Hariya kounoshin ending relationship

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hariya kounoshin ending relationship

Masaki: It ended up getting infected, and just thinking about it makes me feel kinda sick. Siren: Ugh.. nd: Hariya Kounoshin Teru: Not bad. hariya kounoshin in future TMGS2 (by lauriitaxuly) I had my accidental kiss with him in the halls and from there started a whirlwind relationship. I think she was pretty confused to see him in the lighthouse at the end. o__O" Did they know . Both loved each other, but the villagers didn't like their relationship, and the Kounoshin Hariya (針谷 幸之進 Hariya Kounoshin): CV: Suzumura Kenichi . at the end of which the character with the highest love meter confesses their love.

Who could it be?? The young boy promises that the ocean will definitely bring you two together again Where you get your first meeting with the main guy, Saeki Teru. The official opening sequence soon follows. The animation is fluid, and pans from character to character in typical GS style. Unfortunately, the song is nowhere near as endearing and catchy as Signal GS1 opening songand some points of the animation are random to the point of lameness.

Teru Saeki

Saeki tugging your hand if I remember correctly and then apparating to the top of the hill! No seriously, that is corny with extra butter on the cob! And the award for most congenial male goes to… When you finally get to school, you meet your first girl friend after the welcome ceremony.

After this, you will be introduced to your homeroom teacher, Wakaoji-sensei. He hands out a simple introductory questionnaire with 5 questions, which ultimately decide your starting parameters and whom you have your first accidental kiss with.

This school is famous for its academics. The uniform looks good. This school is famous for its sports.

Experience youth with club activities! There are 5 different parameter sets, each with different pros and cons. You might want to base your answers on which guy you want to get and which parameters are required for them. Saeki Teru — ae, be Hikami Itaru — bf Shiba Katsumi — bd Hariya Kounoshin — ce Christopher Weatherfield — af Amachi Shota — cf Wakaoji Takafumi — ad Masaki Motoharu — cd Note that the accidental kiss does not happen immediately after you take the questionnaire; it depends on the character.

For the rest, it should occur on the 1st of May, In this game, there are various parameters which the heroine can raise or decrease by choosing a certain command. They also affect how certain events go, such as your exams and dates and on a smaller scale, mini-games The default layout for the various commands are as follows: Stress Rich Intelligence Arts Style Fitness Social Charm Assuming the parameters are self-explanatory… Sleeping lowers your Stress, but it also lowers everything else the effect is random.

Stress is increased by doing all commands except Sleep, and is increased threefold when you choose to interact with someone on rival mode. Note that if your Stress goes aboveyou get a fever and become bedridden for a few weeks while everything goes down… Studying increases Intelligence, a bit of Arts and a tiny bit of Style. It decreases your Fitness and a bit of Charm. No effect on Social. SD characters who join you: It decreases Fitness and a bit of Social.

Tokimeki Memorial Girls Side 2 / Characters - TV Tropes

No effect on Charm. It decreases a bit of Social and Intelligence. No effect on Fitness. It lowers a bit of Charm, Intelligence and Arts. No effect on Style. It decreases Social, as well as a bit of Fitness and Intelligence. She decreases Arts and Style. Mizushima Hisoka increases Social, Arts, and a bit of Charm. She decreases a bit of Fitness, Style, and Intelligence.

Nishimoto Haruhi increases Social, Fitness and Style. She decreases Intelligence and a bit of Arts. Todo Tatsuko increases Social and Fitness.

Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 2nd Kiss

She decreases a bit of Intelligence, Art and Fashion. Also lets you check for bombs, very useful! The second option lets you see individual information about each character personal profile of sorts. Checking your Email lets you access part time jobs opening them should do the trick for Sangosho Cafe, choose the first response to reply to get the job.

The internet lets you view the latest news check regularly to unlock more date spots! The Calendar lets you see the upcoming events such as exams and dates so you can prepare accordingly. The Clothes command allows you to view your current inventory of clothes and its combinations.

