Arpeggio of blue steel episode 12 ending a relationship

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arpeggio of blue steel episode 12 ending a relationship

Instead, Takao decides to support their relationship, by sacrificing . Episode 11 will surly end with a Cliffhanger too for Episode 12 Last Battle or After battle .. This was how I felt after starting the day with Blue Steel 10 –. ナノ Nano - Our Story (12 ED Full) Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova . Arpeggio of Blue Steel Episode 1 - Those with Shipping Routes. Love and Lies is a Japanese manga by Musawo The series follows a teenage boy who He becomes aware of the relationship between Yukari and the girls. .. Meanwhile Nejima and Misaki attempt to chase a firefly but end up falling off a ledge. "Ch." is shortened form for chapter and refers to a chapter number of the .

This condition is only worsened by the show's repeated attempts to force its decidedly mechanical characters to do something sexy; it's like watching aliens awkwardly attempt to imitate aspects of human sex appeal, and something about it is strangely disquieting.

The core of the show's aesthetic is thoroughly repulsive to no real artistic or thematic end. Okay, cheesy techno aside, some of it actually isn't too bad, but variety is an issue; this is one of those shows that have two or three songs for battle, two or three songs for dramatic moments, and a few minutes' worth of atmospheric noises that get recycled over and over again.

The music direction is sub-par, with tracks often starting too late to have any impact on a given scene, or starting too early and overriding dialogue. Sound certainly isn't the show's worst department—actually, by simple process of elimination, it might be the best—but suffice to say it doesn't excel or help cover the show's weaknesses, as good music sometimes can. The world-building is virtually nonexistent, to the point where I'd venture to say there's little that you couldn't learn about the world of Arpeggio from reading a three-sentence plot synopsis.

The show proffers a fairly elaborate premise, but it stubbornly refuses to answer any questions about its overarching plot or setting—not the ones that will naturally occur to you, and, perhaps worse, not even the ones that it explicitly raises.

arpeggio of blue steel episode 12 ending a relationship

Among the former will be perfectly logical ponderings, the answers to which would be required to achieve a minimum amount of richness in the setting, like: In a war where both sides have advanced futuristic technology, why aren't there any airplanes? If the Fog mental models are nearly indestructible and visually indistinguishable from human beings, why don't the Fog just send them ashore to covertly destroy vital targets?

This leads to the assumption that the Fleet of Fog are just tools, and the true masterminds behind the Fog invasion lie elsewhere; weapons require weapons designers, and programs require programmers. The show hints at human interactions with the Fog—it's suggested that the main character's father defected to the side of the Fog—but the idea lies abandoned and utterly unexplored.

arpeggio of blue steel episode 12 ending a relationship

The mysteries are never solved. Much of the show is spent fighting a shadow enemy whose nature, origin, and motivations remain completely veiled.

arpeggio of blue steel episode 12 ending a relationship

Several episodes of the series even have the audacity to end with a taunting overlay of text which reads presumably referring to the Fog: Where are we going? All of that might be forgivable if the setting and war were only a backdrop used to stimulate some excellent characterization—such tactics have been known to work. And, honestly, that might be what the series is going for.

Whatever else might be wrong with it, it does expend a fair bit of effort largely wasted effort, but genuine effort nonetheless trying to explore its characters. To his surprise, Lilina has also invited over Misaki to hang out as well in hopes Misaki will kiss Nejima once again. The kiss fails, as Nejima starts hyperventilating when Misaki attempts to kiss him. Misaki abruptly leaves, claiming she has to go make dinner for her family. Lilina escorts Nejima back home while asserting that Nejima must kiss Misaki at least once everyday.

The next day Nejima skips his PE class to intercept Misaki. After Nejima explains Lilina's demands, Misaki attempts to kiss Nejima and this time she is successful. After dinner, Nejima reports to Lilina that Misaki and him kissed. Nejima and Lilina start talking about what love feels like when Ministry officials visit for a Yukari marriage orientation.

