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This includes two sequels titled Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate . In a post-credits scene after the base game's ending, Zobek is seen alive . The game takes place 25 years after Lords of Shadow and features D gameplay. Konami announced the sequel at E3 , Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. Lords of Shadow, the origin of Dracula and his legendary connection with the Belmonts was revealed. In Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, fans can expect thrilling new twists View all End of discussions game discussions Gameplay wise it has its rough moments, but it's coherent enough and. For Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "The ending and the story went way I found the father/son relationship between Dracula and Alucard very touching. Gameplay wise it had a ton of flaws but the story and some of the bosses were sublime.

There's no more Despair there, Dracula has the best thing any Father could ever ask for, his own son. Everyone who played this game must've never known a father in their life lol. Version 1 of My Movelist for Lords of Shadow 2: This is it and story wise it was perfect. What was terrible and cannot be fixed via DLC was the encounter with Satan, so all we can do is just get over that and move on.

If they do a DLC it might be to fill out more backstory for other things, but that's about it. Or maybe some Alucard DLC of something he was doing during the thousand years in between; I reckon people will appreciate that. But really Im not expecting any DLC at all for this game solely based on all the remarks Dave Cox has been giving towards this game being their last hoo-rah for the series and dropping it forever once its done.

And its done now so just let it go and move on. Accept it for what it is and if its not your cup of tea, try not to bash it so much. Gameplay wise it had a ton of flaws but the story and some of the bosses were sublime.

I'm really glad I have it. When you see Dracula with Trevor, its like Gabriel is talking, not the Dragon.

It was very touching, it made me think allot about the kind of father i want to be, and believe it or not, my first born son, when and if it happens, im gonna name him Trevor. Had a terrible relationship with my father, so i never had a good father figure to learn from. The prologue teaches you that this is a game about dark castles, fearless knights, and heavy combat, then it hits the snooze button.

Unfortunately, it's throwaway content that gets in the way of the good stuff periodically throughout the game, but thankfully, it doesn't dominate the experience.

Lords of Shadow 2 eventually returns to what it does best: Throughout the story, Dracula finds himself back in time, though it's not immediately clear whether this is actual or imagined, but it brings the game back to its roots. Combat and fantastic environments take center stage, and with the game's new free-moving camera and an emphasis on exploration, both aspects feel fresh and new.

Thanks to the flexible vantage, you're able to dash and leap during battle with greater accuracy than before. Throw in multiple new and diverse skill sets, and Dracula accurately feels like a powerful evolution of his former self, Lords of Shadow's Gabriel Belmont. This time around, there are a few new tools to play with, including a new weapon class that's capable of breaking down fortified enemy defenses, but the biggest changes apart from the camera system are the skill mastery system and the weapon-dependent move lists.

You're not alone, guy. I despise this boring, industrial setting too. In Lords of Shadow 2, you learn skills for each weapon--shadow whip, void sword, and chaos claws--independently. Skills are learned by spending experience points granted during combat, and each has a gauge that fills with use.

Once the gauge is full, this experience can be transferred into the given weapon, increasing its mastery level and effectiveness. The fragmentation of the move lists delays your effectiveness in battle somewhat, but it also allows you to focus on customization, opening the game up to different types of combat strategies.

When you aren't fighting, you spend quite a lot of time exploring and clambering about your environment. By default, your objective is often highlighted on the map, but unlike in the linear Lords of Shadow, it's up to you to find your way there. It's usually clear where to go; hint-like swarms of bats tip you off to handholds for climbing and ledges for leaping.

However, unlike in the first game, there are many alternate paths to explore in search of treasure.

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While not game-changing, the openness feels appropriate given the wide world around you. Apart from some occasionally frustrating pathfinding inadequacies, it's the map that ultimately stands in your way. To this end, Dracula gives Victor the antidote to the virus and in exchange Victor offers to help flush out the Acolytes. On their way out of the church, they run into Zobek's Bodyguard again and the three of them battle a group of demons.

