Black ops 2 richtofen ending relationship

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black ops 2 richtofen ending relationship

The group is led by Ludwig Maxis, father to Samantha Maxis. Nazi Germany invades Poland, sparking the powderkeg of World War II. by Maxis and also cause a distancing of the relationship between Maxis and Sam. If you'd like me to delve into the end of World at War and Black Ops leave a reply!. This video is going back into call of duty black ops 2, specifically analyzing two major characters. New Character Relationships Analyzed looks very similar to eddie, Edward, richtofen from the origins ending cutscene. This Richtofen also appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, in the ending cutscene of . recieved by Germany and his close-relationship with his assistant Sophia.

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Unknown to Dempsey, along with Nikolai and Takeo, the plans Richtofen detailed in his diary are to take control of the Zombies and destroy the crew along with Samantha Maxiswho is the current controller of the Zombies, once he obtains the power from the M.

On October 28th,Ultimis then returned to Der Riese. Following Richtofen's orders, they planned to use the teleporter to teleport to the moon and confront Samantha. Unfortunately, the Wunderwaffe DG-2 overloaded the teleporter and sent them through time, which caused Richtofen to drop his diary. The rift created by it absorbed him and allowed Samantha to travel through.

black ops 2 richtofen ending relationship

Richtofen recovered his diary, and learned that they need the Vril Device from the Siberian Facility for his plan. Maintaining his ethereal form, Gersh sent Ultimis into a rift to their next destination before beginning his travels across space and time. Samantha, in her pursuit of Ultimis, unleashes an undead outbreak. Ultimis then teleports to the exotic jungle where Richtofen once teleported to in one of his experiments, now known as Shangri-Lain an effort to acquire the next artifact Richtofen stated he required to defeat Samantha: Having everything necessary to complete his plan, Richtofen teleported the group to Hangar 18 in Area 51 on October 13th, Dempsey, along with Nikolai and Takeo then realized Richtofen's scheme for unlimited power and attempted to stop him by contacting Ludvig Maxiswho was present at Griffin Station on the Moon.

Instead of helping the trio, however, Maxis manipulated them by claiming that Richtofen's link could be destroyed by launching three missiles to sever the link from Agartha and the Moon. The trio went forward with the plan to fire the missiles, only for the Earth's ozone layer to become polluted, and for the explosion as a result of the missiles to create more zombies and further chaos. Sometime after the destruction of the Earth, Dempsey along with the rest of the Ultimis crew end up time traveling from the Moon in and back to the Pentagon in the s as revealed in Classified.

Dempsey is alive but traumatized by the fact that Richtofen used him and the others and the destruction of the Earth as heard while in Groom Lake.

black ops 2 richtofen ending relationship

Moments later, the Primis crew teleport in the cell, being led by Primis Nikolai. What kind of war? Originally assigned to intercept Dr.

black ops 2 richtofen ending relationship

Edward Richtofen in Northern France, Dempsey now fights alongside Nikolai, Takeo and Richtofen as they attempt to put an end to the enemy war machine once and for all. Three lines will appear on the wall above the picture of the lantern.


These lines will each be made up of symbols. You must must figure out from this code which signs to punch. There are several methods for breaking the code.

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The link below will bring you to one of the methods of decoding the cypher. The Wisp Spire With the Galvaknucklespunch the three signs indicated by the code in the previous step.

When you punch the third sign a ball of light, called the Wisp or Spirewill appear. I use Spire for the Maxis side and Wisp for the Richtofen side, so that there is less confusion. Maxis Side - The Spire When the ball of light appears the player holding the Time Bomb should set the bomb by placing one anywhere on the map.

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The player that hit the last sign must follow the Spire as it makes it way to Hangman's Noose. You must feed it charged zombies in order to allow it to have the energy to make it all the way to the noose.

Edward Richtofen

After the Spire lights up a bulb on the noose the player with the Time Bomb must activate it, going back to the moment the spire first appeared. Follow the Spire back to the Hangman's Noose in order to illuminate the second light.

black ops 2 richtofen ending relationship

The link below will go into more detail on these steps and describe two strategies for completing this step. When The Wisp appears you will need to find it an press your action button.

It will move to a new location.

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Keep finding it, and moving it, until it reaches the Guillotine. Activate it one last time, so that the large orb is in the hole where a persons neck would be.

This will turn the Guillotine into a Wisp cannon. Kill five zombies that have been 'infected' with the Wisp. They will be 'infected' by getting shot with the Wisp Cannon when in range.