Kof 99 iori ending relationship

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kof 99 iori ending relationship

Iori Yagami is a character from SNK's The King of Fighters video game series who first In the Rival Team's ending, Iori betrays Billy and Eiji, generating anger from . In The King of Fighters '99 Iori is a secret character in most versions of the . to the Orochi saga but also because of its relation with Japanese mythology. For The King of Fighters XIII on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board PSP · Super Nintendo · Vita · Wii · Wii U · Xbox · Xbox · And 99 More. Primarily because Iori can't get over not being able to defeat Kyo. . Robert too as seen in AoF3 (Ryo's ending) is Takuma the one who has doubts. For The King of Fighters XIV on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Relationships between characters? he saved Yuki from NESTS grunts before knowing she was Kyo's GF . Granted Joe's status is painfully clear in the FF team ending, he at least was close enough to Lily to piss.

But Goenitz made Leona enter the Riot of Blood and kill everyone on her village, so she's now Heidern adopted daughter. Team Another World - None, whatsoever. Team K' - All are experiments. Maxima is a android. K' is an experiment involving Kusanagi genes but something went awry and he needs a special glove to contain his power. Kula is an "anti K'" experiment, with manipulated genes to control ice instead of fire.

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They have now a brother-sister relationship, with Maxima as their honorary "uncle". Diana and Foxy are Kula's caretakers. Whip is a clone of Seirah, K' s biological sister. Team Women - Alice is just a Terry's fan. Mai and King are already discussed. As for another women: Kasumi is Ryuhaku Todoh's daughter.

Jenet claims she likes Terry. Hotaru is Gato's sister.

Iori Yagami

Xiangfei is nothing related at all. Yashiro, Shermie and Chrisbesides being three Orochi Kings, are teammates in a band. Yashiro likes Shermie, and she reciprocates. They have a sibling relationship with Chris. After Orochi is defeated, Iori challenges Kyo to settle their rivalry at the same spot they just fought Orochi. The two clash and the winner of the fight remains a mystery. Iori reluctantly joins the team and ultimately tracks Kyo. Now powerless, Iori begins training using new claw-based moves.

kof 99 iori ending relationship

In Iori's ending, he is shown to be stopping a weakened Orochi from reviving along with Kyo and Chizuru. It is said that Ash's death from the previous game will result in many of the past KoF bosses being revived. The series is so popular in China that viewings of KoF 97 tournaments have often reached overviewers source.

kof 99 iori ending relationship

For a fighting game this number is insane. This - along with their healthy relationship with Nintendo through Neo Geo ports and the Switch exclusive 40th anniversary collection - means at least one SNK rep will most likely enter Smash one day. Many of his specials are similar to Kyo's, meaning he could potentially be an echo or a semi-clone should Kyo somehow make it in. That way not too much time is wasted making him.

kof 99 iori ending relationship

Iori is so popular on his own that they might not even bother putting Kyo in and just go for Iori instead. Sakurai has played KoF 95 before and would even win about 50 matches in a row source.

Ending for King of Fighters Kyo Team(Neo Geo)

KoF 95 was Iori's debut game, so there's doubt Sakurai at least knows of Iori's existence. Like Ryu, he could have the directional inpt mechanic to make him stand out from other fighters.

One of the main themes of Ultimate is the inclusion of villains. In response, the Kusanagi declared war on the Yagami, which led to many clan members on both sides being killed.

Ior becomes obsessed with killing its heir Kyo, disregarding their clans' past. This sometimes results in Iori helping him to defeat his enemies to finish their battle. Together they defeat the Orochi follower Goenitz but neither Iori nor Kyo agree with the idea. As such, Iori appears as a sub-boss character in the game depending on the characters that the player uses.

kof 99 iori ending relationship

Iori can be faced as a bonus fight in the end of the game if the player manages to get a high score. In the story, Iori discovers the creation of Kyo clones and enters the annual tournament where he finds those responsible, an organization named NESTS. Ash appears afterward and defeats Iori, stealing his powers. Iori is featured with a different outfit, and with a new moveset, that does not use purple flames.

Like each character, he does not have a team.

kof 99 iori ending relationship

Thus, he seals the weakened snake with the help from Kyo and Chizuru immediately. In The King of Fighters: Kyo, a role-playing video game situated before KOF '97, Iori appears as Kyo's antagonist in his journey around the world.

Wielder of the Orochi Flame - Iori Yagami for Smash!

Neo Blood, which is situated after his fight against Orochi. Although Iori enters the tournament to fight Kyo, Geese Howardthe organizer of the tournament, tries to make him awake his Riot of the Blood to absorb his powers, but fails. Howling Blood, Iori enters another tournament, and is joined by two women who want to find a man controlled by the Orochi power. Sky Stage also features him as a boss, while Neo Geo Heroes: Ultimate Shooting makes him playable. The character insists he is a female in order to participate in the game's Queen of Fighters tournament, though several female fighters easily see through his disguise.

Tag Team Frenzy as downloadble content, this time sharing both the original crossdresser and new true gender swapped form. Capcom seriesIori appears as a playable character; the latter includes his Riot of the Blood state.