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span> The relationship between the creator and the created, the bestowed and .. '''''' The Second Earthsiege ends. Metaltech: Earthsiege is a mecha-style simulation video game developed by a second wave of Cybrid attackers 3 months after the end of the original game. .. a set of concepts within a domain and the relationships between those concepts. It's never easy to end a relationship and, as a result, people often get into emotional trouble when they try.

I recently read for the first time "Earthsiege" by Rain Fletcher. It was an interesting story and with the Power Morphicon coming up in August, my mind has been intrigued with alternate power ranger universes. So this plot bunny popped up and said 'write me', so here it is.


I hope you enjoy, and now, to the story… -x- Answering the Call — Chapter 1: After everything he'd been through, it had finally been time. Thoughts of spandex and fighting had been put away along with high school year books and college kegger parties.

It had been over four years since he'd been a ranger, and had nearly died because of it. But now he had a real life; a career, a serious relationship… and car payments, an apartment and student loans. Never would he have thought that everything he'd fought so hard to forget would come rushing back with a simple knock on his door on a spring afternoon.

That subtle wrapping at wood sound had surprised him from a relaxing afternoon on the couch, reading the newspaper after a late brunch. Most Saturdays he rarely got even the odd solicitor in his security building in Manhattan's lower side let alone someone who seemed insistent that he get up and answer the door as another series of knocks permeated the door.

With a sigh, he set the newspaper aside and moved to the door, Unlocking the chain and deadbolt; he eased the door open to reveal a young man, barely 20 years old in a stiffly starched courier suit, his hand holding a large envelope. When the man turned and hurriedly left, Jason stared after him before returning inside his apartment and locking the door. The envelope seemed to weigh heavily in his hand even if it was realistically light as a feather.

There never seemed to be good news with these kinds of deliveries. The last one had been notice of the reading of his grandfather's will. Turning it over, he found the flap and ripped at it, and slid his hand inside. He found a single piece of paper with a date, time, address including GPS coordinates and a simple message.

The situation was grave and he was running out of time. The threat bearing down on them had been the only reason he'd left his new home for Earth nearly a year and a half ago. He had to do what he could to convince them all that they had a plan and the power to do what was needed.

And if he could do that, then they could see about forming a team from the former rangers… there had to be at least five of them that were willing to come back and save the planet. Moving from one large control panel to another, he mused silently about the progress made with so little available to him. He was lucky to have been able to find the remains of the Power Chamber in Angel Grove and salvage anything. With what he'd brought with him off-planet and the components he was able to scrape together from Earth, he'd started on the new facility.

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Now, he had finally finished enough to get a team together. Because Earth needed Power Rangers again. Zordon had warned the rangers when he'd been captured to stay and defend Earth.

But when Divatox had destroyed the Power Chamber, they'd taken to space to save Zordon, thinking all was lost on Earth. They had not returned, instead being needed elsewhere in the fight against evil. But by doing so… they had left Earth vulnerable too long.

And someone had finally taken notice.

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The meeting place was somewhere he'd never been, but the GPS directions had been precise. The destination was large warehouse in one of the piers along the waterfront of the San Francisco bay.

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The pier was number 64, which according to the signs along the way to the building's doors, was condemned. But that wasn't a surprise. If rangers were meeting in public, they required some subterfuge to keep the civilian population away. Jason pushed open the main door to the building to find an empty space, much smaller than the outside of the building lit by industrial florescent lights. And in the middle of the room was someone that he knew very well… Tommy Oliver. While most of the reference to story based on Hunter-Hunted is just found in the printed companion materials, several game characters reference the religious figure "Jake Hunter", who according to followers saved humanity from a race of aliens.

Gameplay[ edit ] An in-game screenshot featuring Jake and a few kinds of monsters.

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A few bonuses and a passable door to another plane can be seen upstairs. The game can be played by either one or two players: An optional add-on provides 15 new single-player missions, two new head-to-head missions, and three more cooperative missions. In total, there are missions in the game. The missions can be completed in any order, the traditional ascending one just takes fewer clicks to go.

Also, the first few missions are tutorials that provide some tips. Missions fall into two major groups: Like many side-scrolling games of the time, most levels consist of several parallel planes that the player character can move between.