Caregiver sharon cuneta ending relationship

Lessons From the School of Inattention: Caregiver ()

caregiver sharon cuneta ending relationship

Kapamilya actress Sharon Cuneta revealed the reason why KC and Pierre for them to stay in love, thus, they decided to end their relationship. award-winning films including Caregiver, Magkapatid, and Mano Po 6: A. Although Sharon Cuneta did a good job playing her role, we couldn't help but Everything in the film was okay for us till the twist in the end (Don't read any Sarah's relationship with her patient was touching and moving. Caregiver () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more but well, I have to say Sharon Cuneta's character probably would not have gotten a handsome.

It shows us the inequities faced by wives with weakling husbands, as voiced out by Rica Peralejo who plays another caregiver whose husband, Jhong Hilario, is a doctor forced to work as a nurse. Sharon is deglamorized as Sarah and gives a consistently superb and compelling performance that will surely melt your heart.

caregiver sharon cuneta ending relationship

The most touching scenes for us is when Sarah's very old grandma Anita Lindawho earlier didn't recognize her, later summons her to give her a red shawl as a going away present, and that scene where Sarah and her son, Pau John Manaloare buying winter coats and she bids him a final farewell.

John Estrada gives competent support as Sarah's pathetic loser of a husband and Matthew Rutherford as Mr. Morgan, the lonely old man who Sarah takes care of in the nursing home where she works, has his own stirring moments.

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The highly charged emotional scene where they finally make a connection is one of the film's dramatic high points.

If there's one thing that detracts from this uplifting movie, it's the lengthy running time that results from having so many characters and subplots. It cannot be denied that Makisig Morales is good in his role as a rebellious boy in London who's alienated from his mom and foreign step dad, but the whole episode concerning him can be excised without damaging the main story at all.

What we appreciate in the film is the marked contrast showing the difference between Filipino and foreign families. Sarah's aging lola is well taken care of by her own family members, while in London, neglected old folks are just deposited by their relatives in care homes. Another standout scene is when Sarah's son goes missing in the middle of the night and all the women in their family become so hysterically concerned.

It is very well staged and so typically Filipino in its portrayal of our close family ties. Sharon Cuneta and her Caregiver travel photos from London! Trafalgar Square, according to Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, is The Megastar, Sharon Cuneta, left for London on April 4, to shoot the major scenes of her new film, Caregiver, which is slated to open in Manila theaters on May 28, Sharon is also celebrating her 30th anniversary as an ace multimedia performer this year, and she calls this movie her 30th-showbiz-anniversary gift to Pinoy moviegoers.

In Caregiver, Sharon plays a schoolteacher waiting for the official approval of the immigration petition that will allow her to join her husband played by John Estrada in London, the United Kingdom, where he is working as a nurse.

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While waiting for the approval of her husband's petition, she takes a course in caregiving. When she gets to London, she easily finds work as a caregiver, taking care of an elderly British couple.

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Trouble sets in when Sharon and John find themselves constantly in the grip of emotional conflicts, weighing the benefits and drawbacks of caring for strangers for money, while providing for the financial needs but neglecting the psychological and emotional needs of their loved ones back home. The film's production company, Star Cinema, is likewise celebrating a milestone this year—its 15th anniversary—making Caregiver an extra special film project.

And that is why YES! Despite her punishing schedule there, the Megastar managed to accommodate our request. A certified techie, she started sending YES!

From London, she sent us some 30 photos with lengthy-and funny-text and email messages. Then she stopped sending any more messages, so we thought she was done. But on April 29, just five days after she came back to Manila, we found a bigger batch of photos and even more detailed stories in our email inbox.

caregiver sharon cuneta ending relationship

She also texted to let us know that she had sent email. How's that for efficiency? This was the text message she sent us: Remember, an apple a day is seven apples a week!

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Di bale nang walang tulog, huwag lang walang gising. In fact, she even took the trouble of sending corrections to some names and to the timeline. For instance, when she sent us the biggest batch of photos via email on April 19, while she was still in the UK, she also sent us this lengthy text message: Am sick and dokleng na! I'm just thankful for the importance you are giving me and our project!

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Much love and God bless. Please remember to say a prayer for us. Can't afford to get sick. So much yet to do and I want to go home na. Umiiyak na naman ako! God bless and a big hug!