Ice station zebra ending a relationship

Ice Station Zebra by Alistair MacLean

Ice Station Zebra Book Summary and Study Guide A devastating fire has destroyed its supplies and shelter, leaving the men helpless and dying. relationships, character bio/development 10%How society works & physical descript. Turned out, both the Soviets and the Americans wanted what was on a satellite that landed near Ice Station Zebra. Both sides not only wanted. Having watched Ice Station Zebra recently on TCM, something caught my eye for the first time. Near the end of the movie, when the.

Plot[ edit ] Drift ice Station Zebra, a British meteorological station built on an ice floe in the Arctic Seasuffers a catastrophic oil fire; several of its men die, and their shelter and supplies are destroyed. The survivors hole up in one hut with little food and heat. Just before it departs, Dr. Carpenter, the narrator, is sent to accompany it.

Carpenter's background is unknown, but he claims that he is an expert in dealing with frostbite and other deep-cold medical conditions, and he carries orders from the Chief of Naval Operations of the United States Navy.

Commander Swanson, the Dolphin submarine captain, is suspicious of Carpenter, and calls in his superior Admiral Garvie. Garvie refuses to allow Carpenter on board without knowing his mission.

ice station zebra ending a relationship

Under duress, Carpenter finally reveals that the ice station is actually a highly equipped listening post, keeping watch for nuclear missile launches from the Soviet Uniona statement which convinces the commander and the admiral. The Dolphin reaches the Arctic ice-pack, and dives under it. It surfaces in a break in the ice and succeeds in making tenuous radio contact with Ice Station Zebra.

Carpenter confides to the Captain that the commander of the station is his brother. Having obtained a bearing on the station, the Dolphin dives again, and succeeds in finding a lead five miles from the station and breaks through a crack in the ice above.

Carpenter, Executive Officer Hansen, and two crewmen are put above on the icepack and make the journey to the station through an Arctic storm on foot, taking with them as many supplies as they can. They reach Zebra after a near-impossible trek, and find that eight of the men on the station are dead, while the 11 others are barely alive.

Investigating the corpses, Carpenter finds that one of them has been shot. They find that their radio has been damaged, and so Carpenter and Hansen return to the Dolphin. The US submarine moves close to the station, and finding no open water, blows a hole in the ice using a torpedo. The sick men are cared for by the Dolphin.

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Carpenter does some more investigating, and finds that the fire was no accident; it was a cover to hide that three of the dead men, one of whom was his brother, were murdered. He also discovers several unburned supplies hidden in the bottom of a hut, while Swanson finds a gun hidden in a petrol tank. The surviving members of Zebra are brought on board the Dolphin, and the station is abandoned.

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While still under the ice, a fire breaks out in the engine room and the sub is forced to shut down its nuclear reactor. The crew succeeds in saving the ship, after several hours of hard labour, and thanks to Swanson's ingenuity.

The film's new climax involves a confrontation between Soviet paratroopers and the American Marines, but concludes on a more ambiguous note than the novel, reflecting the perceived thaw in the Cold War following the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Development[ edit ] The film rights to the novel were acquired the following year by producer Martin Ransohoffwho hoped to capitalize on the success of the blockbuster The Guns of Navarone by adapting another Alistair MacLean novel for the silver screen as a follow-up.

ice station zebra ending a relationship

Surges was borrowed from the Mirisch Company. Department of Defense objections over Paddy Chayefsky 's screenplay because they felt it showed "an unfair distortion of military life" that would "damage the reputation of the navy and its personnel" [9] delayed the start.

A new script was commissioned. Final Cast[ edit ] Due to scheduling conflicts, the original cast was no longer available when filming began in Spring Rock Hudson replaced Gregory Peck by February. There were no women in the cast. The underwater scenes used a model of a Skate class nuclear submarine. George Davis, head of art department at MGM spent two years researching the design for the sub.

Stephens developed an innovative underwater camera system that successfully filmed the first continuous dive of a submarine, which became the subject of the documentary featurette The Man Who Makes a Difference. During filming, McGoohan had to be rescued from a flooded chamber by a diver who freed his trapped foot, saving his life. Inthe United States National Reconnaissance Office declassified information stating that "an individual formerly possessing Corona access was the technical adviser to the movie" and admitted "the resemblance of the loss of the Discoverer II capsule, and its probable recovery by the Soviets" on Spitsbergen Island, to the book by Alistair MacLean.

After searching the station, they were picked up three days later by the B using the Fulton surface-to-air recovery system. As in the film the drip cock was blocked on the newly built Thetis by dockyard-applied fresh paint which led to the rear cap being opened while the bow cap was already open to the ocean.

Water entered at the rate of one ton per second and Thetis sank with the loss of 98 lives. In the movie the drip cock has been blocked with epoxy adhesive.

Ice Station Zebra

Reclusive billionaire Howard Hugheswho had experience both as a movie producer and a defense contractor for the United Statesis said to have watched a private print of Ice Station Zebra times on a continuous loop in his private hotel suite during the years prior to his death. It was on almost every night. Hughes loved that movie. Sportscaster Chris Bermanknown for his whimsical nicknames for athletes, referred to major league pitcher Bob Sebra as "Ice Station Sebra".

It is revealed in the spinoff series Better Call Saul that his love interest earlier in life listed this as her favorite movie. Box office[ edit ] Ice Station Zebra was released on October 23,