacts to gain power and wealth. To get this ending, you must refuse Leland's offer of joining Halbech if the option is given.

Also, if you spared Shaheed, you must select "No" when he asks you to betray your country Alpha Protocol. This ending doesn't really require any special approach besides what I've outlined above. Take down both Halbech and Alpha Protocol: Spare Shaheed during Operation: Agree to betray your country Alpha Protocol when he asks during the Endgame.

If offered a position in Halbech, refuse. In general, the only things that change between endings are the final boss fight and some minor conversations. I'll try to limit myself to significant changes in the ways things play out.

Changes that occur due to decisions made during the mission and not limited to ending will be discussed after. If you choose to ally with Halbech, you are given the option to kill Mina. This is the only way to actually kill her. For people aiming for the "Judge, Jury, and Executioner" Achievement, this is important because leaving her to die doesn't count. The final boss will either be Leland or Westridge. If you choose to side with Halbech or destroy them both it will be Westridge, otherwise you will face Leland.

Differences between the two are minor. Westridge will use a minigun, and Leland will rely on missile launchers.

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Notably, the missile launchers can destroy the pillars in a single hit rendering them useless as cover against further missiles. If you run up to the office that both Leland and Westridge are "camping" from, you can unlock the door and engage them at close range. Whereas Westridge will attempt to engage you with a pistol because he is not skilled at hand-to-hand combat.

After defeating, Westridge you can choose to spare him or execute him. The conversation changes if you chose to ally yourself with Halbech. In endings 2 and 3, you'll immediately face Leland in the same control room. You'll be given the option to execute or spare him.

Choosing to spare him can trigger several things. If you choose ending 1, you are treated to a scene on the docks between Leland and Thorton. Thorton hands over what appears to be a data slate. At this time, you can choose to betray Leland and take power for yourself. Choosing to betray Leland means you can choose to kill him or spare him. I got a sub-objective for the final mission which ran along the lines of "Sung and Deng have requested information about [something]. Send them this, but be careful not to send them information exposing Alpha Protocol".

There was never any real interaction in which they asked me for this information, and my final mission bugged the hell out in that my mission markers ceased to exist and events fired in random orders, meaning that I had no opportunity to complete this objective.

Or even wearing armor. I love this game. So, how did your game end? Killed Brayko, but spared or saved everyone else, including Madison. I know who I'm not saving next time. I was a little disappointed that taking a non-lethal approach while doing Hong Shi's dirty work didn't change anything. I convinced Sung to wear a vest, though riots still broke out. Due to my obsessive collection of dossiers, I got Omen Deng and Marburg on my side; hell, I got nearly everyone to like me, except Albatross whom I alternately impressed and aggravated because I was nice to Sis.

Slept with Scarlet, got ravaged by SIE, saved Mina, convinced Scarlet, Parker and Marburg to help me out in the end, shot Darcy and Leland who still liked me despite my telling him to fuck off several times. Was disappointed that I didn't get to speak with Westridge one last time. All in all, my Michael turned out to be a nice, likeable guy, who nevertheless got screwed over by circumstances a number of times.