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game grumps nba jam ending relationship

NBA Jam is the eighteenth game played by Jon and Arin on Game Grumps VS. NBA Jam is a basketball arcade game developed by Midway in It is the. A page for describing YMMV: Game Grumps. animating sped up, with maybe 4 -6 seconds of footage being created, and at the end of the Guild Grumps where. Arin's "You can't end our episode on 'Heil Hitler! From the last 30 seconds or so of NBA Jam. .. BurlyLe, 42, NBA Jam - Game Grumps VS . I have a love-hate relationship with this ending on one hand its beautiful, but on.

I was sure a few of the smarter people would figure me out immediately--I wasn't exactly known for having a good poker-face but the fact Dan never went into the comments and didn't have much of a social media presence at all helped ease my fears, to a degree. I was pretty sure most of the office knew of my stupid crush anyway, but they were at least polite enough to not mock me for it in front of Dan. Or did you just not wanna be stuck in a room with me? Because I swear I do not stink right now--anything you smell is one-hundred percent pure leftover Hanson!

There's a reason I don't record my streams! I need to calm the fuck down. Eventually we hit a nice stride. It felt like we were just naturally hanging out as friends. Or skeletons in general, really. I would not have been able to play this at all as a kid. And I think so? For that matter neither would Dan--who had already burst into laughter at my remark and was happily playing off it spectacularly. Part of me found it genuinely hilarious but the other part of me was horrified--as I often was when I listened to anyone make a more graphic sex joke.

It was such an alien concept to me sometimes even if I did occasionally make cruder jokes myself. Dan paused mid-sentence, something about using a femur as a dildo, and caught my expression. Ordinarily I'd have found it funny, but the implication of the joke being about me was We jumped back into the episode proper with my co-host asking me if it was okay to talk about the subject seriously since he was curious.

I thought about it for a second but agreed it would be alright. Let alone what it meant to be attracted to anyone. I remember this one girl in fourth or fifth grade actually kissed a boy and said they were dating. I remember literally thinking, 'you're a child how is it okay for you to date anyone.

And I guess it hits super early. It's just one of those things I never got.

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See, I remember things! Wait, is it okay if I say that? I'm sure the status of my sexuality had been something he would have only heard in passing but I couldn't think of how because although I'd brought it up a few times at work, it wasn't something commonly discussed.

For the sake of time and the audience, I didn't bring question it. I smiled reassuringly, and gave a small huff of a laugh. I've been public about it for years now. Not that I'd ever minded such questions from other people but I've got to admit I'm super interested in hearing more about it.

Maybe I just had Brian stuck in my head, but to talk about my lack-of-orientation with someone who went by Sexbang I was seriously doubting in my ability to talk openly now.

At least without being even more of a nervous wreck. It didn't help that the format was unscripted.

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I couldn't plan for anything--that practically went against my very nature. My very paranoid nature. Seriously, what was he going to ask?!

I could feel myself beginning to panic all over again. Could I get through this without making a fool of myself in front of him?! I looked up at the timer, surprised at how fast recording had felt after all. S-see you then everyone! Thanks again for having me! Be good to each other, alright? Catch ya' next time! His positive attitude was especially catchy. There was a brief moment of silence while Dan reached down to jot down the ending time.

He stood up, stretched, and grinned down at me. Sorry for the awkward jokes, but you did great! He smiled back at me as he reached the door. I'm gonna take leak, be right back! Fortunately, I consoled myself, that probably wouldn't be for a long time. We'd only been on the recording list for the one short slot, and I knew how hectic Dan's schedule was. So, I reasoned, by the time Dan and I were ever put on the block again this would all be forgotten.

At least by Dan. Contented with this idea, I leaned back on the couch and tried to replay what we'd just recorded in my head. Maybe one of the boys can do something about it in post? I sat bolt upright in my seat and grabbed the still active mic. I will fucking murder you if you do that thing you were telling me earlier. I'm freaking out enough as it is. Please, please, please do not embarrass me anymore than I already am.

Thanks, you're the best. He was carrying two bottles of water and mimed tossing one my direction. I threw my hands up instinctively and shook my head, I was about to tell him I'd probably drop it when I saw it flying towards me. A wide grin spread across my face. He was much closer than before and I tried my best to ignore it. I swallowed hard and looked at the man in utter horror.

I was drinking a water--I didn't know we were recording another episode right now! You totally pulled an Arin--that's not fair!

