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Teresa, is a Mexican telenovela produced by José Alberto Castro for Televisa. It is a remake of This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Teresa then befriends her teacher Arturo de la Barrera, a respected lawyer Teresa and Mariano made love the day before Arturo's marriage with Teresa. Mother Daughter Relationship (8) Character Name In Title (7) . Triunfo del amor (–) . It is based on Amor en Custodia, produced in Colombia, Argentina, and Mexico. . Add a Plot . Un refugio para el amor (–). Vino el amor (English title: Along came Love) is a Mexican telenovela produced by José Alberto Castro for Televisa. It is a remake of the Chilean telenovela La chúcara. It premiered on August 8, and ended on February 19, In their relationship of love and hate, Luciana changes everything for the better and .

Adriana warns him that he will soon fall, knowing that he wants her as a woman. But without waiting, Cecilia ruins the glorious moment, arguing that Victoria has no right to win, since she suffers from eating disorders.

Under the promise of staying together forever, Victoria and Raul unite their lives and give themselves to love.

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Without hearing explanations, Elsa attacks Victoria and ruins the wonderful moment of her wedding. The sudden disappearance of Victoria puts on alert Raul, who fears that his beloved is again in danger. Seeing her suffer, Father Esteban approaches her and listens to her heartbreaking story, without imagining it, Cecilia reveals the necessary information so that Father Esteban comes to the conclusion that she is Victoria's true mother. Between the struggle, both fall into a deep ravine and the police fear that they have not survived.

The news runs quickly and Victoria finds out that Andres is missing or maybe dead.

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Now that Andres is missing, Santiago has an obligation to help Elena, so she can recover her life and take care of her baby. Cecilia for the impression, she suffers a faint and her health is seriously affected. But the real surprise occurs when Arturo asks Luz Clarita for marriage. Upon arrival, they meet Elsa, who for the first time has the opportunity to meet the man who fathered her.

Raul tries to help her not to give up and try to get close to her, since her fights in the past could cause Cecilia never to receive the love of her daughter. It seems that Victoria has a new enemy at home.

Cecilia is worried, because her illness may not give her the opportunity to receive her daughter's forgiveness and love. In addition, Cecilia fears that Maria Isabel can do much damage to Victoria. Without being able to believe it, Victoria has no words to express what she feels and runs out. When investigating the clues, Arturo discovers that Leonardo's death was caused by multiple blows to the head and Victoria denies having done so. Victoria tries to talk to him to get him out of the mistake, so they set up an appointment to sneak around.

Before the accusations and the few tests, the judge decides to grant freedom to Victoria. Meanwhile, Chencha does not stop telling stories to Cecilia so that soon she regains consciousness, unexpectedly she manages to open her eyes and wakes up from the coma. Victoria takes advantage of the occasion and asks Cecilia for a new opportunity to start seeing herself as mother and daughter.

Over time, Emmanuel develops feelings for Marianela and notices that he loves her. Marianela also has a very supportive aunt, Netty who is an actress, and friends, Brandon, Doris, and Oliver. Fedra schemes and steals Marianela's inheritance from her mother, with a forged will that names her the sole beneficiary of Eva's millions.

Fedra tries to kill Marianela many times. She puts poison in chocolates that Emmanuel gives her and she plays tricks on her. Fedra is the one that killed Eva as well as her father.

And Gretel saw the whole thing and is faced with the crisis that makes people believe she is crazy. Emmanuel asks Marianela if she wants to marry him. She says yes and then tells their family. Fedra, Kristel, Axel, and Ilitia were against them getting married. Axel was against it because after an accident where he almost lost his life Fedra sabotaged him to make him hate Marianela, but everyone else was happy for them.

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Ilitia was Emmanuel's ex-girlfriend and is "in love" with him. She is so angry that she and Kristel play a prank to stop the marriage. When Emmanuel goes to work that same day, Ilitia plans a bachelor party for him. The workers and Emmanuel get drunk. While they are getting drunk, Kristel goes to Marianela and gives her a fake invitation to Emmanuel and Ilitia's wedding.

While Kristel is trying to convince Marianela not to get married to Emmanuel, Ilitia sends the workers home.

Emmanuel falls asleep and then she puts Emmanuel on the bed, takes his shirt off, then she takes her clothes off and gets on top of him. Kristel takes Marianela to Emmanuel's workplace; when Marianela sees them, she leaves crying.

Marianela calls her aunt in Spain and tells her she wants to visit her. Emmanuel goes to Marianela's house the following day and finds out she is leaving. He rushes to the airport and tries to stop her, but he couldn't because he arrives too late. Emmanuel goes outside and sees her plane take off. Two guys go behind him and kidnap him. This was scandalous because the man was the widower of Mariana Levy, a beloved Mexican telenovela actress, singer, and television show host who had died only three months earlier.

Her death had been both tragic and bizarre, for she was only 39 years old and seemed in good health when she reportedly died of a heart attack while stopped at a red light in the Mexico City neighborhood of Lomas de Chapultepec.

Her husband was with her at the time. The details of what exactly happened remain sketchy, because of differing witness testimonies that were compounded in their complexities by innumerable conspiracy theories. Quite the opposite, actually, as she lamented what would happen to her grandchildren.

Nonetheless, he proposed to her in October and they married a few months later. Then they announced that they were expecting a child.