Eternal darkness mantorok ending a relationship

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eternal darkness mantorok ending a relationship

In the last couple of weeks, parallel with my fourth finishing of this game, seeing as how the tome of eternal darkness seems to speed to the help is further proof of the fact that pious has a certain relationship with mantorok. A page for describing WMG: Eternal Darkness. The fifth ancient is the one that organized the relationship between the others destroys society, and Alex somehow ends up acquiring the powers of Mantorok and/or Mystery Yellow Ancient. One of the best loved Gamecube titles, Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem takes After finishing Pious' story the player then finds the first Chapter Page which leads The alignments have a Rock, Paper, Scissors relationship, which is Mantorok, God of Order and Chaos, is the creator of the Tome of Eternal Darkness.

Or some seem to think hes just going to slowly die himself in his tomb eventually leaving no ancients. I basically saw it as hes pretty much immortal and can't die just stays in a permanent state of dying but will probably just continue to suffer from his binding forever leaving himself the sole ancient with a different agenda. He doens't seem to care much about destroying humanity.

In my view hes just free to do what he wants forever. Taking over anything just goes against his nature of chaos. But thats my view. It's okay, I got my potato. Jallen Jallen 10 years ago 5 Did Mantorok bound and seal the other ancients, i don't remember it being stated in the game. As for Mantorok's intentions, good or evil, it's neither, he cares little for humanity and only uses humans due to his inability to summon his guardians. He certainty had no problems when that tribe in Cambodia thought it was a god.

Eternal Darkness

Kefkafanatic 10 years ago 6 "Now what? So his binding magick over the other 3 ancients is weakening due to that, while Pious strengthens his own ancient. My belief was that Mantorok was the great equalizer, he may have entered a weaken state to create the balance between the other ancients, so even if he was actually stronger than the other ancients he wanted to inherently make the others fight each other for dominance.

The magick that Pious used was advanced and can only be destroyed by a stronger dispel magick. Since Pious died and was the caster of the spell, it will either dispel instantly or 3. Will weaken over time. I hope that makes sense. Ancients may not live forever, and they can be killed by dying in battle from one another, so it makes sense that he can grow old and die, it just may take a long time. Still waiting for Sadness.

Ergo, the sepll is in effect as long as the pillars of there. While I don't believe that Mantorok is inherently, or in the human sense, evil, that he isn't doing anyone any favors. The goal of all the ancients seem to all have to do with dominance of Earth. Even if global, and universal dominance is not the intended goal, it is at least a step in their plans.

I also remember someone saying something along the lines of "Ulyaoth is an the ancient of dimensions, and can transcend them, how come he didn't see this coming, or are able to team up with himself, etc.

Knowing that the humans they will face will be controlled by a being beyond the borders of their universes, they try to prevent him from playing the game by convincing him he is insane A Knight Templar and some person that has all the equipment for another character Constant arm-breaking punching out the Ancients unfortunately makes a lot of sense The Pillar of Flesh is a sacrifice to Mantorok We know that Mantorok is forced to eat humans to survive and we see him eat two monks with the worms in Ellia's chapter.

The pillar of flesh is built over a sort of purple mist the color of Mantorok magicand the worms that come up from the mist to eat the slaves look just like the worms that eat the monks earlier.

I'm not sure why Pious would sacrifice to Mantorok, though he does have to make sacrifices to the Black Guardian to keep it bound, so maybe he has to feed Mantorok to keep it bound as well.

eternal darkness mantorok ending a relationship

The detective in the beginning was the fifth Ancient in disguise. I played Eternal Darkness first, of course, but just looking at the character sheet for Ulyaoth after having played SPM made me laugh Alternately, he's Xel'lotath after going even more crazy as a result of whatever rites or process turned him into an Eldritch God-figure.

Xel'lotath is a girl, dude. You want to know something really crazy? Mantorok is the Ancient of Chaos. Does that mean that the Dark Prognosticus is a bastardized, kid-friendly version of the Tome of Eternal Darkness?

eternal darkness mantorok ending a relationship

The Ancients are all legendary Pokemon Red beats green, green beats blue and blue beats red, all of which are beaten by purple dragon types. Furthermore, Mantorok's magick doesn't do quite as much damage as straight red-green-blue-red Mantorok is an apsect of Waluigi Waaaa! Mantorok is related to Khali "Ugly", destructive, unfairly demonized even as it helps humanity and defends them from horrible other worldly invaders by a psychologist who benefits from it no less and created a temple full of suspiciously similar imagery?