Well I figured we shouldn't make the lovelies wait anymore, so We can't just put people through two days of me flailing about in this game! Sonic Boom for various reasons. First, a simple argument over whether this game or Sonic is worse: Somewhat less expected is the argument over whether or not Arin should be abusing the "Knuckles jump glitch" so constantly to either the amusement or annoyance of viewers.

Later on, specifically in episode 20, it became clear that using the glitch led to skipping triggers and caused the game to glitch out in ways that would not have happened if they hadn't broken sequence. Arin was either completely oblivious to this or wanted to see how far he could take it.

Similar to their Wind Waker run, he's quite prone to forgetting one of Mario's moves most often the Ground Pound and yelling at the game over it. Note also his insistence that his early statements about loving the game were just Pandering to the Basewhen many fans noted that he seemed to be enjoying it before the harder levels started kicking his ass.

On the plus side, he has the occasional humble moment where he acknowledges that the problem is likely just how bad he is at it, including spotting a sign out in the open that explained how to kill ghosts, which he'd been complaining about for a while.

The playthrough of Sonic Adventure the first 3D Sonic game they've done on the show that isn't hated among Sonic fans spawned inevitable arguments between fans of the 3D Sonic series and those who agree with Arin that the 3D Sonic games have always sucked. In addition, many people who have played Sonic Adventure have accused Arin of intentionally triggering the bugs he finds while pretending he's just naturally encountering them to make the game seem way more unplayable than it actually is namely when he managed to lose all of his lives by clipping through the first loop in episode 1while other fans either don't believe he'd do that or are taking the position that even if he is doing it on purpose, the mere existence of the glitches for him to exploit is still a damning black mark on the game itself.

In general, quite a few Sonic fans have gotten tired of Arin's complaints regarding the series. Not that the franchise doesn't warrant criticism from time to time, but the frequent passive-aggressive rants can become obnoxious. On the other hand, fans that hate Sonic naturally like the commentary. However, the viewers' tiring of this schtick came to a head when it became clear during their playthrough of Sonic 1 that no Sonic game is safe from Arin's blind hatred of the series, up to and including the classics.

What's worse is that he then snaps at Dan whenever the latter rightfully points out the flaws behind his logic. While some have defended Arin's criticism of the more modern Sonic games as being at least somewhat justified, Arin's constant whining and game-blaming here was met with nearly universal derision from the viewers, who felt that he took the schtick too far. The The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds playthrough, mainly due to Dan's trouble playing the game. This playthrough is the first time he's even held a 3DS.

He complains frequently about his huge thumbs screwing with the controls and constantly asks Arin where to go and what to do without exploring the game himself. In short, he's had so much trouble with a game based on one he loved in the past that it caused some rumbling among the fans.

People either think this is great since it opens up the possibility of continuing other games that have had DLC, or you think that the series was long enough already and they should have just played a different game and forget about Bloodborne.

The Undertale Genocide run, despite being highly requested, divided the fanbase neatly.

One camp is still happy they're doing it, with some of them seeing it as payback for Ross' sadistic Mario Maker levels and general antics. The second camp doesn't want them to do it because it's clear the two of them like the world of Undertale and don't want to destroy it, but think they have no choice because of fan demand. These camps tend to argue back and forth, with many of the latter wanting them to prematurely end the playthrough. For further breakage, when it became clear that the genocide run was genuinely distressing see: Ross storming out of the room crying when they killed Papyrusa lot of fans who started out enjoying it wanted them to back out.

The Super Mario Maker series has likewise split the fans into two camps: The Shovel Knight co-op playthrough has fans split, not because of annoyance over them revisiting the game, but because some fans had hoped that they would play the Plague of Shadows expansion instead.

Others are excited to see Dan get to join in on the adventure this time. Dan and Arin's co-op playthrough of Portal 2 has had mixed reactions from fans. Ocarina of Time playthrough has proven to be divisive, in part due to Arin's controversial Sequelitis video of the game. The videos of the Water Templein particular, garnered this reaction when Arin used a walkthrough to quickly complete it. It also didn't help matters when Arin put on the Hover Boots and refused to take them off: Speaking of walkthroughs, Arin has taken to using them much more frequently with recent games.

While many fans are perfectly fine with this since many of the more complex games almost require the use of a cheat guide, there are others who don't like the Grumps not giving the games an honest try without the guides, especially when they seem to give up and default to using them very quickly sometimes even having a guide available before they even start recording.

The playthrough of INSIDE started with both Arin and Danny going into the game blind, but around episode 8 Arin reveals that he "knows more about the game than he led on" and occasionally gives Dan the solutions to puzzles. Some fans don't mind as it prevents many minutes of aimless wandering around trying to figure out what to do, while other fans argue that Arin giving Dan the answers takes all the fun out of the game.

It came to a head in episode 12, where Arin gives away the first twist of the game "You can swim and breathe underwater now! The new Grump Head designs have gotten this reaction. Arin genuinely believes that there is no inherent reason to like The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Swordclaiming on multiple occasions that the only reason people pretend to like it is because it has Zelda in the name.

This has gotten him heat from almost all sides, even from people who don't like Skyward Sword, because Arin is openly dismissive of their tastes and opinions. It got even worse when he claimed that Skyward Sword is notably worse than Sonic 06 and is probably worse than The Legend of Zelda CD-i Gamesdespite Skyward Sword at least being functioning and the other two bordering on literally unplayable.

Also not helping his case, Arin has admitted to barely even playing Skyward Sword before giving up on it altogether, specifically just starting in the second area which requires the use of bomb bowling.

InArin began a playthrough of Skyward Sword on the channel, and the trope is back in full force. Though the videos have consistently positive like-to-dislike ratios, the comments overwhelmingly criticize Arin for forcing his negative opinions on the gameand blaming the game for his own mistakes and failures at paying attention.

The playthrough of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door has rapidly become this after an initially warm reception. While Danny on the controller should have alleviated the usual backlash against Arin's deliberate lack of skill and focus, it soon became clear that neither was paying great attention, causing Dan to miss the instructions for critical gameplay features he messes up simple attacks constantly, he has no idea how leveling up or using Shine Sprites works, and it takes until well into Chapter 2 for him to realize he can switch out partnersskip past instructions on what his goals are, and waste time on things he doesn't need to — or can't currently — do.

Compounding this is the fact that Arin has a guide, but instead of glancing at it whenever they're stuck, he alternates between intentionally ignoring it in favor of giving him bad advice causing Dan to waste an entire episode pointlessly backtracking and reading from it point-by-point, including intentionally spoiling things that are coming up for Dansuch as explaining the entire subquest on how to enter Glitzville before Dan even knows he has to go there.

Also, they refuse to extend most episodes past the usual ten-minute mark. Considering that it took them 73 parts to beat Wind Waker HD, and it takes them over half of that just to get through this game's second chapter, many are not optimistic, assuming they'll either drag it out until they stop having fun or add it onto the pile of cancelled playthroughs they completed it in episodes, for record, rivalling Mario Maker in longevity.

The Pokemon Sun and Moon playthrough has divided people. Fans who hate the playthrough dislike the short episodes despite the tutorial being infamously long and Arin getting Pokemon types wrong. While fans who enjoy it are excited for Danny to see the Alolan Forms and the humour the game brings.

game grumps nba jam ending relationship

Shortly after Jingle Grumps began, Arin made a surprise announcement that Doki Doki Literature Club would be returning in the middle of Jingle Grumps due to fan request. While Doki Doki fans were glad to hear this, others thought that the fact Arin had to explicitly address when the playthrough would be returning spoke poorly of the Doki Doki fanbase, accusing said fanbase of being extremely rabid and forcing the Grumps to cater only to their demands.

The most recent before that? Septemberthe Miitopia Grumpcade series has split the fan base right down the middle.

game grumps nba jam ending relationship

Some think it's perfectly justified, since the channel's supposed to focus on the Grumps and the other series, like Steam Train and Grumpcade, were intended to be extras anyway.

Others hate the direction the show has taken since then, accusing the Grumps of locking everyone else on the team out of the channel because they don't agree with the direction Arin wants to take it namely only playing games that he can make fun of easily or play terribly and then rage at. The Grumps have left several playthroughs unfinished, most notably Trauma Center. Reasons range from the game simply becoming too difficult to the Grumps simply losing interest.

Fans, especially in comment sections, are split on this. On the one hand, watching the Grumps play a game they don't want to play would likely lead to Arc Fatigue and overall just annoy Dan and Arin to the point of not having fun anymore. On the other hand, Arin and Dan cutting a playthrough short out of boredom instead of giving it a chance is very annoying to some, especially for story-based games that some wanted to see Arin and Dan react to. Both sides get muddled when a playthrough is unfinished despite Arin and Dan clearly having a fun time playing it.

