Borderline ended relationship out of the blue

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At first the relationship was great, then she slowly started being mean, Everything was going fine, she texts me out of the blue and says, I think we . don't end up breaking your No Contact policy to talk to your ex instead. These relationships can go on for years, and they never end well. . The main thing to watch out for with BPD women is the process of the idealization .. She had such a huge, happy looking smile, and these blue eyes that. I did not disclose the extent of the situation to my support system out of but breaking up with a partner who exhibits borderline traits can be far worse. relationship while still acknowledging that it is for the best that it ended.

borderline ended relationship out of the blue

I would put up all these walls and hide behind them. I always thought people were judging me or hated me, so in return I hated and judged everyone. When this happens, the relationship becomes increasingly dependent and talking to [my] FP favorite person becomes a necessity.

I thought there was just something wrong with me. The diagnosis gave me a jumping off point to start trying to cope and manage triggers. Finally, I realized my diagnosis was correct because my fear of abandonment was so great.

On the Receiving End of Borderline Rage

All of my symptoms rang true with those of BPD and what my doctor mentioned, and once I was diagnosed, I was able to develop coping skills. When I got my diagnosis, it was like the jigsaw pieces fit into place. Reading the traits I related to felt like I could take a step back and see clearer.

I felt my world had ended and was so mad and upset with myself for forgetting it. I always overreacted to this degree.

borderline ended relationship out of the blue

I realized I was trying to keep my friends as close as possible. In a way, I was like a collector. It is impossible to mention only one sign.

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Hello, My name is name removed. My girlfriend recently broke up with me on August 9th, We were together for 1 year and would of been 8 months on August 14th, She has Borderline Personality Disorder. We lived together for about 1 year and months in my parents house because she did nothing but complain about her family cause her mom is a alcoholic, she never knew her dad, her aunt is a backstabber and greedy and scummy.

She praised her grandparents, even though her grandfather was a controlling, greedy, jerk. My family treated her amazing, let her live here for free, included her in everything.

Trapped in a Relationship with Someone Suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder?

She had it good here. A few days after all this went down, we was all normal. Everything was fine, she was talking about coming home to clean. She had things planned for months ahead of times. Everything was going fine, she texts me out of the blue and says, I think we should stay apart tonight.

I replied, why are you being mean for? Next thing I know, she shows up with a big bag of chewing tobacco for me, and is all crying saying we need to talk.

borderline ended relationship out of the blue

And I was like, why? She says she had a crush before me and has feelings for both of us. I know she had HUGE feelings for me.

She said she never had sex, then said she did off and on all the time. I am upset about the happy memories we shared.

'How Do I Recover From The Breakup Of A Toxic Relationship?'

I just wanted to let you know to to stop bothering me and stop trying to cause trouble and move on. And she came out of the blue and said that. My mom said it was probably her trying to get me to talk to her, to get a reaction. It seems completely unfair and psychotic really. The reader then sent the following short update: Something new happened in these events.

And he lives in Virginia. Turns out, he bought her a Greyhound ticket for the 19th of this month to go down there.

borderline ended relationship out of the blue

Has alot of friends. She hates all of that though. She loves her family to much to possibly move there. And now our response: I know breakups are painful in general and breakups with someone who has Borderline Personality Disorder can be incredibly painful. Now, before moving on to anything else, you have to stop and really understand the nature of Borderline Personality Disorder BPD. So, for them, it can be even harder to make sense of the situation and figure out how to respond.

You have the benefit of actually knowing that your ex has this condition.