Gates of paradise melissa de la cruz ending a relationship

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gates of paradise melissa de la cruz ending a relationship

The Van Alen Legacy by Melissa de la Cruz US Release Date: October 6th Publisher: I loved how the relationship with her venator team leader developed . It was really I was not really happy with the end, but maybe it will make me like Jack again. Gates of Paradise (Blue Bloods #7) [no review]. Title: Gates of Paradise (Seventh and final book in the Blue Bloods series) I'm fairly happy with this book and how the series ended. I'm not. Blue Bloods is a series of vampire novels by Melissa de la Cruz. The series is set in Manhattan, New York. The complete series comprises seven books: Blue Bloods, Masquerade, Revelations, The Van Alen Legacy, Misguided Angel, Lost in Time, and Gates of Paradise .. Witches of East End is the first book in a spin- off series that takes place in the.

Will Mimi, Sky, Jack, and Kingsley be in the second cycle of books? How did Oliver become a vampire? When did you decide this, at the beginning or end of the series?

How was the immortal bond broken between Abbadon and Azrael? It released them from each other.

Gates of Paradise

Schuyler had to give up her human legacy, and Oliver is part of that. Finn is like the alterna-Sky. Of course Oliver would be attracted to her, and how could a girl resist?

gates of paradise melissa de la cruz ending a relationship

How was it that Charles and Allegra could not help in the battle? It was not their battle to fight anymore, as they were in the White Darkness and could not return to earth to help.

As a Christian, I always loved the story of Jesus coming back to life after three days, and that none of his disciples recognized him. Why did Jack let her almost get killed when he was meant to love her? Where was his love for her? He didn't give a fuck whether she died. He was so cool about it but then out of nowhere when she managed to survive he was kissing her and acting like he loved her again?!

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It made no sense. And then the silly cow didn't call him out on him getting her killed, she was happy and throwing her arms around him?! Oh, I almost forget, on top of Jack loving Schulyer's mum and only loving Schulyer because of that, and then treating her like dirt and then kidnapping her so Lucifer could kill her, and then doing nothing whist Lucifer stabbed her… the fucker also hit on Mimi again and basically told her he wanted her back!!

Was I meant to think that Jack's love for Schulyer was romantic?! That it was an epic love?! Schulyer was a pathetic doormat that was happy to be third best after Mimi and Gabrielle and happy to be abused, and Jack was an abusive, uncaring douche. One of the most unromantic and dumbest relationships ever. Now on to Oliver, I didn't like him, he used to be decent but he turned into a giant manslut. I hated that he also chose to become a vampire, it was like he thought he was too good to be human.

I also hated his relationship with Schulyer's sister, Finn. Gates of Paradise (A Blue Bloods Novel) (): Melissa de la Cruz: Books

It was weird that he was with Finn at the end when he used to be in love with Schulyer. I think the only reason he went for Finn was because she was a blonde version of Schulyer.

And also, what's going to happen to them when he gets reincarnated? Is he just going to move onto someone else?

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Everyone is changing and growing, and finally making duty first in front of their own selfish wants. They are putting survival of the race before themselves. They are my fave couple in the entire Blue Bloods series, just because Kingsley is one hilariously sexy guy.

gates of paradise melissa de la cruz ending a relationship

A lot of readers hate on Mimi, but I actually like and pity her. I mean seriously, she got ditched at her own bonding ceremony.

gates of paradise melissa de la cruz ending a relationship

I think everyone will like Mimi a little more in this book, especially after reading a lot of her POV. You will just have to read to find out the outcome of the Mimi and Kingsley relationship. There is a huge twist at the end that left my eyes bulging.

gates of paradise melissa de la cruz ending a relationship

The epilogue raised a TON of questions too. I thought Mel answered all of my unanswered questions in the last chapter, but right at the epilogue, as in the last few pages, she dumped a load of questions in my head.

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Full-blown, mind boggling questions that I also did not see coming. Mel ended up not concluding at all really and left me utterly confused, which was not how I wanted to feel at the last book of Blue Bloods.

Besides the fact that Mel has left me completely dying for her new plan, this was a great installment to Blue Bloods.