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A tale of identity and tense personal relationships, one that as a film property would have appealed to Hitchcock or de Palma. Drowned [Therese Bohman] on jogglerwiki.info Marina has left behind her stalled relationship and floundering career in Stockholm to visit .. I almost gave up a couple of times bit wanted to see if the ending matched up with what I expected. Reviewed by Gabi Reigh Eventide is Therese Bohman's third novel and just as the heroines of Drowned () and The Other stage of Karolina's life has ended as she has terminated a long-term romantic relationship.


It started out mellow, and really interesting. Th I want to warn you all ahead of time. The relationship between these two sisters was terribly awkward and perplexing, and once I realized that there was a connection between Marina and her sister's husband, I rubbed my hands in anticipation and thought, "Here we go!

Marina has a quickie affair with her bro-in-law which I expected.

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What I didn't expect was the lack of emotion surrounding it. I figure that someone who just slept with her sister's husband would feel somewhat guilty and even more awkward around her sister, and yet, the story continued on uneventfully.

There were some very subtle hints that there was something dark surrounding Gabriel, but with the exception of a couple of swear words and outbursts Second part of this novel - where it falls apart for me. Marina returns to her sister's house after a few months after her sister's drowning to pack up and organize her things?

I am never really sure if that is her purpose for returning as she then apparently states she is now living there with Gabriel to the neighbors. She ping pongs through falling for Gabriel again, liquifying at the mere touch of his hands, to suspecting foul play in her sister's 'accidental' death.

But with the exception of seeing his eyes 'change' and a tone to his voice,once again, it's pretty uneventful. Another outburst here and there, but from the outside looking in, I didn't really relate to how she would see him as a homicidal maniac and run through the house and lock her door, to then the next day, letting him get under her skirt.

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At the end, there is a scene that is abusive, and his real nature is finally confirmed but it took the entire book to get there. And then it abruptly ends. Marina has little to occupy her, but doesn't seem to mind - her life seems suspended for the moment. As we imagine it will, the sexual tension builds between her and Gabriel. It is very difficult to describe this novel without spoiling it. Reading it, I was cast into the same sort of state of absorbed attention that reminded me of how I felt watching certain Ingmar Bergman films.

The faintly decadent, slightly over-ripe atmosphere of Pre-Raphaelite painting broods over the proceedings, with references to Millais' Ophelia and the unfortunate Lizzie Siddal, who was the model but who did not, in fact, die as a result of a chill caught by posing for hours in a frigid bath.

Still the image of the motionless young woman, welcoming her fate with arms outstretched as she floats peacefully downstream past banks of flowers while her clothing bears her up, can stand as an emblem for the book as a whole.

Though a crime occurs at one point, or seems to have occurred at least, DROWNED is hardly a crime novel in the manner that we have come to expect from Swedish writers. Action is absent, as are bold, aggressive female heroes. No politics, at least overtly, either. Just a wholly controlled, absorbing account of inexplicable female passivity in the 21st century, a condition that seems to affect certain twenty-somethings of Sweden as much as it does those in New York, if the TV show Girls is any indication.