With that out of the way, Victor uses a spell to set a trap for the Acolytes with himself as bait. The Acolyte possesses a nearby statue and uses it to kill Victor. Dracula takes the last piece of the Mirror of Fate from Victor's body.

He is returned to Trevor and together they complete the Mirror. The Castle, enraged by the completed Mirror, possesses Trevor and uses him to summon the dark manifestation of Dracula's soul. During the fight, Dracula regains his Demonic Wings and they prove vital in defeating his doppelganger. With the twisted copy dead, Trevor is freed from the creature and reunited with his mother.

Trevor's last words to his father before he returns to the present is a request that he doesn't let the Acolyte escape. The Second Acolyte "I underestimated you, accept my apology.

It won't happen again. Once inside the building Dracula faces off against the second acolyte, Nergal Meslamstea. Realizing he is too strong in a head-to-head fight Dracula instead lures the Acolyte into the past. Realizing he is now to weak to fight Dracula directly, the Acolyte possesses a trio of nearby statues to do his bidding.

The statues prove to be no match for Dracula whom after defeating each of them, crushes the second Acolyte's head under his foot. With the Acolyte dead, Trevor gives his father the repaired Mirror and recommends he takes a second look at it.

Discouraged from the last time, Trevor instead asks that when the time comes Dracula chooses his family. Dracula answers he already made his choice. Back in the present, Zobek congratulates Dracula on his defeat of the second Acolyte, but there is still one left, one of several religious leaders who have locked themselves inside a monastery for weeks and also he is the most powerful of them all.

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Revelations "When I put my hand on your shoulder, Father. There, Dracula is met by his family again who informs him that the way out of the castle, the Throne room just beyond the next gate, is before him. Dracula finds his diary and regains his lost memories of the Brotherhood's final assault on his palace.

After the death of the Paladin, Dracula was confronted by his son, Alucard. The younger vampire acknowledges that neither of them can kill the other.


To this end, Alucard believes that only his father, Gabriel Belmontcan destroy the Vampire Dracula, and by extension all evil on Earth. Dracula points out that even if he were to die, the likes of Satan and Zobek would only take his place. To this end, Alucard reveals his sword: If Dracula's heart is pierced by the sword, he will fall into a deep sleep, and Zobek and Satan will think him dead. As a consequence, Satan's acolytes will prepare his return, and Zobek will panic, search for Dracula, use him against Satan, buying his favor with the one weapon that can grant him eternal peace: Only on the brink of Satan's return will Alucard remove the sword and revive his father but the long sleep will make his memory fragmented and Zobek will know nothing of their plan.

Once Satan is trapped on Earth, father and son will team up to destroy Zobek, Satan, and finally Dracula himself with the reforged Vampire Killer. Dracula reluctantly agrees to the plan and stabs the sword into his heart with his son's assistance.

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Back into the present, the Bodyguard reveals himself to be Alucard. The final Acolyte finishes the ritual and disappears.

Zobek takes his place, now aware of their plot. He takes on his true form, Deathand battles Dracula alone at the latter's insistence. After a grueling fight with the Necromancer Lord, Zobek dies laughing at the end of Dracula's blade.

Finale "Who knows what fate has in store. They reunite at the church where Dracula first awoke, where once summoned, Satan kills his acolyte for his incompetence.

Aware of the fact that he can't buy the vampire's loyalty, Satan instead summons a gigantic Leviathan to help him fight the vampires and destroy the Earth. The two Vampires are able to destroy the beast. However as its corpse falls back to Earth, Satan possesses Alucard, forcing Dracula to once again fight his son and greatest nemesis at the same time on the corpse of Satan's mount.

After a climatic battle, the two crash into the street, and when Satan realizes that Dracula intends to kill him and his son together, he flees from Alucard's body. Dracula takes his chance to kill him with the Vampire Killer, and impales the Devil.

With Satan gone forever, Dracula revives his son. The sun begins to rise, Dracula states that it's almost time to go. Shattering the Mirror of Fate after looking into it one final time, Dracula decides that he will make his own fate and leaves into the cathedral, with the final part of the plot he and Alucard hatched so long ago going unfulfilled: