Cold case bombers ending a relationship

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cold case bombers ending a relationship

Detective Lillian "Lilly" Rush is a fictional character in the CBS crime drama Cold Case, Lilly has a contentious relationship with her sister. At the end of season seven, after rescuing her sister ("Shattered"), Lilly discovers that she's now an. Season seven of Cold Case, an American television series, began airing on September 27, . , 13, "Bombers", Janice Cooke-Leonard · Gina Gionfriddo, February 14, (), The team The team then discover his wrestling career was putting a strain in his relationship with his son and ex-wife. A former college professor, Roy Minard, asks Rush to reopen a murder case. Minard's career ended in disgrace when he became the prime suspect in the.

Curtis tells her that the court will want parents to see their children, but Miller disagrees since her ex used to be a gangbanger. At a bar, Moe notices Rush watching him in her car. Jeffries says they tracked the paint can to the same store that Gina worked at. A man from a soup kitchen says he recognizes the tag. He takes Jeffries and Miller to the sewer where Carlos painted a mural dedicated to Leon. He remembers when he and several other homeless people were impressed by his work.

Miller and Jeffries sees that Taln spray painted over the work. Gina is brought to the station for questioning. She remembers when she found Carlos in the sewer.

Leon told Gina they use their art for good. Gina says she painted on the mural since she was angry. The team wonders where Carlos went to after he left Gina. Tut is brought in for questioning. They tell him they know he has been still tagging. Valens accuses him of informing Don of tagging incidents. Rush tells Tut that Carlos since was going to rat him out, they think he killed him.

Tut admits that he thought Carlos was going to take over his leadership role. Tut remembers when he met with Carlos just as he finished his last portrait. Carlos told Tut they can do more than tag. Tut told him to take down his mural, but Carlos told him he was just snitch.

After the case, Miller is still angry at Curtis. Valens has dinner with his parents and notices that his mom pulls back when his dad touches her.

Lilly Rush

Moe is found shot dead in his car. Crumbs in "Colors" would have given anything for one good swing and in a fit of rage, he took it Been There, Shaped History: A few minor examples with the side characters. The victim in "Colors" was almost the first man to break the race barrier in baseball, but then he was killed and the honor went, as per history, to Jackie Robinson.

There have also been a couple fictional politicians and a fictional first woman to break the sound barrier it was actually Jacqueline Cochran.

cold case bombers ending a relationship

The victim in "Bad Reputation" found this out the hard way. Monty in "Pin-Up Girl". Not only was he willing to accept Rita's quitting from modelling to go into photo journalism after seeing her shots, but he was also willing to publish her shots himself due to her being, as he tells the detectives in the present day, "even more talented behind the camera than in front of it.

ALL of the detectives react very badly while interrogating George Marks, when rather than caving in and confessing, he instead taunts them about traumatic events in their life—Scotty's schizophrenic girlfriend and her suicide, Vera mishandling a rape case to the point that Vera needs to be restrained from attacking himthe death of Jeffries' wife George implies he was the one who killed her, though he wasn't.

Jeffries stays calm in the interview but loses it laterStillman's failed marriage and Lilly's childhood mugging. Suspended in an episode after beating the crap out of an inmate that said suicide is cowardly and a result of the loved ones failing to do their work.

His childhood love had recently committed suicide. Beats the crap out of a non-child-molesting-pedophile when the man refuses to stop hanging around a playground, even after Scotty has warned him off. In a later episode, we learn that when they were kids, Scotty's brother was molested by their boxing coach.

cold case bombers ending a relationship

Used to react very badly to comments about his failed marriage. Was so obsessed with solving the case of a Serial Rapist who had murdered his latest victim that he relentlessly browbeat two suspects despite the fact that one of them cooperated fully to the point where the DA had to explicitly tell him to stay away from each man.

Five years later not only does the warning still stand, both men are still afraid of him. He really seems to hate rapists in general, possibly due to the effect the above case had on him. Beats the crap out the crooked DA whose obstruction resulted in an innocent man getting executed and violently forces the real killer against the wall.

cold case bombers ending a relationship

It's not wise, if you're a minority suspect, to pull the "I was only arrested because all police are racist" card in front of Jeffries. He did eventually realize he was being too hard on the victim of that case because of it. His contempt for a man who falsely claimed to have been a POW like the victim is greater than that for the killer himself. Maybe, they don't have a lot of money, they don't have lawyers, but they matter.

Lilly solves the most difficult cases in order to seek the truth after all these years in hopes of giving the victim's family and the victims themselves, justice. She often works long hours on these cases. Because of this, her relationship with men are relatively shaky and her family can best be described as dysfunctional. Background Edit Lilly was raised on welfare by an alcoholic mother, Ellen Rushwho often neglected her.

This left Lilly to fend for herself and care for her younger sister, Christina Rush. The family lived in Kensingtona rough part of Philadelphia. At the age of ten, Lilly had been sent out late at night by her mother to buy alcohol, and a man brutally attacked and robbed her. Suffering a broken jaw, among other injuries, young Lilly was nursed by Ray Williamswhom she later almost married as a young adult, but neither could bring themselves to get off of his motorbike to go into the courthouse after having ridden to Knoxville.

Later in life, Lilly confides to her boyfriend Joseph Shaw that she was once engaged to Ray, but he was not the "settling down" type. It is Lilly's lack of trust in other men that leads her to be alone most of the time. Her lack of trust can be traced back to her childhood when her father walked out, and also when Patrick, a man Lilly was once engaged to when she was still a beat cop, cheated on her with her sister, Christina. At the end of season seven, after rescuing her sister Shatteredshe discovers that she's now an aunt to Christina's baby daughter.

Soon, romantic gestures flares between her and Kite, but it quickly ends in when Kite is put off by Lilly bringing her work home. Scotty and Lilly were becoming good friends until her sister Christina arrives in town.

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An apparent beginning to making amends with her sister is also quickly cut short when Christina reveals that she has been dating Scotty, prompting Lilly to storm out after accusing Christina of destroying everything she touches. Despite their differences in the past, Lilly still tries to protect her sister when an NYPD detective, Mark Phillipsmakes a visit to her apartment with an arrest warrant for credit card fraud.

When Lilly calls Christina down to the office to meet her, Christina denies these allegations. Lilly doesn't believe her and tells her that she doesn't want any more 'early morning visits from the NYPD'.