After the orientation, Nejima tells Lilina to stop asking him to kiss Misaki as he feels the relationship would seem forced. The next day, the teacher assigns Nejima to help Misaki with folding pamphlets after school.

arpeggio of blue steel episode 12 ending a relationship

Misaki thanks Nejima for helping her and comments how she thinks Nejima and Lilina would make a great couple. When Nejima asks Misaki about her Yukari partner, Misaki replies that it does not matter as Nejima will always only be the one special to her. After this, the two kiss again. Misaki is later seen with a mysterious girl. Misaki expresses how she wishes she could lie to her heart so she would not have to interfere with Nejima's love life.

Lilina later calls Nejima about their parents planning a camping trip and that she has invited Misaki. Nejima starts panicking and forces Nisaka to go with him after bribing him with strawberry rice cakes. The episode ends with Misaki asking herself if it is okay to be happy that she going on a camping trip with Nejima.

Tensions are initially high as Lilina considers Nisaka a pervert due to their previous encounter.

Arpeggio of Blue Steel Movie - Ars Nova Cadenza Part 1

At the camp, Lilina twists her ankle, and Nejima has to carry her back to Lilina's father, a veterinarian, for treatment. Nejima shows his admiration for Lilina who in turn asks what Nejima wants to do when he grows up.

Nejima talks about his interest in burial grounds, surprising everyone about his dedication to research. Bridge Edit I's bridge and the crew I's bridge room appears to be a roughly spherical room with light-gray walls, though normally the lighting is toned down and they appear to be much darker. Just in front of the entrance hatch there is a raised platform with the seats for the first mate right and the captain left.

Between these two seats there is an elevation on which Iona is often sitting. In front of this platform, there are three crew stations arranged in a semi-circle. Out of those three, the central one Fire Control is occupied by Kyouhei and the left one Sonar by Shizuka. Above the central station there are big screens that are used to display tactical data.

During the first "voyage" I had with Gunzou, no other consoles were present other than the raised platform, the captains seat, and the main tactical display. It would appear that I is capable of reconfiguring itself using nanomaterial. Engine Room Edit I's engine room I's engine room looks completely unlike anything that can be found on any human-made submarine, even one as advanced as Hakugei 3.

This is something to be expected, though, as I was and still is a " Fog " vessel. From what little is known about the technology of the " Fleet of Fog ", I is using Thanatonium as its power source; and as such, her engine room is actually a reactor room where energy is harvested from Thanatonium's decomposition into graviton particles.

This energy is then transferred to all inboard facilities through superconductive cables. She's one of the oldest Mental Models in existence and, having spent around two years with humans, she is one of the most versed in the human way of life.

Unless she reveals her abilities, it is practically impossible to distinguish her from a normal human. Iona appears as a girl in her late pre-teens with long white with blue tint hair, pale skin and green eyes. Her clothes vary, especially in the manga. In the anime only two sets of clothes for her have been confirmed. When appearing in swimwear, Iona is always seen in a one-piece swimsuit.

Iona is usually calm and rather quiet; she's helpful towards her crew and is a dear friend of Gunzou. She doesn't like taking big risks, but often agrees that Gunzou 's sometimes rather crazy plans are the best ones.

Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova -

Iona appears to be sharing various duties like cleaning and cooking with her crew. It doesn't look like she has any definite hobbies, but she likes watching anime. It is her final order towards a submarine that conveniently came by as she was sunk, to find Chihaya Gunzou and become his ship. Her core, as said by Musashi in the movie Ars Nova: Cadenza, is given by Yamato as her final order. Hence, she was referred by Musashi as " Yamato 's puppet.

For this reason, she can't be cut off from it no matter what.

arpeggio of blue steel episode 12 ending a relationship

However, Iona doesn't consciously know about this role of hers. While actively participating in her capacity of being the Joint Tactical Network, Iona's appearance changes somewhat. Her hair turns darker, probably becoming light-brown; in addition, her clothes change to Yamato -style dress, which bears insignia of the " Fleet of Fog " on it. Interestingly enough, the dress has I's insignia as well, and it is always there on Iona's forehead when she is in the information-scape of the Joint Tactical Network.

First appearances Edit I and Iona both appear in the first chapter of the manga. At that point, she had already been allied with Gunzou for about two years. When he later came across the I submarine, Iona re-materialized as a part of her vessel. In the anime, I already has a Mental Model when she meets Gunzou.

She actually infiltrates the Japanese Maritime Institute of Technology as Iona and lures Gunzou to the harbor, where she reveals herself as a Mental Model to him.