Brood war protoss ending relationship

This guy predicted the ending of Legacy of the Void pretty accurately - 2 years ago! : starcraft

brood war protoss ending relationship

The protoss, a.k.a. the Firstborn, are a sapient humanoid race native to Aiur. purity of form and intrigued by their mental connection, chose to use the protoss. Until the End War, history would hold that it was the xel'naga as a whole that. True Colors clearly shows the status of their relationship at the end of Brood War. They retconned the entirety of Starcraft and Starcraft Brood. Major and recurring characters from the military science fiction series StarCraft are listed below, Vorazun had a complicated relationship with Artanis, even before her . The Swarm was reunited under Kerrigan at the end of the Brood War.

The Queen of Blades, before her debasement in Starcraft 2. She is, after all, out to kill and dominate humans, and the human soldiers in the game are often, but not exclusively, portrayed as male. And of course, we on Overthinking It are suspicious of female characters who are merely powerful or capable, without being interesting or fully realized. But if you follow the female character flowchart for Sarah Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades does well: Can she carry her own story?

Does she have any flaws? Is she killed before the third act? The result from the flowchart? Prior to the release of Starcraft 2, Sarah Kerrigan had been voted in reader polls at places like IGN and GameSpot as among the top video game villains and the top female video game characters ever. Nevertheless, Mengsk rebuilds and the Dominion remains the dominant Terran power.

In Frontline, many of the stories in the anthology paint Mengsk and the Dominion overall as tyrannical and corrupt, no different from the Confederacy. In Wings of Liberty, Mengsk and his son Valerian find the Dominion opposed by several rebel and paramilitary groups, including those loyal to Raynor. Arcturus suffers compound setbacks during the game, initially due to the mass invasion of Dominion space by Zerg forces [44] which catches the Dominion military and Mengsk unprepared, [45] and later from Raynor's Raiders who capture and broadcast proof of Mengsk's war crimes during the events of StarCraft.

During the events of Heart of the Swarm, Mengsk tries to have Kerrigan killed on several occasions, including issuing an obituary about Raynor. Kerrigan however, successfully reunites the Zerg Swarm and storms the Dominion capital of Augustgrad on the planet Korhal [12] with help from Raynor's Raiders. A scion of one of the influential Old Families of Confederacy with a long career in the military, [48] Duke is a methodical and experienced tactician [49] but also as an egotistical and xenophobic man.

Duke initially leads the defense of Confederate colonies Chau Sara and Mar Sara from the Zerg and the Protoss fleet commanded by Tassadar, for which he is promoted to general. When Duke's flagship Norad II is shot down by the Zerg during the battle, Duke is rescued by Raynor on Mengsk's orders in return for the defection of the general and his squadron, [52] and Duke's knowledge is vital to Mengsk's assault on Tarsonis. However, as part of a surgical strike against the Dominion's military capabilities, Kerrigan has Duke's flagship destroyed, killing the general.

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Valerian is first introduced in The Dark Templar Saga series of novels, while his backstory is further developed in I, Mengsk. Valerian was raised in secrecy on a number of worlds across the Koprulu Sector during his father's campaign against the Confederacy. Valerian made his game debut in Wings of Liberty, voiced by Josh Keaton. He is confronted by Jim Raynor, mistaking him for his father Arcturus, aboard the Dominion battlecruiser Bucephalus. Valerian reveals that he is the owner of the Moebius Foundation, the think tank that Raynor had been collecting the pieces of a Xel'Naga artifact for, and claimed that his mission was the same as Raynor's — to rescue Kerrigan.

Valerian is nearly psionically strangled by Kerrigan for leaving Raynor behind on the base. Valerian knew that his father would be willing to sacrifice him to destroy Kerrigan, even in spite of Hyperion captain Matt Horner warning the Dominion fleet that he was on board, and so he aided Kerrigan and the Raiders in searching for him.

brood war protoss ending relationship

He immediately went to work rebuilding the Dominion, and enacted new laws to eliminate the corruption and abuse of power that had occurred during his father's reign. These reforms included abolishing forced military conscription and slave labor. He also reorganized a number of his father's secret projects, such as Project Blackstone.

In Legacy of the Void, not long after his ascension to the throne, Korhal and the rest of the Dominion are assaulted by Moebius Foundation under control of the fallen Xel'Naga, Amon. Alongside Raynor, he does everything in his power to save his people. After Amon's defeat, Valerian has turned the Terran Dominion into a government of peace and prosperity. Valerian questions Nova when she returned to the Dominion after being missing for some time. Valerian believes her claim, that she didn't betray the Dominion and grants her her own covert ops team to discover what the Defenders of Man are up to.

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After Nova learns, that the Defenders are using psi emitters to lure zerg to Dominion Worlds to discredit him, and learning the identity of their leader, General Davis, Valerian contacts her and announces his wish to step down as the Emperor of the Dominion. While Stukov takes a contingent of troops and reconstructs the psi disrupter on Braxis, DuGalle is unaware of his intentions and becomes convinced that he is a traitor.

The player helps Duran hunt down Stukov inside the psi disrupter, but before he dies, Stukov reveals to DuGalle that Duran is the real enemy. Duran flees after the player foils his attempt to sabotage the psi disrupter. Using the psi disrupter's capabilities, DuGalle and the UED are able to assault the Zerg world Char and take control of the new Overmind growing there. With the Overmind falling under the United Earth Directorate's command, all operations amongst native factions in the sector are damaged, including Kerrigan's forces.

To begin the campaign against the Directorate forces, Kerrigan and Samir Duran form a reluctant alliance with Jim Raynor, Protoss praetor Fenixand Arcturus Mengsk to destroy the psi disrupter.

After destroying the psi disrupter, the player leads Kerrigan's forces in a full-scale assault on Korhal, quickly breaking the UED's hold over the planet. In the aftermath, Kerrigan betrays her allies, destroying a large number of Dominion forces and killing both Fenix and Mengsk's right-hand man, Edmund Duke. Angry at Kerrigan's betrayal, Raynor promises that he will kill her one-day and then retreats. Kerrigan travels with Duran to Shakuras and abducts Raszagal, who she uses to blackmail Zeratul into killing the Overmind on Char, thus bringing all Zerg forces under Kerrigan's control.


Zeratul attempts to rescue Raszagal, but the player prevents their escape, and Zeratul eventually kills Raszagal when it becomes clear she has been irreversibly brainwashed by Kerrigan.

At that moment it becomes clear that Aldaris's uprising in the first episode was an attempt to stop the brainwashed Raszagal from betraying her people any further. Despite being outnumbered, Kerrigan defeats all three fleets and eradicates the surviving UED fleet, leaving her the dominant power in the sector. Before the UED fleet is wiped out, Admiral DuGalle sends a final message back to his family before committing suicide with his pistol.

Development[ edit ] Development on Brood War began shortly after the release of StarCraft inand was announced after the release of StarCraft's first two expansion packs, Insurrection and Retribution.

brood war protoss ending relationship