Harvest moon magical melody ending a relationship

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harvest moon magical melody ending a relationship

as well as a special marriage candidate in Harvest Moon: Magical Melody. The game will end after marrying Jamie and will return to the 'start' screen for the . Does it offer same-sex relationships like Stardew Valley does? Never tried Magical Melody, but yeah, most HM games I tried ended up. Harvest Moon: Magical Melody - Relationship and Wedding FAQ 30 Year End. The Sprites Will be at the Door, They choose the 3 other.

harvest moon magical melody ending a relationship

Ann is a very upbeat girl. She lives at the tool shop with her father, Michael, and claims to be a great inventor. However, her inventions always seem to backfire in her face. An event at Sunny Lake. Basil is a plant hunter, greatly intrigued with the greenery in the village.

Basil first appeared in Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland for the Play Station 2. When you enter the Blue Sky Ranch for the first time. He tends to the livestock in the pasture at Blue Sky Ranch.

harvest moon magical melody ending a relationship

Blue looks and acts much like multiple characters from different Harvest Moon games. He comes to your house on the 3rd of Spring to tell you how shipping works.

Bob is the shipper! Bob first appeared in Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland for the Play Station 2, however, he looks similar to the other shippers from other games.

When you attend the Spring Horse Race for the first time. A fun-loving, gambling, and skirt-chasing fellow from the sea, Dan is sure to be a handful. At first, he begs you for 1,G so that he can return home after losing a bet.

However, he hangs around the town in search of money, and will end up working for Ronald at the Paradise Orchard later on. When you enter the Sanatorium for the first time. Dia is a very quiet and sickly girl. She came to stay at the sanatorium to recover from surgery, with the help of her care-taker, Gina.

She is deathly afraid of strangers. Dia first appeared in Harvest Moon: Doug is the owner of the Perch Inn. Duke is the uncle of Eve, and stepson of Terry.

She appears at your house on the 2nd day of Spring to give you a puppy. Ellen simply adores animals. Whenever you speak with her, she will give you tips about livestock and pets.

harvest moon magical melody ending a relationship

She moved to town in hopes of getting her grandfather, Terry, to return with her. Upon entering the Sanatorium for the first time, you will come face-to-face with Gina, the care-taker of an ill girl, Dia. Gina first appeared in Harvest Moon: When you attend the Egg Festival for the first time.

Harvest Moon: Magical Melody - Relationship FAQ

The Gourmet is a man who loves. The Gourmet works as the judge to many food-tasting festival in other Harvest Moon Games. The first time you attend the Spring Horse Race. Not to mention, she loves horses. After meeting her at the horse race, she stays at the Perch Inn.

Gwen first appeared in Harvest Moon: The first time you enter the Blue Sky Ranch. Joe is a nice guy with a great personality. Joe first appeared in Harvest Moon: Katie is extremely hot-headed. The complete opposite of his brother, Joe, Kurt is cool and quiet.

He enjoys solitude, rain, and the mysterious caves throughout the village. Kurt first appeared in Harvest Moon: The first time you enter the Spring Farm shop. Liz is the kind and caring mother of Nina. Similar to Nina, she has pink hair, and absolutely adores flowers. The first time you attend the Fireworks Festival. However, it is possible for you to see him at the Swimming Festival, but you will not officially meet him. Louis is a kind soul who loves the village, and thus visits it often.

He enjoys eggs and special gems that you can find in the caves. Although he is a bit shy, he still insists in hanging out with you when you first meet. Louis first appeared Harvest Moon: Dislikes and Likes Only in Village 4. Jamie has Special Power 5. Birthdays Only in Village 6. Festivals With Dates 7. The Due Date When You Get Home It Crawls and Walks I play Harvest Moon at least every day. I'm married to lex and have a Boy Named Jack. I hope you contact me and like my FAQ 2.

