Doa4 kokoro ending relationship

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doa4 kokoro ending relationship

This article discussed the significant relationships of Kasumi. During the Dead or Alive 4 tournament, Ayane merely delayed Kasumi enough for At the end of the ordeal, In Dead or Alive 5, Kasumi and Ayane are finally at peace, the latter as one of the models alongside Marie Rose and Kokoro, and even took a. In the end, Kokoro fled as well without saying a word to Ayane. known as Template:W. It should be noted that while Kokoro had the kimono since her first appearance in Dead or Alive 4, she is only seen wearing it during Relationships Edit. Major plot details and endings below. 3 Dead Or Alive 4 Kokoro's Ending .. Kokoro would be next in line for the job due to her direct relationship with Fame.

Kokoro asked her if she needed any help but Kasumi refused despite having a major fever, and fled as she saw Ayane approaching. When Ayane asked her where Kasumi ran off to, Kokoro refused to tell her. Ayane was angered and was forced to fight her. In the end, Kokoro fled as well without saying a word to Ayane.

doa4 kokoro ending relationship

While Miyako was not happy about her daughter's choice, she hesitantly gave her permission but warned Kokoro that she might not necessarily like what would come of it. During one of her initial matches, Kokoro faced the drunken master Brad Wong, who seemed to take a liking to her. Kokoro, however, was put off by the drunk and vehement fighter and declined his offer for a drink.

After several rounds of the tournament, Kokoro met Helena. Unaware that they were related, Kokoro was surprised when Helena recognized her as Miyako's daughter before their fight.

doa4 kokoro ending relationship

After the tournament, Kokoro returned to Kyoto where she resumes both her maiko and martial arts training. Fifth Tournament Edit Two years later, while on a business trip to Tokyo with her mother, Kokoro took a stroll through the city and spotted Helena on a monitor announcing the reformation of DOATEC and the return of the Dead or Alive Tournament, which push hope in Kokoro that she will be able to see Helena again. In the games, the Mugen Tenshin ninjas reside in a small village, not some huge palace.

We see Kasumi sitting on a throne. Now, Kasumi should be young and pretty.

doa4 kokoro ending relationship

Now, Devon Aoki is in good shape, but her face bothers me. Also, she has Japanese, German, and English in her. They could easily have found a full Japanese girl to portray Kasumi. Wait a minute, this guy is Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden?

Kasumi is determined to leave. They all have the same mother. This word is misused in the film to mean a runaway ninja, when there is actually a word that could be used to mean that nukenin. Kasumi removes her robe and has been wearing a hanglider thing underneath that she uses to glide away.

It IS as ridiculous as it sounds.

Helena Douglas

She then receives a shuriken invite to participate in DOA. Anyway, she talks to her dad, Bass, on the phone and then some asian pirates show up on another boat and Tina beats them up.

She then receives her invite to DOA. Christie Christie is introduced next. Holly Valance makes a decent Christie. Also her personality in the film is much too cheerful and she is too nice to the other girls. She escapes from some cops at a casino and her partner Max who is totally made up for this film.

I have nothing against the actor, Matthew Marsden, since he was the sniper in Rambo and it was awesome watches her escape. She receives her DOA invite as she escapes. So after being introduced to these three females who are going to hold the focus of the film, we see all the characters on a plane flying to the island where DOA is to take place.

While on the plane, everyone sees a video where Helena welcomes them and tells them they have to jump from the plane and parachute down.

Oh, and Helena is rollerblading around and looks like a California teenager. She has no hint of a French accent it is referenced that she got a tattoo in Paris, but there is no hint that she is French.

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She is completely out of character, with the exception that during her first fight she appears to actually use her fighting style from the games. Kasumi almost falls and sees Ayane and knows she has been followed. Anyway, everyone makes it. Tina in a costume nearly accurate to the games Next everyone gets a physical, which includes being injected with nanobots that track their fighting abilities.

They are all given bracelets that show them who their next opponent is supposed to be, and they can fight them anywhere. He works for Donovan, and worked for Fame Douglas before that. Like Max, he was made up for this movie. The only minor film character that makes it past round one is Gen Fu, and we never see his second round fight. Both Bayman and Leon also pass round one, but they are both used as villains.

Christie and Max work together in this, and they are also shown to be romantically involved. Donovan tells her that Leon killed her brother in the tournament. Donovan sets things up for her to face Leon next in the tournament. Interestingly, they actually break through walls and stuff, which references the games well. However, Kasumi wears pants with her most recognized costume. Leon This fight scene also had some ridiculous wire work.

They could at least make it not look completely fake. Tina and her father fight after this scene.

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Tina wins the fight. Tina There is a volleyball scene, as I mentioned. Helena and Christie play against Tina and Kasumi. During this scene Ryu goes to investigate and has some cool fight scenes against guards.

doa4 kokoro ending relationship