Flower boy next door webtoon ending a relationship

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"Flower Boy Next Door" takes over the tvN Monday & Tuesday time slot My Flower Boy Neighbor-Park jogglerwiki.info, My Flower Boy Neighbor-Yoon Si- Yoon. Soon-Chul; Kim So-Yi - Jung-Im; Kim Seul-Gi - webtoon company's manager . I couldn't move anymore after episode 11 so I just watched only the ending. The pretty boy, along with a collection of misfit friends & neighbors, work to bring Dok Mi out of her shell and into the Flower Boy Next Door Poster See full summary» .. Webtoon Manager 16 episodes, Along the way, friendships are born, love relationships are explored, and people grow & move forward in life. Flashback to the scene that ended the last episode. Jin-rak hurries Dong-hoon along to the PD's office, intent on taking his webtoon down if it's hurting Dok-mi. But her reaction cuts deep: “Flower Boy Next Door discusses love? . We see flashes of their relationship, and then in the present, Dok-mi.

Aw, look at you, playing cupid. Dok-mi takes Enrique to a temple, and he notices a little carved figure perched under the roof. She tells him the story of the man who built the temple, who had to be away from his wife as he worked on it. She finally got tired of waiting and left him, and they say that the figure is of her, holding up the heavy roof forever as her punishment. Dok-mi decides she likes his version better, and chooses to believe that from now on.

They look out over the ocean and he starts playing word games with her, the point of which is to ask her pick her favorite phrase: He tells her to incorporate them all then, so she complies: Thank you for making me love.

Ajumma, I love you. Dong-hoon tells Jin-rak not to worry too much, because the scandal is starting to die down. He adds that Do-hwi put up a lot of comments online, and Jin-rak whirls around, ready to kick up a fuss.

But he means nice comments, ones defending Dok-mi and saying that those high school stories are all lies. She walks past them sheepishly, and Jin-rak stops to ask where her friends are tonight.

He says they seem like good friends, ones who always take her side and stick around, and advises her not to lose that friendship this time around. It gives her pause and then they walk in opposite directions down the street.

She has something for him too, and shows him the pictures she took of him that day when he told her to start capturing a little of the world.

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Thank you for becoming my world. Oh you would pout about that. She counters that his song was really moving, and wishes she had recorded it so she could hear it every day. Inside, Dok-mi starts in on a project to make Enrique Korean through and through… which amounts to a spelling test.

She sneaks his test paper to correct it, inciting a grabby fight, which quickly lands them in awkward proximity. They blink and gulp and pull away. Where be my kisses, people? Late that night, Enrique tucks her in and watches her sleep. He thinks to himself: I thought love was giving half of myself and the other person filling the other half. That woman thought her half was dark and shameful, and so she pushed love away. That love is taking an incomplete half and going towards completion… is something that woman only now realizes.

We see flashes of their relationship, and then in the present, Dok-mi wakes up to find Enrique asleep at her feet. This time as she thinks back we get her voiceover: Love is a wind-up clock. But as time passes and you forget to wind it up, the clock breaks and stops.

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That man began to wind the clock, so that it would run a long time without stopping. And then back to the scene that opened the episode, one year later. Dok-mi comes out of work, surprised to see Jin-rak there. She congratulates him on his success and his popularity as the love expert. Jin-rak asks if Enrique really is away in Spain, because he gets bombarded with messages from him every day, wondering if Dok-mi is doing okay. He wonders how little difference there could be with him so far away and yet so ever-present and annoying.

They gather around the table with a cake, and then suddenly someone crashes the party… PD? Jin-rak shrinks back, while Dong-hoon beams. I love how horrified Jin-rak is, to have his boss move in across the hall.

Dong-hoon is over the moon, and they cuddle to celebrate. Dok-mi watches the happy group with a twinge of sadness, missing Enrique and remembering the days when he was here. She opens a new letter from him in her now brighter, more colorful apartment. She decides to hell with waiting and calls her editor to take the rest of her vacation days.

After realizing that he lives across her apartment, she thinks that the two of them are meant to be together. Oh Jin-rak, a web toon artist lives in the same apartment building as Dok-mi. He has been in love with Dok-mi for a long time, and he leaves a carton of milk with a post-it attached by her door everyday without her knowing who keeps the carton of milk.

He wants to draw her put to the world but doesn't want to force her to do so either. Enrique Geum is a famous video game developer. He comes to Seoul from Spaina. He is Han Tae-Joon's cousin. His reason for coming is "cupid's arrow. When Enrique comes to stay at Tae-joon's apartment, he catches Dok-mi peeking in his apartment from her apartment across. After getting to know that Dok-mi doesn't interact with the world, he decides to find out why she does that because he finds it curios.

Meanwhile, Jin-rak is threatened by Enrique's sudden intrusion into Dok-mi's life and realizes that he must enter Don-mi's life. With Jin-rak and Enrique entering her life, Dok-mi finds herself in a world she has been trying to avoid for so long.

flower boy next door webtoon ending a relationship

She is extremely shy and frugal. She doesn't interact with the outside world and does anything she can just so that she doesn't need to talk to anyone. She makes Enrique curious about her and is oblivious to Jin-rak's love for her.

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She tries to keep Enrique away from herself but notices herself drawn to him. She helps him get over his first live and he helps her open up.

I liked their chemistry and relationship because it seemed to be so realistic,effortless and seamless. They didn't expect falling in love with each other but did and both of them were equally shocked.

flower boy next door webtoon ending a relationship

Both of them had scars and they helped each other heal those scars. When Enrique gets to know her "secret" and how she was bullied, all he wants to do is be by her side. Their relationship is deep and they connect with each other due to their struggles. I usually don't like dramas just based on the equation between the leads and the chemistry and backdrop of the romance between the two, but this drama is an exception along with Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo ,this drama is: Overall, the romance between the two was what that actually made me want to stay along with Jin-rak's poor baby puppy face.