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Hoops by Walter Dean Myers

Complete summary of Walter Dean Myers' Hoops. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Hoops. Hoops and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. . This item: Hoops by Walter Dean Myers Mass Market Paperback $ . Tyrone was trying to do the same thing to Lonnie; at the end the conflict between Cal and The language was a bit raw (expletives) and dated but the story/relationships between. The book “Hoops” by Walter Dean Myers was unlike any other book I have ever read. It was about a teenager ▾Work-to-work relationships Haiku summary.

This book could honestly relate to a lot of kids growing up going through high school and playing basketball. It was about a teenager named Lonnie who is in high school.

Lonnie is trying to make it big in his favorite sport Basketball. But he is having trouble not only with his game, with his friends, family, his coach, and even him self.

The book its self has a whole lot of drama like when Lonnie is having trouble with his Basketball coach, and his girl friend. This book its self has a whole lot of action in it. And so inappropriate parts that might frighten young readers. But I liked the whole book. I recommend reading it. He lives in a tough neighborhood in Harlem.

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His father left him when he was little and he drinks alcohol at the age of He gets into the city basketball team and finds out some secrets about the coach. All the book is about every game the team has.

And there's weird moments like one of the team members shoot Lonnie in the foot for no reason at all with a gun. The next day Lonnie goes over to one of his friends house Paul. Paul has a sister Mary-Ann who Lonnie likes. Mary-Ann works at a club. Paul is not home however Lonnie has a discussion with Mary-Ann about how Paul has been acting kind of weird.

Eventually Lonnie finds out about a basketball tournament that is happening. He learns that there are college scouts there looking for people to draft. Lonnie finds this as a perfect opportunity to play pro ball. He gets his team together at a gym and they wait for their new coach.

There new coach arrives and it turns out to be a much older man named Cal. Lonnie reconizes Cal, he found him drunk on a basketball court when he was playing one day. Lonnie tells the team he does not want to play for a drinker. Cal says that if Lonnie can beat him one on one he will not coach.

If he wins he will coach. At first Lonnie thinks this is a joke because he is the best player on the team. The play and it ends in Cal winning after Lonnie does not try that hard. After this happens Lonnie constantly refuses to play or show up to practices. However Cal tells him that he must play. Cal decides to tell Lonnie that a famous basketball player will show up. The practice starts and Cal teaches everyone somewhat basic moves. Lonnie decides that he was not going to practice by not bringing any sneakers to play in.

Instead he just watches. Everyone is waiting for someone to arrive but it looks as though Cal lied to them. Cal tells everyone to gather around. He tells everyone they must bring in fourteen dollars for uniforms. As he is telling them this a man comes in. Ox one of Lonnie's team members instantly reconizes the man as Sweet Man Johnson, a famous pro player. Lonnie feels embarrassed and stupid that he did not wear sneakers or listen to Cal.

After the practice ends Sweet Man Johnson asks everyone if they want to go out to eat. Everyone agrees including Lonnie. Johnson, Lonnie and Cal have a discussion about they way Lonnie plays and bad things that could happen to him if he makes a wrong decision. The next week and a half the team practiced hard. Cal said that he believed they were ready for their first game. Cal also mentioned that the uniforms would come in time for their first game.

The day of the game it turns out that Cal does not show up for the beginning of the game. The team does not play well and loses. The team wonders where Cal was.

Walter Dean Myers' Hoops

While at a hangout place known as the center Lonnie gets a call from Mary-Ann. She is worried because her boss has been giving and getting letters from Paul her brother. She is concerned because Paul does not work there and she thinks they could be doing something illegal. She has aksed her boss about it but he just gets mad.

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The same thing with Paul. Lonnie tells her not not worry about it too much and that it is not that big of a deal. She gets mad and hangs up. Eventually Cal arrives at the center with uniforms and Lonnie is furious.

He attempts to attack Cal but his team holds him back. He even takes out a gun but after wrestling around with it with his other teammates he shoots himself in the hand. Cal takes care of it but Lonnie is still furious. Cal tells him nothing about where he was and just tells him to get his team together and meet at the Lincoln Center.

For the first time the team practices at a very nice school. Everyone is surprised at how Cal got the place. Cal decides everyone worked hard that day at practice so he cancels it the next day. However he goes over to have a talk to Lonnie and says that he still has practice.

The two play a game, this time Lonnie gives it is all. Lonnie is impressed by the way Cal plays. He ends up losing to him again. Cal says that Lonnie has a lot of game but he needs to work on it. Lonnie catches up with Paul again. Paul has some new friends from out of town named Lenny and Leora. Paul tells him that Lenny is going to play for the team. Lonnie thinks that Lenny is too soft to play basketball. It seems that Paul and Lonnie's friendship is drifting away.

The team then plays another game against an okay team. The team does terriable the first half. Lonnie gets angry and Cal says he is leaving. However after a pep talk the team does great the next half and Lonnie can see Cal in the bleachers.

The team still losses though. Lonnie apologizes about what he says to Cal. Cal tells him that the wants to show Lonnie something. When they get to Cal's place Cal takes out a scrapbook. Inside the scrapbook are tons of photos of Cal playing basketball. Lonnie is surprised at the fact that Cal played professional basketball. However when Lonnie gets to the end of the scrapbook there are news articles of how Cal was shaving points or blowing games to make money off gamblers.

Cal tells Lonnie that he wasn't thinking right. He doesn't want Lonnie to make the same mistake because he knows it will cost him his career. Cal also asks Lonnie to see his ex-wife. Lonnie meets Cal's ex-wife. He has dinner as well as a good discussion with the two.