Dynasty warriors 5 xiao qiao ending a relationship

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dynasty warriors 5 xiao qiao ending a relationship

"Of course, everyone is with you to the end, even me," Xiao Qiao giggled. "You did a good job out there, but Xiao, promise me " Zhou Yu mood. Xiao Qiao, Sima Yi - Chapters: 2 - Words: 3, - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 5 - Follows : 5 Xiao Qiao was sprawled across the turf of the Wei encampment. If he was going to become involved in a lasting relationship, he was at least She was just finishing tinkering with the ribbon around her neck when. Dinner laced with Interrogation, 5. Does it look like that I own Dynasty Warriors ? It might ruin any chance we have at a friendly relationship or the chance I don't want to be friends with anyone who dared to hurt my Da Qiao! a game of tag without being caught until the very end—" Xiao Qiao bubbled.

She later appears at the Nanman Campaign in which she stays near the side of the main camp along with Sun Shang Xiang. She also appears in Shi Tingwhere she will try to take the western fort to surround Cao Xiu as part of Zhou Fang 's ploy. More often then not, she will succeed in her attempt with defeating Zhang Pu.

In Dynasty Warriors 4her role is basically identical to that of her sister's, often appearing in the same battles together. The two of them are more commonly seen in Wu's various endings. During her Legend Mode in Dynasty Warriors 4: On his third defeat, he decides to capture Da Qiao in an attempt to lure the younger sister back to him. Upon seeing the Two Qiaos together, he attempts to obtain them for himself but is defeated by both of them.

dynasty warriors 5 xiao qiao ending a relationship

Xiao Qiao supports her husband throughout the mode. Her ending involves a healthy Zhou Yu living happily together with his wife after the land is peaceful. Together with their husbands, Zuo Ci challenges them to see which lord is worthy of the Imperial Seal.

During the battle, the Two Qiaos bicker that their respective lord is better than the other and fight. When her husband gains the seal, Xiao Qiao openly admits that her true reasons for fighting in the competition was to prove that Zhou Yu is better than everyone else. Xiao Qiao's ending scene in Dynasty Warriors: Online has her scold the player for neglecting their promise to take her shopping now that the conflict is over. Admiring the various goods and products in front of her, she remarks that these moments are what peace is all about.

During her husband's story, she will also participate in the battles of Chi Bi and Yi Ling. She doesn't appear in any game cinematics during the first release but has a small appearance during one of Taishi Ci 's movies in Special. But in reality, he merely uses her to do all the work while hiding in a convenient location. Though her defeat causes Liu Xun's men to scorn their lord, she is befriended by Sun Ce and Zhou Yu who decide to take her in as a new member of Wu.

One of them has her acting on her husband's hatred towards Zhuge Liang. To please her husband and to defame his rival, Xiao Qiao hunts Zhuge Liang down to beat him up. Defeating the Shu generals who stand in his defense, she eventually corners her target.

While she celebrates her victory, Zhuge Liang expresses disbelief in his loss against her. Her second Legendary Battle has her perform a similar act of loyalty in her hunt for Cao Pi.

This time her husband accompanies her as she fights her way though several Wei generals. She appears in one of Zhou Yu's legendary battles, where he and Sun Ce defeat her and her sister in an attempt to win their hearts. Their plan would need a considerable amount of luck in order to succeed, but Xiao Qiao has faith in her husband and bravely arms herself for battle.

Zhou Yu pleads with his wife to be careful as she escorts Zhuge Liang to his prayer location for the southern winds and defends him from various generals. Like other versions of Chibi throughout the series, the prayer and the following fire attack are keys for victory. Xiao Qiao happily celebrates the fire attack and their victory for her efforts have pleased her husband.

Although Zhou Yu worries for her safety, it seems his fears were not needed and he thanks her.

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Da Qiao, who helped her during the battle, sadly remembers Sun Ce's death upon seeing her sister being praised by Zhou Yu.

She cheers her sister up by saying they shall forever work together. During the third chapter of Dynasty Warriors Nextthe Qiao sisters meet their future husbands who rescue them from a pack of ferocious tigers.

Dynasty Warriors 5 Xiao Qiao Musou Mode

Taken by their handsome looks and archery skills, Xiaoqiao asks for their companionship much to Daqiao's embarrassment. She continues to appear in every chapter henceforth as a Wu general, mostly staying at Zhou Yu's side. During Wu's ending, she and her sister are seen together with Lianshi as Sun Quan 's coronation ceremony begins. In Dynasty Warriors 8Xiaoqiao's appearances are limited to the hypothetical story branches. She and the other women of Wu invade Xinye on behalf of their loved ones.

Her contribution to the battle is saving a panda from a group of predators, thus gaining its assistance. If the player finishes the assault on Xinye fast enough, Xiaoqiao will rush ahead of the group and meet up with Lu Su 's group in time to participate in their fight against the Sima clan. In the expansionshe will arrive to assist her husband during his participation in a tournament between Wu's greatest strategists.

In Wei's story, she appears along with her husband during the search for Cai Wenji and attempts take the pandas of the Wei forces. After being shown mercy by the Demon King, she and her allies join his army.

We caught both of them. The binding ceremony is only truly effective when the participants are a single man and woman. I could risk destroying her mind if this isn't done carefully. The younger Qiao appeared to be in her late teens, making her a valuable chess piece in his plans. The only drawback was her peculiar attire.

The embroidered orange and yellow cloth made her vaguely resemble a giant duck, and she had a comical tiger motif sewn onto the rear of her shorts. It looked like something a young boy would wear more than anything.

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Her taste in fashion would probably take the most work once all of the initial preparations were complete. Sima Yi shifted his attention toward his men. Her sister just wanted to pick flowers all day and spent most of the time trying to retreat. This one was a little firecracker from the moment we sprung the trap. She practically had our scouts at her mercy before one of the crossbowmen knocked her out with a lucky shot.

If he was going to become involved in a lasting relationship, he was at least going to make the most of it. That gives me something to work with. Tell the men anyone who mistreats her will pay the price for treason. This is a delicate procedure that requires my full concentration. Sima Yi carefully lifted his prize from the ground and disappeared into his den. The first rays of dawn reached the campsite. Sima Yi was standing outside the tent, listening to the sound of breakfast and morning drills flowing from the more menial sections of the camp in the distance.

He was facing Xiao Qiao, who was rubbing some residual grogginess from her eyes. She now wore something much more appropriate for her rank. The short dress was made of white silk, lightly dyed pink and trimmed in gold. A darker pink corset held the gown around her waist, a pair of white stalkings covered her legs up to her thighs, and a crown shaped like flower petals adorned the top of her head. She was just finishing tinkering with the ribbon around her neck when Sima Yi complimented her appearance.

You don't have to flatter me, my lord. The magic worked best if he gave her all the praise and affection he could provide.

It was what kept her happy, what kept her loyal. A fire needed to be constantly fed if you wanted it to remain deadly.

dynasty warriors 5 xiao qiao ending a relationship

He reached out to brush her hair, tucking a few stray strands behind her ear. I feel it's more becoming a lady of the Wei court compared to that childish drab you were wearing when I summoned you here.

Cao Cao was almost going to start a war over you and your older sister, but I convinced him I can use you to prevent an even greater conflict. He's Sun Ce's closest tactician. I don't want to get stuck with some slouch who can't even beat me in combat. You want me to kill him, right? Or at least, not yet. A random assassination would just anger Sun Ce and make things more unstable between the kingdoms.