Either Mantorok is the Eternal Darkness equivalent of Khali, is her familiar Pious hints of gods besides the Ancients in a Chattur'gha gameis an admirer or maybe even an aspect of her who missed out on immortality. Furthermore, a scene where Mantorok directly intervenes on a tome bearer's behalf is titled "In The Hand Of Kali" in the scene selection.

eternal darkness mantorok ending a relationship

The Darkness is a black ancient. Who's to say there aren't plenty more ancients out there?

eternal darkness mantorok ending a relationship

And Jackie Estacado is his Herald Dr. Lindsey had fought Eldritch Abominations before It's why he's so prepared to fight monsters and has such a high sanity meter.

He's already dealt with these things and for him the Ancients were just a regular Tuesday. The detective in the beginning was Pious in disguise.

I can't get over two things about the detective: It makes a certain bit of sense, especially if you believe the WMG about Pious working for Mantorok all along. Actually, rethinking the eyes, the detective was almost certainly a bonethief if he wasn't Pious or the Fifth Ancient. Although a fan favourite, this theory has been jossed by Word of God. Apparently he was just supposed to come off as incompetent. The Tome of Eternal Darkness has the power to translate languages.

In his letters, Aaron Roivas mentions that he is unable to read the Tome, but at the start of Ellia's chapter, she can read the Tome with no problems.

The only character likely to be fluent in all of the possible languages the Chosen speak is Pious, and that's the result of him being a litch with odd years at his disposal.

The Chosen probably write their chapters in their native language and the Tome translates it for the next Chosen to read. However, this only works for the Chosen, since Aaron Roivas wasn't able to read it. This is further reinforced by Alex not being able to read the second chapter page until in possession of the tome. The curse in Chapter The Yellow Ancient wanted to make Charlemagne immortal.

The yellow-aligned spell in Chapter 3, which turned Anthony into a zombie and made him unable to die for centuries, was intended to make Charlemagne immortal and the zombification was just an unwanted side effect. Unfortunately for the Yellow Ancient, Pious was determined to kill Charlemagne, and his cult got to him first. Seems likely, considering Charlemagne's murderers seem genuinely confused when Anthony shambles up on them, as if they had nothing to do with his decaying state.

Perhaps the zombification was just a quick fix just to make sure he did not die, with more extensive immortality planned once Pious was defeated?

Anthony threw that plan off but was allowed to stay immortal in hopes he would still save Chalemagne. When that failed the ancient allowed Anthony to be killed but nobody had the balls to do it until Paul. Alternatively, others may have had the balls to do it, but only Paul thought to perform the Last Rites for Anthony.

Paul did have to beat down Anthony twice and then perform the Last Rites, so it's possible that it was the Last Rites themselves, not the second beat-down, that dispelled the yellow magic and put Anthony to rest for good. If so, then God is strong against the Yellow Ancient. Could just be the power of faith, such as Luther regaining sanity through meditation.

Though the way Pious talks in a Chatturgah game suggests there are other gods besides the ancients The Yellow Ancient is THE Ancient After a certain point, mainly with the effigy puzzle, it becomes apparent that the book may not be retelling events, but writing them into the history of the planet the further Alex goes into the book. HUD elements in the inventory, taking the form of pages within the tome, are yellow in color, the magic runes that form the backbone of every spell surge with a yellow energy, enemies disappear due to a yellow force spiriting away the bodies, and Anthony was rendered partially immortal by a yellow-aligned spell, something that is only seen in traps that aren't visibly placed by anything else.

If the book caused the events it's detailing, this would also mean the Ancients, including Mantorok, didn't even exist before the book was read. Either the yellow ancient is so incredibly vast and powerful that the others can freely use it's power because it just doesn't care, or it created them all just for the sake of a particularly metaphysical game it wanted to play.

The ancient that is strong against Pious' master acquired a liche servant sometime between Pious' chapter and Karim's Chapter This is why there is only one artifact left when Karim arrives in the dungeon in his chapter; Someone else came there and took the other one without protecting themselves.

The non-zombie corpses in the dungeon in Karim's chapter were likely members of an army that the other liche was a member of, and he probably killed them to ensure that none of them would take the third artifact. Of course, Pious acquires the wayward artifact at some point, but the other liche likely had access to magic that would be strong against him; As such, he probably manipulated a human into killing the other liche and acquiring the artifact for him.