Discussed when talking about lazily-executed Big Boo's Hauntswith Jon using the term "tropey as fuck".

game grumps nba jam ending relationship

Arin is a huge fan of Beedrill and uses him in battle constantly, even when he's useless. Many comments expressed dislike for Beedrill, but that hasn't stopped anything. Likewise, Jon had a strong soft spot for Torchic and decided he would stop him from evolving because of his cuteness, thinking Torchic's evolved forms were ugly, even though this meant Torchic would not grow to its full potential. Arin later revealed he was using Beedrill to troll viewers and knows very well that Beedrill doesn't stand up like other 'Mons in competitive gameplay.

In Episode 32 of the Sonic Adventure: DX playthrough, Dan and Arin constantly insult and lambaste the writer of a walkthrough that they're using for the Knuckles part of the game for being completely unhelpful with the Master Emerald locations.

These locations are actually randomized every time the player enters the level or dies, which the walkthrough can't really help with bar general advice and pointing out some obscure possible spots though to be fair, the walkthrough also failed to mention that the locations were randomized.

Dracula X playthrough, Arin gets the Castlevania lore wrong. Dracula's Curseassuming it to be a direct sequel to the first two games, when in fact the protagonist is Trevor Belmont, and the game is a prequel. Second he states that "Alucard is Dracula," when actually Alucard is Dracula's son.

It becomes increasingly obvious during the Ocarina of Time playthrough that the majority of Arin's problems with the game are due to his own playstyle.

Most of the enemies that he claims force you to wait can in fact be very easily dispatched by either hitting them in the back, blocking and counter-attacking, or just using a Deku Nut to force them to be vulnerable. However, Arin refuses to block except against enemies that explicitly require it and refuses to acknowledge that Deku Nuts are an option. His argument is that blocking wastes time but he only ends up wasting more time by taking unnecessary damage and spamming sword swipes, which in 2D Zeldas is a valid form of combat but in 3D Zeldas only resets enemy attack patterns and takes longer for them to let their guard down.

Arin has admitted that he gets impatient while fighting more complex enemies, and that he likes to play aggressively. At the beginning of Sonic and the Black Knight Arin calls it one of the few games in the franchise that everyone agrees is bad, which caused the Sonic Storybook Series to become a Stillborn Franchise.

In fact, it's the second game in the series and largely considered a Surprisingly Improved Sequel to Sonic and the Secret Rings, getting praise for the cutscenes, art style, voice acting, and spawning the fan favorite Merlina as the game's antagonist, with some even calling it the last good Sonic game.

  • "Catherine"

It's possible Arin was confused by the fact that the planned third game in the series was never released. While he's undeniably stereotypical, he's not depicted negatively or in a racist manner, nor is he any more of a stereotype than Foghorn Leghorn or Pepe Le Pew.

In fact, Mexicans Love Speedy Gonzales basically, Speedy is always the hero, always wins and always makes his gringo opponents look like idiots. Which is by Alan Jackson.

Sad Hoshi, a depressed Japanese man who is eventually revealed to be a pedophile. Anything having to do with Mr. The polio song from part 31 of Super Mario Sunshine. They stop to discuss just how wrong it is, then just keep on singing.

game grumps nba jam ending relationship

This gem of a quote from Sonic '06 Part Barry even includes a trigger warning for the video and gives them an award for "Worst" at Danny and Arin's request. During the Shadow the Hedgehog playthrough, Arin and Danny get to a level where one of the possible objectives is trying to kill the President of the United Federation. In Episodes 8 and 9, the Grumps proceed to make a ton of jokes about wanting to to kill the President clearly implying they mean President Obamahow hard it is to do, and how they want to be good but still kill him because it's their dream.

At one point Arin asks Barry to take it out of context: I need to shoot the present!

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Their playthrough of Trauma Center Second Opinion crosses the line a couple dozen times, especially when talking to Linda. Ross and Brian playing Who's Your Daddy? There's something equally funny and disturbing about hearing the words "Suck my node, daddy," in a squeaky, cartoonish warble. Arin's story about scamming free Uber rides by giving out a guest pass code that also gives him a free ride is just kind of a tangent However, him proceeding to post said code on a video, assuring he'll probably have free Uber rides for the rest of his life, is hilarious in the sheer audacity of it.

Sweet 16 - Licensed to Drive, Jon and Arin begin going off with a bit impersonating a Sassy Black Womanand Jon ends up turning the bit into a domestic abuse story played for laughs. It's probably Jon's "black woman" voice that makes it hilarious. The second act of Doki Doki Literature Club!