Bill and teds excellent adventure ending relationship

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bill and teds excellent adventure ending relationship

15 Things You Might Not Know About Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure . and reboot the franchise with that concept and different actors, I can't see a connection. . Murray ended up working on Rushmore at scale with the Screen Actors Guild. 'Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure' writers Ed Solomon and Chris promise at the end of Excellent Adventure that Bill and Ted would go on to write music their marriages, and it affects their relationships with their kids, and it. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure is a American science fiction comedy film directed by With no more space in the booth, they decide to return home, but end up at the .. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure does not tend to be rated as one of cinema's profounder treatments of the relationship between present and past.

bill and teds excellent adventure ending relationship

Solomon himself confirmed it. Yeah we toyed with Hitler and then we were like "Actually we can't do that.

bill and teds excellent adventure ending relationship

And we swapped it out w Napoleon. The documents get a little more scattered from there, running through a list of possible ideas to explore and laying out a rough blueprint for the story. Again, some of it is very recognizable: Bill and Ted philosophizing with ancient Greeks and having famous figures deliver their history report, for example.

But there are plenty of surprises, too. In the original idea, Bill and Ted's schoolmates would have played a larger role in the story. One idea had them bringing a fellow student named Randolph and his football jock friends — bullies, from the sound of it — to ancient Egypt and then getting stuck there with no gas. Other story points would have seen the guys visit Caesar in his palace, and in the process inadvertently causing his death, then making a speech to the Senate. Another idea would have deposited the van on the deck of the Titanic in what surely would have been an epic "car destroys all the things" scene.

They also would have traveled back to the stone age at one point, befriending a caveman in the process. That would have led to them using the ancient human's fire to light a joint.

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After that, they were all going to play charades. It's so rare that we get to see the genesis of big ideas, especially ones that have been around for so long and become such an integral part of our pop culture experience.

bill and teds excellent adventure ending relationship

Kudos to Solomon for preserving these papers, and for sharing them with the world in this way. ET An earlier version of this story mistakenly referred to Solomon and Matheson's notes as a pitch.

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In fact, the writers came up with it on their own, hoping it would get made a practice referred to as writing it "on spec. Preston, Esquire and Ted "Theodore" Logan's introduction to the world is certainly a momentous occasion that totally warrants commemoration, this "special" edition is all about repackaging with no new content to offer. Whereas the three-disc collection included both Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey as well as four audio commentaries and two behind-the-scenes documentaries that had not previously been released, the special features on this one-disc Blu-ray simply lifts the relevant half of those bonuses and calls it good.

That said, the documentary looking back at the making of the iconic film is substantial, both in length and in content; it features interviews with almost every living member of the large ensemble cast, as well as observations from essential members of the crew, including writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon and producer Scott Kroopf.

Insights into how the concept came into being in a college improv classevolved into the screenplay ditching the time-traveling van in favor of a "less conspicuous" phone booth the wake of Back to the Future successand navigated roadblock after roadblock just to be seen. Despite the little hope they had the film would ever see the light of day, the cast and crew embraced the opportunities afforded to such an "underdog" and "homegrown" production; the general consensus is that the atmosphere on set was genuinely friendly, fun, and free-spirited -- like "kids on a playground".

Director Stephen Herek seems to have struck a delicate balance in maintaining a structured yet relaxed environment, working with limited resources and production constraints without curbing the creativity of his performers.

Indeed, the easygoing mood of the film is a direct reflection the natural on-set chemistry and improvisational banter between cast-mates, infusing the film with the personality we still know, love, and remember 30 years later.

Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves IMDB Excellent Ensemble The off-camera relationships undoubtedly helped produce a most outstanding on-screen outcome, in no small part due to the quality casting. Barronand Beethoven Clifford Davis. The members of this ensemble each maintain clear definition as the personages they are intended to portray while also avoiding becoming one-dimensional or hackneyed representations by giving them new quirks, flaws, and curiosities.

Even brief asides, minor details, and actions in the background serve to flesh out these characters, especially as a response to their encounters with different eras throughout history.

bill and teds excellent adventure ending relationship

For example, Napoleon shows a particular affinity for ice cream, sunscreen, and water slides, paired with completely believable unsportsmanlike tendencies, while the Billy the Kid emerges as a fatherly, protective figure for the rest of the group, even teaching the almost childlike, timid Socrates or So-Crates how to play catch - with a nerf ball. Resplendent Rapport But of course, it just wouldn't be quite as excellent an adventure if it weren't for Bill Alex Winter and Ted Keanu Reevesand by all accounts, Winter and Reeves were just as much the dynamic duo on set as they were on screen.

Writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon recalled spotting the pair out on the street before filming began without realizing who they were, and they remarked how the demeanor and interactions of the two perfectly fit what they had envisioned for their leads. Preston, Esquire and Ted "Theodore" Logan, Winter and Reeves had an easygoing rapport and natural chemistry that led them to be almost inseparable, even spending their evenings jamming poorly on their bass guitars and venturing out to explore the desert together on their rare days off.

One of the most popular topics of discussion in the bonus features is, of course, the central characters of Bill and Ted, but more so their relationship than the individuals -- who they are together rather than who they are apart. Despite insistent studio pressure to differentiate the two leads, the end result is a testament to the way the duo was originally conceived: