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gta sa remastered ending relationship

For Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the PC, FAQ/Walkthrough by RARusk. Refer to my Remastered Version San Andreas guide instead. It was considered a major public relations blunder which was made worse In the end, the scandal would actually make the industry stronger and more mature. Hot Coffee is a normally inaccessible mini-game in the video game Grand Theft Auto: San In the unmodified version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, players see an Coffee modification (which they claim violated the game's End User License . Take-Two Games - Investor Relations General Information; ^ " Nye. "Coffee" is usually offered once Carl reaches a certain relationship percentage, The effect on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas sales is as of yet unknown, but Take Two In GTA Chinatown Wars, Huang Lee asks Ling for "coffee" at the end of.

Afterwards, she finds out that the guy she did all that stuff with was C. Astonishingly, she has no problem with any of what C. She's also willing to lend him her keycard after going out for a little while, in exchange for a share of the stolen money. He also seems to really hate reckless driving, ironically. But above all, do not mess with Kendl. So much as catcalling at her can trigger homicidal rage. It has a nod in-game to Big Smoke's outfit from earlier in the game's development. On the statue of Smoke in the drug manufacturing factory in East Los Santos you see he's wearing a white jersey and black trousers.

The game features a number of ways to bet money, including horse racing, low-rider bouncing and casinos with games such as poker and roulette. Beware the Nice Ones Wu Zi Mu, or "Woozie", is a laid-back, friendly, unassuming Chinese businessman who enjoys playing video games, racing cars, and golf despite being blind. He's also the boss of the Mountain Cloud Triads. When he found his men wiped out by the the Vietnamese Da Nang Boys, he rushes into the fray with a machine pistol and guns down everyone he can find, all the while threatening to to make their blood "flow like wine".

But do not talk bad about his family, especially his sister Kendl. Or their late mother. Frank Tenpenny and Big Smoke. There's a mission where you must plant bombs in a dam, which is an Expy of the Hoover Dam. Big Smoke not only orders enough food for all four people in the car for himself when the player takes C. Bigfoot, Sasquatch and Yeti: A longstanding legend in the game is that a Bigfoot can be found roaming the immense backwoods. More than a decade after the game's release, the legend persists.

Some of the abandoned desert tourist traps are restaurants shaped like the animals they serve, in a representation of a real trend in now-dated '50s-'60s architecture toward giant objects. Black and Gray Morality: Vice City can only be said to be heroes in the sense that they fight against people who are even worse than they are. And in an earlier mission, he breaks into a mansion and injures a rap star and all of his bodyguards, kidnapped the star's manager and trapped him in a car and ran it into the sea, all so his friend who he doesn't even like can steal his music or something.

In a bizarrely ironic twist, much later in the game, he saves the rapper from committing suicide, and then hunts down his former friend to reclaim the rhymebook he himself stole in the first place. In "Ice Cold Killa", C. So Cesar takes out his silenced pistol out of nowhere and gives it to C.

One of the pre-mission cutscenes involves Carl being chained to a rack and raped by his hostile Tsundere partner, Catalina. Thankfully, this is off-screen. Un-thankfully, there is audio. At one point, you're told to go buy an abandoned air strip.

You're also told to offer the owner a dollar, and if he doesn't accept, shoot him. The scene comes off as a remnant of an intended mission.

Woozie has a version - he's really good at racing around designed tracks like the race where C. Interestingly, both this game and Grand Theft Auto Advancewhich was released on the same day, took steps to be the first GTA games to avert this. In the case of San Andreas, bullets, melee, and fire still have to chip through your armor before they can damage your health, but long falls will now hurt you directly regardless of your armor Advance, being a top-down game with no falling damage, goes for melee bypassing your armor instead.

Catalina is technically on the protagonist's sidebut she's also one of the craziest characters in the game. When she drags him into her cabin for a good time involving a whip and a rack — we don't see what goes on inside the cabinhe winds up screaming for her to stop with no success.

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This is Played for Laughsand he probably had it coming after all the stuff you've been having him do. Subverted with Millie, the cashier in Las Venturas. The inside of her apartment is actually a BDSM dungeon, but she seems nice enough and never says anything worrying to C. Compare that to Helena, who will occasionally talk about being able to murder C.

Or to Katie, who says things like "Car crashes are so erotic" and "Self-mutilation fascinates me". However, it is probably the most fun mission in the game since it's virtually impossible to screw up, and hearing David Cross cheer you on when you do well at it creates quite the fuzzy feeling. Oh, and one of the previous scrappy levels becomes infinitely replayable after you beat it, although there is now no longer a penalty for failing it.

They'll continue to chase you even if you go back into an open zone, but at least there you can access unlocked Pay 'n' Sprays and safehouses to help you lose your wanted level. The Bike and the BMX. They're not the fastest vehicles in the game by far when riding up a hill, you can go faster on foot unless you tap 'accelerate' to go fastergive zero protection against bullets and you can't listen to your radio on onebut they're very easy to level up which makes it harder for you to fall from itthey can still reach decent speeds with maxed out stamina or the unlimited sprint, and they're totally indestructible.

Where they truly shine is agility: The ability to bunny hop is also quite useful as well, and the higher your skill level, the higher you can jump. Motorcycles retain the agility factor, but lose only the ability to bunny hop in return for eliminating all the disadvantages except that they still offer no protection against bullets. The only downside motorbikes have that bikes don't is that you can much more easily reach sufficient speed to hurt yourself in a collision, which is far less likely in a bike unless you're specifically being chased.

Immunity to fire has very little practical application, but it makes certain levels of the game a lot more tolerable since you can charge through fire instead of wasting a weapon slot on an extinguisher.

If you're fond of molotovs, it also completely removes the risk of hitting yourself. And if you're feeling a little sadistic, you can set yourself on fire and try to spread it to cars and blow them up just by standing near them! Woozie is blind, but he's so incredibly lucky that he can often pass as sighted anyways. He can even race a car along a narrow, winding ledge! This game, more than any GTA before or since, pays great attention to personal matters — keeping fit and requiring CJ to eat occasionally, with penalties associated with eating too much or too little or being not fit enough.

But bathroom breaks are never factored in which is probably a good thing. Of course, since this is a sandbox gameit's still a lot of fun simply wreaking havoc with these things, so they're only "useless" in the sense that there are no more missions to complete.

On rare occasions the fact the GTA games are actually made by a British company becomes evident. The news radio station, WCTR, includes news reports referencing "the drugs trade"; Americans tend to singularize the word "drug" in that phrase, while the Brits use the plural "drugs" in all uses. During an early mission in which CJ has to whack a Families member who has been snitching to the Ballas, the subtitles advise you to kill the "grass".

Also true of certain jokes, for example Helena Wankstein's name being a reference to the British insult "wank stain" and the asset "Wang Cars" being a semi-homophone of "wankers". On the other hand, "wang" is also a slang term for penis, so it works either way. On-screen instructions frequently use the word "whilst". It's not a very common word in America, and it certainly doesn't fit the game's ghetto aesthetic.

You meet up with two characters associated with a band who are largely parodies of this trope though their style leans more towards pre-Britpop, like The Stone RosesSuede and Happy Mondays.

At the beginning of the game, the bridges had been damaged by an earthquake. Downplayed in that, although you can swim, boat, or fly across, you will get a four star wanted level for even trying, and you can't do too much at those points anyway.

His uniform, and that of everyone else who works there, includes an oversized burger hat, which, needless to say, looks ridiculous. Not to mention the chicken hat that is part of the uniform at Cluckin' Bell. The mission "Deconstruction", a conga line of Disproportionate Retributionends with pushing the foreman, who is hiding in a porta-potty, into a hole - and then filling the hole with cement.

The first mission requires you to use a bike. If you "acquire" something else, the game ceases to show the people you are meant to follow on your minimap and the Ballas car continues to chase and shoot you no matter where you go. Many missions force you to use a specific, mission-critical vehicle, often for no good reason. It gets to the point that some NPCs will sit in an overturned, burning car while yelling at you to get back in until they die a fiery death and you fail.

There are also many, many occasions in the game where the vehicle you arrive in for a mission will disappear and be replaced by one provided for the mission. A fact worth noting before you take your expensive, tripped out car to meet Woozie or Toreno for their next mission.

