Final fantasy xiii 2 wiki ending relationship

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final fantasy xiii 2 wiki ending relationship

Final Fantasy XIII is a science fiction role-playing video game developed and published by A sequel, titled Final Fantasy XIII-2, was released in December in Japan and in February in .. Chapters seven and eight were to mark a turning point in the interpersonal relationships of the party. Second: End Layer. Final Fantasy XIII-2 is the direct sequel to Final Fantasy XIII, and is also a part of As Lightning is caught in a never-ending battle against Caius, the two of them . The story of Final Fantasy XIII-2 also explores their relationship as sisters, and . The story of Final Fantasy XIII-2 spans various eras and locales, as Serah Farron At the end of Final Fantasy XIII -Episode i-, Lightning, who felt there was still.

Summoned monsters return, but are not in the same form as those in the original game. Monsters can be caught, trained, and used as party members through the Paradigm Pack component. Three monsters can be held at a time, and automatically switch to the role a player shifts to in the paradigm.

Players can customize a monster's stats via leveling up through items, and adornments can be given to monsters to change their appearance.

final fantasy xiii 2 wiki ending relationship

Via the Feral Link system players can use special abilities from the monsters in the party by pressing a combination of buttons once a synchronization gauge has filled. A new form of damage, called Wound Damagelowers a target's member's max HP during battle and can only be healed by items, giving further incentive to defeat enemies as quickly as possible.

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Example of a Cinematic Action. Players are given timed button presses similar to the the Reaction Commands of Kingdom Hearts during Cinematic Action sequences to gain the upper hand in battle and event scenes.

final fantasy xiii 2 wiki ending relationship

There are also "Live" sequences, or real time cutscenes that occur to progress the story, meaning the player maintains control of their character although the camera is focused elsewhere. Another new element, called the Live Triggerallows the player to choose their response in a conversation. The player character can engage in conversations with NPCs with speech bubbles and the other characters in the party wander the area getting into conversations on their own.

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A new dungeon minigame system has been added, called Temporal Riftswhere the player must guide the character through various puzzles. The player can only choose from specific sets of paradigms that the player has set up before the battle. The system consists of constellation-style representations of the character's weapons and tamed monsters, made up of small and large crystal nodes, which can be accessed from the start of the game.

There is one Crystarium system available for each monster and Paradigm role. For the monsters, the bonuses are unlocked with items dropped by defeated enemies. The six were intended to cause the large, inhabited floating sphere named Cocoon to fall into the world below, named Gran Pulse, killing all of the humans of Cocoon.

At the finale of the game, two of the l'Cie transformed into a crystal pillar to support Cocoon, preventing the catastrophe. While the game starts off in the year 3 AF 'AF' being a new timescale set up after the fall of Cocoon[11] the story of XIII-2 jumps around several different time periods, and even parallel versions of different places, accessed via the Historia Crux. One is the Void Beyond, a limbo between time periods. The other location is Valhalla, the capital of the goddess Etro.

This place is a realm at the end of time where the goddess keeps a dark energy called Chaos from escaping and destroying the timeline.

The two main playable characters are Serah FarronLightning's sister and the second narrator, and Noel Kreissa young man originally from the distant future. Three new characters are introduced: Caius Balladthe game's primary antagonist; Paddra Nsu-Yeula seeress possessing the all-seeing Eyes of Etro; [14] and Alyssa Zaidellea young girl who works as an assistant to Hope. A minor supporting character is Moga Moogle sent with Noel by Lightning as Serah's "good luck charm".

A stranger named Noel appears to help fight the monsters and claims to be a time traveler from AF. He arrived in her time via Valhalla, where he claims to have met Lightning as she guarded the throne of the weakened Etro.

As part of Lightning's transfer to Valhalla, she was erased from the fall of Cocoon onwards making everyone except Serah forget her being with them on Gran Pulseand paradoxes have erupted throughout time, warping the timeline.

final fantasy xiii 2 wiki ending relationship

Serah joins Noel in a journey to resolve these paradoxes by removing items and monsters, which are out of their original time and correct the timeline; she in hopes of finding her sister and he in hopes of changing the bleak future he comes from. Traveling to the ruined city of Paddra in 10 AF, they find Hope, who has become the leader of the Academy, with Alyssa as his assistant.

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They also find a recording of prophecies made by one of the seeresses of Paddra, who are believed to have died out centuries prior: While Serah and Noel resolve the paradox causing the eclipse, they encounter Caius Ballad, a man Noel knows from AF who opposes their mission, and Yeul, who looks identical to a girl of the same name Noel knew in the future. After resolving the paradox, an alternative timeline appears in which there was never an eclipse. The repaired prophecy shows Caius in Valhalla fighting Lightning and the pillar supporting Cocoon collapsing.

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The next day, Lightning begins to regret her lack of attention to Serah, feeling she got involved with Snow to quell her loneliness. After seeing Nora Estheim and her son Hope in the mall, Lightning is inspired to plan a vacation away from Bodhum for her birthday to spend time with Serah and divert her attention from Snow.

Four days later, the Cavalry is hunting down a girl named Vanille in Bodhum and Lightning meets with Rygdeasuspecting it may have something to do with the incident at Euride Gorge two days ago. While attending Bodhum's fireworks festival four days later, Lightning learns of a Pulse-related incident at the nearby Vestige being kept under wraps by the Sanctum, but Amodar warns her not to investigate.

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The next day, Lightning's birthday, Serah reveals she has been branded a Pulse l'Cie, and that she and Snow are engaged. Thinking Serah is lying to give herself an excuse to wed Snow, Lightning drives her away, leaving her alone to open her birthday present from Serah: When the Sanctum announces the quarantine of Bodhum after a Pulse fal'Cie was discovered within the Vestige, Lightning realizes Serah had been telling the truth.

After learning the Sanctum plans to Purge everyone in town to Pulse, Lightning tries to find Serah but Snow says she is being held captive inside the Vestige.

final fantasy xiii 2 wiki ending relationship

Although military personnel are exempt, Lightning volunteers to be Purged with the civilians and resigns from the Guardian Corps to get into the Hanging Edge where the Vestige is being moved to rescue Serah before she is taken out of reach. Lightning is approached by a man named Sazh Katzroy who joins her in her quest to reach the Pulse fal'Cie.

Edit Lightning and Sazh. This l'Cie curse, it took everything from me. I didn't want to think. So I fought instead. As long as I was fighting, nothing else was real. I was running away. Snow, Hope and Vanille arrive, and Serah asks Lightning to save Cocoon before entering crystal stasishaving fulfilled her Focus.