Chloe requiem ending relationship

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Lana Lang is a fictional character on the television series Smallville. She has been a series By the end of season two, Lana and Clark slowly try and start a romantic relationship, but fear backlash from Chloe because of her personal feelings for Clark. Just as the two give in to their .. "Requiem". Smallville. Season 8. Here's the new thread to talk about Clark and Chloe. Things have been heating up in this thread and others in the relationship section of the forum. You mean to tell me she's ok with [SPOILER]killing[/SPOILER] for Clark but she luvs Jimmy? Clana episodes especially after Requiem[/SPOILER] only confirms my belief. The other interesting relationship was Chloe and Oliver. I'm surprised how close they got and how well they understand each other. The reference to Chloe's.

Clark and Lana are in bed discussing how they've always wanted to be together and now they finally can. Humorously, now that Clark doesn't gave to worry about hurting Lana, their love making ended up breaking the bed frame. Clark wants to do romantic things together but Lana asks him to take her patrolling.

chloe requiem ending relationship

Chloe arrives and tells them about the explosion and that everyone but Oliver was killed, and he has been hospitalized. Oliver is in the hospital pondering his situation when Lana and Clark speed into the room and ask what happened. Suspicions arise that Lex was behind the attack, and Clark and Lana promise to investigate.

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Lana absorbs the kryptonite from the chip. Clark and Lana arrive at the crime scene and discover kryptonite embedded in a chip made by Queen IndustriesClark is visibly weakened and when Lana handles it the kryptonite loses its power. Lana thinks that Oliver is trying to kill Lex, and Clark agrees that he can't be trusted.

Oliver is in the hospital flirting with his nurse when Chloe Sullivan arrives.

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Oliver tells her that he suspects Winslow Schotta former Queen Industries employee, of being behind the bomb: Schott was fired when he became psychotic and Oliver thinks he has now been hired by Lex to kill him. He asks Chloe to track him down because he probably knows Lex's location. Chloe is hesitant and wants to tell Clark, but Oliver tells her not to because Clark won't agree to killing Lex. Chloe talks with Clark. Clark arrives to see Oliver on his jet, only to find Chloe, who is searching for clues as to where Winslow may be.

Chloe doesn't want to tell Clark where Schott is because Lex knows Clark's weakness and she thinks he will be in danger. They have a tense conversation in which Clark finally gets her to admit that she is helping Ollie track down Lex.

chloe requiem ending relationship

Clark wonders if she is helping Oliver kill Lex because he himself won't do it. Chloe doesn't answer and Clark reminds her that he could have killed her when she was infected by Brainiac, in order to save others, but he didn't, and she shouldn't let Oliver have the right either.

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Chloe relents and shows him what she has found about Winslow. Winslow Schott also known as the Toyman. Clark and Lana are at the farm trying to locate Winslow, but they cannot find him. Lana finds her necklace and Clark puts it back on her.

chloe requiem ending relationship

She explains that Dr. Groll told her that she absorbed the kryptonite radiation from the bomb at Luthercorp and knowing Lex created the suit as a weapon, she wonders if he actually created it on the purpose to match and win over Clark. He is quiet since she is wearing the suit now, but Lana is concerned since this means that Lex had plans to kill Clark and he will most likely try again.

Winslow is in the hospital delivering "balloons and presents" to Oliver. He chains Oliver to his bed and states that Oliver will pay for the way he treated Schott when he was ill. Oliver tries to sarcastically dismiss him but it doesn't work and Winslow states he is working for Lex for vengeance. He activates a toy monkey which will bang its cymbal 53 times - the same number as the number of patents he registered for Queen Industries - and it will then detonate. Oliver manages to free himself and extort the information from Winslow and he disarms the bomb.

He ties Winslow to the hospital bed. Lex spying on Clark and Lana. Chloe goes to talk to Oliver but only finds Winslow, being freed by an unsuspecting nurse. Before she can stop him, Winslow pops the balloons he's delivered, filling the room with a gas that knocks Chloe and the nurse unconscious.

Clark picks Chloe up from the hospital and takes her back to the Isis Foundation. She helps him locate Winslow's hiding spot and makes him a device so they can track Lex down as well. Any sympathy I had for either character is long gone. I really don't understand how the writers could have their heads in the clouds so long in regards to this situation.

Maybe if we didn't know the outcome with Clark and Lois I might have been able to swallow this annoying thing with Lana but as it stands it's just not happening. And let's not overlook Lana's new and powerful suit that makes her such a special new girl. Lana needs to look up the definition of borderline personality disorder because she's definitely got some issues.

No matter how many different ways I hear it I'll never believe that Lana wanted that suit just to "save the world". Lana wanted power and she proved that before whenever she had Clark's abilities for a day.

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Her whole power hungry vengeance was brushed aside and blamed on the powers but the truth is the powers didn't change her personality. Lana's definitely got a little identity crisis that she needs to deal with and giving her an all powerful suit is probably not the wisest idea. Not to mention that it feels almost like blasphemy that she of all people received those "special powers" to make her fit in with Clark. But yet again we end this episode with Lana being the perfect little martyr.

It proves just how far writers were willing to go to make Lana and Clark work for some insane reason. It also makes me a little angry that writers chose to end their relationship the way they did. Personally I would have liked for once to see Clark stand up and say you know what, maybe I do really love you but this just isn't going to work. And God knows they had their fair share of chances to make things work. There comes a point whenever you just have to accept the fact that it isn't working and count your losses.

The fact that Clark wouldn't do this and kept fighting until the end, for something we know wasn't destined to be, honestly effected my opinion of him.