Pious is led by mysterious voices to an underground temple, where he chooses one of three mysterious artifacts. The artifact transforms him into an undead warlockthe Licheand makes him slave to one of three Ancientspowerful godlike beings whose "Essences" are incarnated as the artifacts.

As the plot unfolds, it becomes clear that Pious is attempting to summon his Ancient into this reality, while the powerful fourth "Corpse God" Mantorok is bound on Earth already, apparently helpless to stop it. If this summoning came to pass, the Ancient would feast on the bodies and souls of all living beings, and cast the universe into the horror of eternal darkness. As she searches for and finds chapters of the Tome scattered throughout the mansion, Alex finds herself reliving the experiences of several player controlled individuals who have crossed paths with Pious or other servants of the Ancients over the centuries, and as a result came into contact with the Tome itself.

While many of these individuals meet a sinister fate, their cooperation ultimately gathers the Essences of the three remaining Ancients in the mansion. Alexandra's own ancestors discover the long-deserted City of Ehn'gha beneath the family mansion, and powerful magickal machinery inside.

Alexandra powers up this mechanism with the Ancients' essences, and summons a rival Ancient to fight Pious'. While the two Ancients fight, Alexandra engages in combat with Pious with the aid of the spirits of his victims, the souls played in previous chapters, ultimately destroying his Ancient's essence. It loses the fight above as Alexandra kills Pious. Then, realizing that the Roivases and their allies have just brought another powerful ancient into the world, Edward's spirit quickly uses the mechanism in Ehn'gha to send the other Ancient back where it came from.

He expresses pride in his granddaughter before he disappears. After completing the game under all three alignments, it is revealed that all three Ancients have been destroyed — "All at once, separate and simultaneous, for the universe is made of many timestreams, many possibilities, all in harmonious synchronicity. He orchestrates the deaths of all three Ancients, in separate timestreams, and then connects them all, resulting in the annihilation of all three alignments.

In the end, only the corpse god Mantorok is still alive, "festering in its tomb The game does not introduce them in chronological order and they are listed in the order the player first takes control of them. The game's main protagonistshe is investigating her grandfather's gruesome death in Rhode Island.

Finding the Tome, she reads about the past struggles against The Darkness, and of the plan to prevent Pious from summoning the Ancient. The player controls her during the intro, the finale, and in between the other chapters.

Voiced by Jennifer Hale.

eternal darkness mantorok ending a relationship

He becomes the game's chief antagonist after being corrupted by one of the Ancients' essences while examining the ruins he stumbles upon. Alexandra Roivas defeats and kills him in AD. Voiced by Richard Doyle. She yearns for adventure after reading passages from the Tome.

After finding herself locked in a temple Angkor Wat imprisoning the former Khmer fertility god, she is chosen to bear Mantorok's essence. Pious kills her for her resistance to him shortly afterwards, but she remains half-alive because the essence is inside her body.

Eight hundred years later, she gives it to Edwin Lindsey and then finally dies. Voiced by Kim Mai Guest. Anthony AD - A Frankish messenger for Charlemagneordered to deliver a message to his liege, a message that consumes Anthony in some corrosive magick which alludes to treachery in store for the Frankish emperor.

He learns that the monks are plotting against the emperor, but is too late to save him.

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

When Paul Luther finds him centuries later, he rises as a zombie-like creature, under the control of the Darkness. Paul defeats him, prays for the boy's soul, and takes his sword and a gem needed to proceed. Voiced by Cam Clarke. Karim AD - A Persian swordsmansent into the desert to find a treasure one of the Ancients' essences for his love, Chandra. Chandra, however, is not faithful. She is mutilated and killed by a nobleman's jealous mistress, and her ghost warns Karim about the artifact's true nature.

Although initially reluctant to believe her, he sacrifices himself so that he can watch over the artifact. Voiced by Rino Romano. Something is amiss in the mansion he recently inherited from his father, Aaron.

Max eventually finds the city of Ehn'gha under the mansion, and after realizing how powerful the denizens are after barely defeating a Lesser Guardian in single combat, he attempts to warn the world, but fails. It is implied that he was committed to an insane asylum for that, but later revealed that he killed four of his servants, suspecting they were possessed by Bonethieves. Alex, surveying the room where the servants' remains lie sealed, notes that one of the corpses was missing its head, and there are only three sets of bones.

Voiced by William Hootkins. Paul Augustine, revealing himself to be Pious in disguise, tries to kill Lindsey, but he escapes and makes his way through Angkor Thom.