Csi split decisions ending relationship

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csi split decisions ending relationship

The twelfth season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation premiered on CBS on to come to terms with their past relationship, Ecklie is gunned down, Nick leaves CSI, and the Ted Danson and Elisabeth Shue join the main cast, replacing Laurence . , 19, "Split Decisions", Brad Tanenbaum, Michael F.X. Daley & Richard. The episode's strength lies in Brass's unexpected connection to Rita Nettles the episode ends--another wise decision--the camaraderie between still the same man who split the team back in season five's "Mea Culpa". Split Decisions is the nineteenth episode in season twelve of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. When the CSI team is called in to investigate a man who is shot at.

Langston matches the knives in the bag to the wounds in Joey and is able to match the prints on them to five bikers. Archie gets the phone records for the bar and finds that the call the bartender received just before the murder came from a pay phone outside the police department, and surveillance video reveals Rita making the call. Rita tells them her husband gave her the number for emergencies, but denies telling the bartender he was a cop.

Tonya gets word to vice that the coke has come in from Mexico, but when she's released from police custody, the car she gets into explodes as Nick and Greg look on!

The team determines the bomb was planted before Joey's death, meaning the Blasters--and their leader, Scratch--were on to her.

The team recreates the murder and finds a bug in the bar's phone--which was hooked into a transceiver in Joey's iPod. The three realize the bartender is Scratch.

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Using a transponder on one of the bikes, Archie is able to trace the gang to a warehouse where they're facing off with the Righteous Dogs over the cocaine. Scratch runs at Brass only to be shot down. After Rita is led out in handcuffs, Catherine stops by Brass's office with a bottle of scotch. There's not much mystery in the latest episode of CSI, which revolves around a murder that's essentially as obvious as it first appears.

csi split decisions ending relationship

When the CSIs get to the scene, they suspect the bikers are responsible for the death of their compatriot--and they're right. There's more to the story, but there aren't any real surprises here; the final reveal that Rita purposely blew her husband's cover isn't a shocker, either. Miami has been to this well more times than I can count, and the episodes usually follow a predictable path, more often than not culminating in a big bust of some sort. This episode is no different, with the seizing of the cocaine overshadowing the conclusion of the murder investigation.

The biggest problem with gang stories is that the scope of them often overshadows the human-interest aspect of it, rendering both the victim and the killer or killers little more than caricatures. That's sadly true here, as we don't really know what caused Jack Nettles to cross over to the dark side, throwing over his wife for Tonya and murder a prostitute.

Was it always within him? Maybe--we don't really learn enough about Nettles one way or another to guess None of them are especially interesting, even their leader, who of course mouths off to Brass after getting taken down, spitting out that "the bitch cop was easy to make and Joey should have taken care of his wife.

The gang members in this episode come off as little more than brutes who mindlessly follow the orders of their leader, who isn't enough of a character to be scary or interesting.

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The scene in which the CSIs re-enact the murder is chillingly horrible, but the bust at the end takes away from the chance to give it an emotional punch. The explosion of Tonya's car makes for a shocking moment, but it's dismissed pretty quickly as well.

The drug bust at the end isn't especially exciting or original. The episode's strength lies in Brass's unexpected connection to Rita Nettles and the way Paul Guilfoyle handles Brass's discomfort. Brass is shocked when he accompanies Ecklie to give Mrs. Someone was pulling our leg with this episode and having lots of fun in the process with all these clues and misinfo!

Both Jordan and Xavier won free trips to Vegas. Finn suggests they use antibody profiling, since that's her speciality, to determine who fired the gun, but the blood samples aren't a match. The twins were born to different families at different times.

Jordan's mother, Vivan Stepfanie Kramer arrives, a lawyer who tells them she had IVF treatment and the doctor was at the same clinic. He took the remaining embryos and instead of destroying them, he gave them to other families. Finn solves the bullet mystery discovering they were 'No Rico' bullets, so the gun most likely belongs to an air marshall. Another child is found, Kevin Joshua Desroches and he has had air marshall training.

He is found dead in his room, the result of an OD.

csi split decisions ending relationship

He's left a suicide note on computer. There's that pesky computer again and who else had one in his room - Avery. Doc Robbins finds Kevin had a blow to his head and the pills were already in the Scotch when the bottle was forced into his throat.

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DB thinks the twins must have left some DNA behind somewhere. Whose fault was that - life is after all what you make it.

DNA on the bottle leads to Avery.

csi split decisions ending relationship

They're all brothers and Avery arranged the trip. He forced Kevin to drink form the bottle but he didn't kill the doctor.

csi split decisions ending relationship

That was Kevin and he was left to take the fall as the other two split the money. Avery claims his mother was the only one who loved him and his father was cold towards him.

Catherine also spent her last moments in Vegas before leaving for the F. I with Morgan passing words of wisdom to Morgan before Morgan leaves for work saying that they will do this again and it would be Morgan's turn to buy. Relationship with Julie Finlay: Even Julie herself was saying to D. Russell that she already likes Morgan after just meeting on her first day in Stealing Home.

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The two shown a good bond in Trends with Benefits. Relationship with Nick Stokes: Morgan has shown some interest with Nick from the every beginning they met in Cello and Goodbye. Morgan was also curious of Nick's love life in Bittersweet. In Seeing Red Nick and Morgan were seen grabbing a kebab together. Morgan and Nick also worked their second case together in Maid Man and the first being in Cello and Goodbye.

csi split decisions ending relationship