Demento ending a relationship

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demento ending a relationship

Capitalizing on Demento's long-running relationship with another trailblazer If you make it to the end of Dr. Demento Covered in Punk – not a. Haunting Ground, known in Japan as Demento,Demento (デメント) is a survival horror To obtain this ending, Fiona must have a weak relationship with Hewie. How to End a Relationship Without Regrets. You can't avoid the grief of endings, but you can avoid the burden of regrets. Posted May 31, SHARE.

From tohe performed a four-hour live show on KMET. From about on, the local Los Angeles market was the full 4 hours and the nationally syndicated show was cut to 2 hours. Later, the show would be a two-hour live show on KLSXand after they converted to a talk-only format inmoved again to KSCAwhere it remained until they changed to a Spanish-language broadcast, in February The Westwood One period marked the height of the show's national popularity; it was carried in most major radio markets, airing mainly on FM rock stations, usually late on Sunday evenings.

Inhe handed off the show to a new producer from San Diego, professional journalist Robert Young. It was under Young's guidance that the show gained in popularity, mainly due to his willingness to foster relationships with national media and with nationally known and up-and-coming artists, including John Mammoser, Judy TenutaEmo PhilipsPinkard and Bowden, Wally Wingert, and Mark Davis Richard Cheese.

Demento to Portland, Ore. He left the radio network in during a business downturn. In January Young released an e-book titled "Producing Demento," about his memories of working on the show.

Hansen, under the name "Talonian Productions," handled syndication himself from until discontinuing syndication in though Hansen did not reveal he was Talonian until being forced to respond to significant criticism of the company in [ citation needed ]; this despite the fairly obvious fact that Talonian had no involvement in any other show than Dr.

Between the mids and the mids, Hansen continued to do live broadcasts on KMET and other Los Angeles area stations, in addition to his weekly taped syndicated show. The syndicated radio show normally started with an hour of randomly chosen records and listener requests. The second hour was normally mostly devoted to a specific theme cars, sports, pets, romance, movies, etc. There were also shows devoted to holidays and seasonal events, with the most important being the Halloween and Christmas shows Hansen produced multiple Christmas shows during the holiday season consisting solely of novelty Christmas musicbecause of the large number of novelty records those holidays have inspired.

The final radio episode each year was the Funny 25, a countdown of the 25 most requested novelty songs that year see below.

For most of the syndicated show's history, Hansen produced 52 original weekly shows every year; repeat broadcasts were rare.

demento ending a relationship

The same Los Angeles area group recorded some of the musical teasers used on the show, such as "It's time for number one Hansen's opening line, "Wind up your radios," refers to the rare 78rpm novelty records from the days of wind-up phonographs that he has featured on the show, especially in its early years. The closing theme is "Cheerio, Cherry Lips, Cheerio," a vocal by Scrappy Lambert recording under the name Gordon Wallacewhich Hansen tells listeners he discovered in a thrift shop.

They are ranked according to preference, with ending A being the most desirable and ending D being the worst. Hewie calms her fears and she manages to unlock the door. However, Hewie begins barking which catches Fiona's attention. From the double doors, Debilitas comes out with hedge clippers. In a tense and awkward moment, Fiona and Debilitas stare at each other. Debilitas simply bows to Fiona, showing that he no longer means any harm.

With that, she and Hewie walk into the darkness of the forest. Debilitas looks at the overgrown trees in the garden and begins clipping the trees. One has to wonder why they even left her alone in the first place Fiona may equip a choker, a pair of earrings, and a pair of boots.

demento ending a relationship

The majority of these improve stamina, reduce panic, and improve strength in combat, respectively, but there are three odd ones out: Invoked as Lorenzo tests Fiona in a labyrinth of color-coded doors. Take the wrong door out and it's back to the beginning of the maze. Lorenzo during the game's final chase sequence.

Dr. Demento

Her faithfulness towards her master Lorenzo suggests that her name is meant to invoke Daniel's faithfulness to God. Alternatively, Daniel is also the name of a Fallen Angel in the Book of Enoch, which is rather fitting.

According to Word of Godshe lost her freedom as a girl when she was kidnapped by Lorenzo. Fiona means "white, fair. Lorenzo is Italian for "someone from Laurentum. At first, it's the only "clothing" she has.

Usually depends on how well you treated Hewie for most of the game. Another major contributor is whether you kill Debilitas or let him live. The music becomes chaotic when Fiona runs into stalkers.

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When she successfully evades a stalker usually by hidingthe music returns to normal. When a stalker is in an area adjacent to the player, the ambient noise is replaced with dead silence. This is actually an incredibly useful lifesaver, as the game will tell you it's safe to leave a hiding spot only for the stalker to decide to waltz back in, so the player will need to rely on the return of the ambient music to know the coast is clear.

Some guy named Lorenzo keeps slipping Fiona various notes over the course of the game. He turns out to be the Big Badwho's only trying to help her get away from his insane lackeys so he can have her Azoth for himself. Beating the game unlocks an additional Hard Mode, with stronger and palette swapped versions of the stalkers, more enemies scattered around the castle, and a few additional cutscenes, which fill in some extra plot details. The ability to switch outfits and exchange key-plates for equipment is added to the Alchemy Room in both modes after beating the game once.

You can find a copy of the castle gate key after beating Debilitas non-lethally, allowing Fiona to leave the castle early and unlock Ending C. Hewie, who doubles as a Pet Interface. Death by booby traps comes with a special video, where Fiona's gruesome fate is made pretty explicit as well.

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Also, you lose automatically if Hewie dies which, fortunately, can only happen on the game's highest difficulty setting. Most of the stalkers are guilty of this, but Daniella pops into existence in certain rooms. There's one room she'll always appear in, no matter where you saw her last.

Fortunately, for some reason, her kill switch is set to "off" if you encounter her here; she's too busy cleaning to do anything else. Quite a few, but the fire poker scene Daniella and the explosives scene Lorenzo are the first to come to mind. Debilitas raises both fists above his head and brings them down, or gets on top of Fiona and crushes her neck.

Daniella raises her weapon over her head and bring it down on Fiona, or gets on top of her and use it to slash her throat.