This can be avoided to a point by parking your car further away. There are also missions where C. For example, in "Freefall" it doesn't matter if he has a minigun, C. It happens inside a plane though, so keeping the caliber down is somewhat justified if the game runs on Vinewood Physics.

One point of criticism leveled at the game is that a number of missions require C. While "following the script" is hardly unusual in a linear game, it does to a degree go against the sandbox philosophy of GTA. Despite the above, the game does subvert the trope as, once the game reaches a certain point, the player is free to abandon the storyline and take part in any number of purely optional activities. Any photos you take when playing appear in the Gallery. They're basically a different sort of screenshot.

This feature is actually quite helpful if you're trying to collect the 50 snapshots in San Fierro, as the screenshot will include the in-game text showing your progress in the sidequest. A nice bit of Developers' Foresight is that you can take the camera on a date and take a picture of your girlfriend, she'll pose and wave for you. The game had the "Helpful" camera change problem. While driving the camera focuses directly behind your vehicle, meaning you can't see what's in front of you on the road.

Why Grand Theft Auto V is the Biggest Disappointment in Video Game History

There's a button you can hit to move it to a much more useful angle, but as soon as you let go of said button, the camera slides riiiiiight back into crap-town. Of course, you can drive in first person mode, but then you can't see anyone pulling up behind or to the side of you; it becomes incredibly difficult to extricate yourself from the kind of point turn scenario that often comes up when trying to drive through alleyways, and over everything else; and of course not forgetting, the car inexplicably gets wider when you're in first person view.

In the PC port, it is possible to freely control the camera with the mouse, but as noted above if you stop moving the mouse for more than a second while driving, the camera refocuses to the back of the car.

This occupies the "miscellaneous item" slot, on the same category as flowers and the dildo. It works exactly as a blunt katanawithout the One-Hit Kill chance of decapitating the enemy you attack it with. It's all-around deadly all the same, however, moreso if you use the martial arts style learned in San Fierro for a mixed pattern of kicks and whacks.

It also happens to be the most common melee weapon in the game, provided the player knows where to look for it. Canned Orders over Loudspeaker: This is the way Mike Toreno communicates with Carl during missions.

It's quite amazing how he manages to have a loudspeaker just where a plane-dropped package fell, despite it being carried away by wind quite a bit. The game has a 9-digit money counter, though under normal circumstances only eight digits are shown on the HUD because acquiring that much money requires a lot of grinding Vigilante missions or casino games.

The game, in a clear homage to Ocean's Elevenhas C. Woozie, a very bizarre ally, can drive maginificently. San Andreas offered a much large map, way more activities, more vehicles, and a more ambitious story. The game has been released on multiple consoles, including mobile devices, during its lifetime. This guide covers most of these versions. The only exclusion is the Remastered Version which has its own guide for reasons explained in the technical chapter of the guide. But San Andreas has its share of imperfections and that is where I am going to start One of them involved flying a small remote controlled plane.

And it has been often considered the single worst mission in San Andreas. But, to make matters worse, there was a flaw or bug that hindered the player. In the mission you used up fuel no matter what you do. This included gliding getting in the air and letting off the gas. However, in the Xbox and PC versions, you don't use fuel when gliding which made the mission much easier and more manageable.

gta sa remastered ending relationship

Since, in the PS2 version, you used up fuel when gliding this greatly reduced the range of your plane and made it far more difficult to successfully complete the mission. One of the common tactics to get your Flying Stat maxed out early in the game was to go to Los Santos International Airport and get a Shamal then fly east off the map and return with a fully maxed Flying Stat.

But, in the Xbox version, something bad happens when you do that. By flying off the map this way then you prevent the Taxi Mission from being completed no fares will ever show up and the "Mike Toreno" mission the game won't recognize when you are near the markers. Because the "Mike Toreno" mission is necessary for completion of the Main Story then you would screw yourself and you would need to restart your game either from a point before flying off the map or completely from scratch.

Initially I felt this bug had to do with the Pilot's License but was informed otherwise by Zoomzoom Moonchild: If you just keep going and going it does something to the game where it can't recognize certain aspects geographically, such as for the passengers in the Taxi Mission.

You can trigger this glitch by swimming out too far, or by traveling too far in a boat or helicopter, however it's a lot easier to trigger the glitch it in a fixed-wing aircraft such as a jet because they move much faster.

