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brother keeper drama ending relationship

"Brother's Keeper", which stars Ruco Chan and Linda Chung, will air its finale Tvb shd just continue making comedy & not serious drama .. it shows that Rachel and Sam relationship still needs to work on their trust issue. The socially conscious indie drama series returns for Season 3 to explore the Series cast summary: Relationships. Life. Q: What is "My Brother's Keeper"?. Brother's Keeper is a Hong Kong television drama serial produced by Amy Wong and TVB. In addition, Sam also has an ambiguous relationship with a triad member Chung was one of the first cast members of Brother's Keeper that was .

It had been then when the tiredness had increased. It was unfair of him to feel this way, Sans reasoned. Everybody had to suffer and give up so much to make it happen. Sure, he remembered things other didn't. He made horrible choices that nobody else knew about. Even Frisk didn't remember as much as he did. Maybe Flowey remembered, but who knew with him. That flower had his own set of problems. Sans suspected that Papyrus had some memory of the resets.

The taller skeleton would make odd comments now and then about remembering things he shouldn't in this timeline but would always hand wave them away as an odd occurrence. Vague as it was, Sans knew he should probably sit down with him and talk.

brother keeper drama ending relationship

It was just not something the smaller skeleton was willing to revisit at the moment. No point to it now. It was all over. It had been then when the dark fantasies had started. He would never do it. He would never step over the tall cliff's edge a short way from their new home.

He would never go into the forest right outside their settlement and get lost. He would never step in front of that car coming down the road. He would not be the cause of more despair.

Brother’s Keeper; a series I enjoyed till its ending yesterday.

But the thoughts still came. In a perverse way, they were relaxing. It was a way out that was comforting just for being a possibility. Nobody needed to know.

It was all in his head. At least he thought so. The tall, smiling dark man had been a surprise. He had first appeared in the darkest corner of his room. Just standing there, without moving. His empty smile mimicking Sans resting grin. His mere presence had woken up Sans from an already fragile dream. At first, the skeleton had reacted defensively, his left eye alight with magic.

The dark figure had laughed quietly at his reaction, startling Sans. The laughter sparked recognition in his mind.

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Something at the edge of his memory told him that he should know who this stranger was. He sounded very pleased with himself and at the same time, condescending towards Sans. Panic started building up in the skeleton.

brother keeper drama ending relationship

He had forgotten something important, he was sure of it now. The man motioned him forward, excitedly.

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Sans was sure that this was a bad idea but pushed his feet out of bed and unto the floor. The figure didn't answer. He continued beckoning him forward, growing impatient. As he did this, however, the stranger's form wavered and flickered. Sans stopped when he noticed the flickering. He shifted as if he was made of dark water and opened his mouth to shout, but as he did, whatever force was keeping there ran out.

The simple-minded Son serves as a foil to Sam's guileful character. Son's story from rags to riches is also inspired by the real-life story of Leong Chan-kuong, the owner of Macau's most famous bakery shop, Koi Kei [8] Moses Chan was originally cast for the role of Son, which was announced simultaneously with Ruco Chan's casting in the late summer of Rachel is the second daughter of Lau Lai-kuen, who is the second wife of the wealthy Philip Cheuk.

Despite her parent's objections, Rachel insists to date Sam. With Sam's help, Rachel eventually fulfills her dream of owning her own fashion boutiques to sell her own brand designs. She was involved in love triangle with Sam and Son for more than 20 years. Wong had been wanting to work with Chung ever since she started production on her comedy, No Good Either Way in late Chung was one of the first cast members of Brother's Keeper that was announced in mid On her role, Chung said, "The role grew up overseas, so I naturally get to speak English!

I grew up in Canada as well Peevish, boyish, but loyal, Ying is one of Son's closest childhood friends.

brother keeper drama ending relationship

Ying falls in love with Son and is a major supporter in Son's quest to open up his multi-chain business. Educated overseas, Lung hails from a wealthy family in Macau, and is the heir of his family business, although he prefers to work as an insurance sales agent. Fei has an obvious crush on Ying, but he is supportive when Ying begins to date Son. Zau Jukmui — Sam and Son's mother. Mui gave birth to her first-born, Kiu Tin-seng, in Hong Kong during the late s.

Kiu Sum, her son's policeman father, refuses to marry Mui after their son's birth, and in a blaze of anger, Mui destroys her son's Hong Kong birth certificate and moves back to her hometown in FoshanChina. InMui and her family attempt to sneak across the Hong Kong borders to escape mainland China's tumultuous social unrest, but the family is separated by external forces.

Shing owns a struggling peanut brittle shop in Macau.

Brother’s Keeper; a series I enjoyed till its ending yesterday. | Vincent Loy's Online Journal

Ankie Beilke as Michelle Fabio — one of Sam's love interests. Ankie is attracted to Sam and attempts to seduce him. Eyeing Fabio's wealth and power, Sam eventually gives in to her seduction. Sum does not wish to acknowledge his relationship with Sam in public, which indirectly influenced Sam's decision to become a cop. Sir, Sam's mentor and Sum's biggest rival. Critical response[ edit ] Brother's Keeper has received generally positive reviews from critics.