You can also choose to sell your has-been choices at a reduced price. Choose the first option to do so. If you wind up last, however… After the end of the races, a folk dance commences. The sports meet comes to an end soon after. The results of this depend greatly on your social parameter. The options are as follows: Keep your Social up, folks. Spending the vacation with a guy increases the Tokimeki state of the male character in question.

It was great to have one less guy to deal with, because the other two were pigs. And then once he just told me he was flat-out uninterested. Lol I love that kooky blond. Hariri is something else. Year three started off pretty rocky, but it also led quickly into Hariri going full-on Tokimeki. We were walking home in Love Mode all the time now, and the heroine herself seemed to be some kind of blush-trigger.

Trust me, I know. I learned a few tricks at this point, and I even developed a sort of formula for skinship on dates, to get the practically perfect skinship with Hariri at: Often the next best skinship is holding hands poke him firmly on the shoulder or hand or kissing him on the cheek.

I try my luck with hand-holding mostly. Kind of repeat the process.

hariya kounoshin ending relationship

I mostly try to hold hands and link arms, make eye contact, and kiss his cheek and that gets a mess of red hearts. At the end of the date, kiss him on the lips! Also, an alternative to eye contact at the start of the date, firmly rub the top of his hair to get a shower of tiny red hearts - these boost the love points you get from normal red hearts by 1.

So, spring and summer went well.

hariya kounoshin ending relationship

Hariri was a goner; just about seeing hearts, lol. He gets really enthusiastic when youdoget date questions right, though.

hariya kounoshin ending relationship

The summer of year three brought the best fireworks date ever. The best date ever with Hariri, really.

hariya kounoshin ending relationship

He loved the yukata I saved up for, and slipped up and called the heroine beautiful! No loaded compliment for once! He must have been totally dazzled lmao. He loves fashion way too much.

Luckily I bought it half-off with a coupon and just barely bought it in time; the weeks leading up to Christmas were packed with dates and bomb-defusing outings, and I had to use my one free Sunday of December to go out and get my kimono. It was really fun, the little events in between were great. He has quite the following. Lol, whatever, Hariri was mad because he was shirking his duties and running off. You know, the crazy things she does. Anyhow, back to Hariri.

The school play was so worth it. He is also the cousin of Reiichi Himuro from the first Girl's Side game. Like his cousinhe's a very practical person and can be quite strict where school rules are concerned, but unlike Himuro he's also quite friendly and kind towards the heroine.

Tropes associated with Itaru Hikami: Like Teru, he has an event in which the heroine finds him sleeping at school. I'd have trouble walking straight on this path without them.

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Not only is Hikami the cousin of Himuro Reiichi, he provides a few general nods to Himuro's role in Girl's Side 1, too. For example, he wears a pinstriped suit identical to Himuro's to the yearly Christmas parties, and he's drawn in exactly the same pose as well.

He rides a bike to school and always wears his helmet. Hikami mentions a few times that he can't quite seem to connect with his classmates and during his confession scene, he refers to the heroine as someone who started out being his first true friend. He's very zealous and enthusiastic, especially when it comes to his work on the Student Council. Hikami's booksmart nature and his occasionally over- enthusiastic attitude drive his peers away from him, resulting in a lack of friends and social skills.

If the heroine takes his route, he gets elected as Student Council president and earns the respect of his classmates. Both of them have blue ish hair, wear glasses, stick strictly to the rules, and have a tendency to become flustered easily once they develop enough affection for the protagonist.

Must run in the family. Once Hikami warms up to the heroine a little, he becomes this.

hariya kounoshin ending relationship

Mostly when he gets flustered. Nerds Love Tough Schoolwork: Displayed most prominently in a post-shopping event in which the heroine meets Hikami on his way back from buying a mathematics textbook. He speaks with great satisfaction about the prospect of solving a difficult problem that he's been struggling with. If the player ends up having the accidental kiss with Hikami, he'll fluster about and ask her if she's absolutely sure she's alright.

After all, she had just lost something very precious! Since the heroine doesn't know what he's talking about, Hikami decides to drop the subject and pretend that nothing happened. On a couple of occasions, such as during the sports festival, when his eagerness leads him to ramble awkwardly.

I'll shut my mouth now.