Gina likes Alex but Basil likes Gina. If you want that Switch list, Contact me. Weeds and garbage Basil Loves: Pontana Root, Herb Tea Likes: Garbage and weeds Blue: Special milk and cheese, Potage Soup. Normal milk and cheese, corals Dislikes: Weeds, sweets, balm Bob: Even the non-changing bachlors ettes change in a way all the bachlors ettes do this.

The bachlors ettes start to open up; they start to say more personal things.

Harvest Moon: Magical Melody - Wikipedia

When they talk They also blush how cute! It is really cute! This only happens to people you have befriended. I will tell you all the festivals that have this. Your crush will invite you to float a boat.

harvest moon magical melody ending a relationship

If this is your first time doing this, you will get a musical note. In this festival you go to the river and throw a bamboo boat in it. Just go to the festival at the beach and talk to everyone so the fireworks will start.

The last person you should talk to the day before should be your crush, because the last person you talk to will watch the fireworks with you.

It is a beautiful scene. Your crush will invite you to go view the moon with them.

harvest moon magical melody ending a relationship

The moon is a beautiful sight! If you have eight or more hearts, you and your crush will KISS!! Just go around town and talk to people. If you have three hearts with people they will give you a cake! Just give it right back and they will think you made it! Put a Stake in the blue town deposit box, at the town square.

Harvest Moon: Magical Melody - Relationship and Wedding FAQ

When the day comes, go to the beach and the mayor will ask you and your crush To watch the fire for him. He will leave you two alone for a bit. Your crush will ask you to look at the stars that day. It is a beautiful sight!! If you have more than eight hearts, a kiss is coming up! The little elf dudes will ask if you want to invite anyone to go to Starry Hill with you.

Go to the square and then both of you will go to starry hill! No matter how many hearts you have, you will KISS!! On the next day Your biggest friends and your dream person's friends will be there, also Mayor Theodore. There will be a little ceremony and you two will kiss. The ceremony is really cute! After that your dream person will be living with you!!

But how do you accomplish this dream? I am about to explain! Then you have to get 30 musical notes. Then you got to get yourself the big old, level three house.

Hey, but wait a second, Where will we both sleep? Once you get the level three house remodel your level twoThe double bed will be for sale at Woody's Workshop!

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Once you do all this, the mayor will Visit you and say that there is a tradition in the Village, that when the people propose they Give their loved one a blue feather! Ok, so you have to be prepared to climb up the mountain. Bring a meal because you're gonna lose a lot of energy. Ok, so now you have to Climb the mountain. On this minigame you must climb up using the A Button.

You must dodge the boulders that will be coming down. When you reach the top,Voila!

Harvest Moon: Magical Melody - Relationship and Wedding FAQ

You got your blue feather! Give it to your desired one and they will accept!! The day that you marry will be your anniversary marked on the calendar. They will Be very nice to you.

On all the significant festivals except bamboo and thanksgiving you will kiss!! No need to worry on buying a crib, but you should buy the rattle and The book that are found at the junk shop.

You get to name the baby. Woody will go to the Clinic and say he made a crib! When you get home you can Place the crib anywhere you want to. He will just stay laying down In his crib. Soon he will start to grow and start to crawl. Someday he will start to Walk and there will be a cut scene. Your baby will walk a little, but sadly will have His falling moments.

Sadly he does not grow into a kid, teenager or adult, like in the other Harvest Moon games. I will make a complete list of all the musical notes you can get that has to do with relationships. I will also include how To get them. Get married Note 51 Stork: When the baby is born you will receive a note Note 53 You Can Walk: Your baby takes his first step Note 60 Fireworks: Watch the fireworks Note 61 Moon Viewing: Watch the moon Note 64 Flame: Go to the Campfire Festival Note 65 Popular: Receive cakes from five villagers on Thanksgiving Note 66 Star Light: Befriend Nina Note 81 Explosive Girl: Befriend Ann Note 82 Apron Girl: Befriend Ellen Note 83 Talented Girl: Befriend Eve Note 85 Girl with glasses: