Drew and mike wrif ending relationship

Riffing With WRIF/Detroit, Part One: Forty Six PLUS Years of Rocking The Motor City by …

drew and mike wrif ending relationship

Drew Lane (left) and Mike Clark ruled the morning airwaves in the Detroit market for 22 years with their "Drew and Mike Show" on WRIF. DETROIT, MI - A popular radio show in Metro Detroit called "Drew and MIke' on FM radio station WRIF will be off the air at the end of this month. Drew and Mike Fan Site Multimedia Collection, Drops and Clips T - Z. [ Download ] (13k) jogglerwiki.info3 - Former WRIF intern Eric: "It taste like feces. " . Farley in Almost Heroes: *while laughing* "Tell him the ending, that's the best part!" .. "Like every good wang to mouth relationship, there comes a time to call it off.".

Arthur P remained in afternoons. Bender retired from radio in At the time it was the highest rated AOR in the country. Great American was having corporate programming meetings in the Midwest, when Bender recalls being whisked into a coat room by a corporate executive. So he led me into a coat room closet when he asked me a question. We feel you can handle that town because Detroit is just a bigger version of Cleveland.

Drew & Mike tell Devin what really happened

He fixed the music, revved up the WRIF personality line-up, including what he considers a crucial move of filling the morning show hole with Ken Calvert.

It was Ray Charles, and listeners in Detroit thought it was cool that we were doing this. While he has spent time in a couple of other markets, the majority of his time in radio has been spent in his hometown. In he moved over to crosstown rocker WWWW to do a full time 10p to 2a shift. He eventually moved up to p which he held until the station flipped to Country in He was only there for exactly one year before Detroit came calling again. This morning show change created gridlock in the market.

Prior to their flip to Country, Stern had been the morning guy at W4 when Podell worked there. They were also consulting WRIF at the time. They asked me if I had any interest in returning to Detroit.

The longtime WRIF foe was now running the show. Drew and Mike were talented enough with their content that we played no music and gave them the freedom to do their thing. Please leave me be! Goodbye" [ Download ] 10k timetogo.

Detroit morning radio icon Mike Clark of ‘Drew and Mike' dies at 63

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Drew and Mike to reunite for podcast series

They don't get an answer but they leave a really long message anyway. I want you out! Now all you are is a trouble maker! Now get out of here!

The Drew and Mike Show – Rockin' The Detroit Airwaves for over 25 years

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drew and mike wrif ending relationship

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drew and mike wrif ending relationship

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drew and mike wrif ending relationship

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Fans remember Mike Clark of the WRIF's Drew and Mike show

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