Once the glitch has occurred there is no way that I know of to correct it, you must restart from a previously saved game before the glitch occurred or start a new game.

The worst of these markers is at the southeast corner of the map. Of course, if you fly due east of Los Santos International Airport to max out your Flying Stat, then you fly through this area and seriously muck things up.

You can actually go north of this area then fly east off the map. However, that doesn't guarantee you won't screw yourself over. This problem can be fixed by application of Patch V1. And, because of this information, it was best to rename this bug to better reflect its actual origins. You may have also noticed that these bugs affected what are known as the Adults Only version of the game.

And this leads to something that was far more devastating than any bug It details the history of Rockstar Games from its beginnings to the present as of publishing. The last third of the book chronicles the infamous "Hot Coffee" scandal, the basics of which are as follows: During the development of San Andreas, Sam Houser, head of Rockstar Games, wanted to push the limits of what could be done in the game. Specifically, he wanted to push the sexual boundaries and requested information on how certain sexual situations would affect video game ratings around the world.

As this was going on, there were several pieces of sexually related programming placed into the game. This included a mini-game where you could make CJ sexually please a woman, even though both CJ and his partner would still be clothed. This mini-game would be activated when you were invited by your date to come inside for coffee thus the name "Hot Coffee". When Dan got his information back, he found that the US had the most restrictions of all.

Even so, he still wanted to push the limits. However, his partners felt that it was too much and managed to get Dan to scale things back. Some of the related programming got altered or removed. But time was getting close to releasing the PS2 version of the game and something had to be done about the mini-game in question.

The decision was made to disconnect the code from the rest of the game and burying it without removing it a process called wrapping. Rockstar felt that no one would find it. Shortly after the release of the PS2 version a Dutch gamer and modder, Patrick Wildenborg, started poking around with the game and found the code. He hooked up with fellow game modders over at GTAForums to figure out what it was.

GTA San Andreas PS3 Remastered - Final Mission + Ending

Even though they weren't able to run it, because it was for the PS2, they figured out what the mini-game was. When the PC version finally came out then Patrick and his friends went straight to the area where they hoped to find the suspect code in that version. This is because the PC version can be modded which is something that can't be done to either the PC or Xbox versions. They found the code and quickly got it to run. Then they posted videos on the net which spread rapidly.

At first Rockstar Games thought it was cool that the modders, which they were always friendly with, managed to find and unlock this content on their own. But, as word continued to spread, activists and lawmakers, concerned over the increasing amount of sex and violence in games, began to hound and question the company.

Such as, was the code on the disc. The modders said yes. Then Rockstar put out a press release that blamed the modders for creating the mini-game, effectively stabbing the modding community in the back. It was considered a major public relations blunder which was made worse when the ESRB finished their investigation that concluded that the code was indeed on the disc of all the platform versions PC, PS2, Xbox of the game.

Considering the fact that the PS2 and Xbox versions could not be modded like the PC version this exposed Rockstar's lies about the code. Virtually all retail outlets in the United States will not carry AO rated titles so this essentially forced an immediate recall of the game. Countries outside of the US were chuckling at the whole matter wondering what the fuss was about considering that their views on sex are more relaxed than America's. This scandal, along with another scandal involving improper finances at Rockstar's parent company Take-Two Interactive, caused a lot of stress and grief within the company.

As they rushed to pull off the old copies and put out "Hot Coffee"-free versions several prominent members of Rockstar's staff would leave the company.

gta sa remastered ending relationship

Vice City Stories", performed below expectations which increased the stress within Rockstar Games. When the game was released in April of it became the most successful product launch of all time according to Guinness World Records. I really liked the characters, all three of them. The switching is good too, and an enjoyable aspect. The cars feel fun to drive. The police are quite hard, yes, but that just adds to the fun and the thrill of the chase.

In one of the most anticipated games of all time, selfies are probably the stand out highlight. So much time and effort seems to have been wasted on the ocean.

How many times have I been down there? In addition, the map just feels… flat.

gta sa remastered ending relationship

It seems like Rockstar wasted a huge amount of time here, because for 5 years the map is just lame. You can go into very, very few buildings: Thirdly is the bike handling. The multiplayer is atrociously boring.