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In addition to project materials produced in English, the NextRail team translated printed materials into Spanish, Vietnamese and Somali, in order to communicate to a wider audience. The Independence Corridor community is overwhelmingly supportive of a streetcar on Independence Avenue, even with financial questions still in the air, KCATA and existing bus service coordination still needing to be planned and the design still unknown.

Overall, a majority of stakeholders and community meeting participants perceive a streetcar as a tool that will help bolster the investments that have already been made in the Northeast area. Additionally, a streetcar will encourage more development and aid in the redevelopment of the Gateway project at Independence and Paseo as well as the Hardesty Renaissance Redevelopment, both of which will serve as anchors to a streetcar route.

A more consistent streetscape in the area will will enhance the pedestrian environment for residents and visitors alike. Vision for Change Key points: Connectivity is a major theme: The Northeast neighborhoods want to be connected to downtown and the River market and be thought of as a downtown neighborhood.

There is a need for a streetcar to lead people into the Northeast communities of Kansas City, as well as bringing its residents to their places of employment and to downtown.

The residents would like to keep the diverse feel to their community and have the streetcar not only support the existing businesses, but help to enhance and showcase them to outsiders and visitors.

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There exists public transportation ridership in the area and a streetcar is another component of the overall system and will help people be more mobile.

They would like to see improvement with the existing bus service as well as the addition of the streetcar. They also want Independence Avenue to be walk-able and pedestrian friendly with improved sidewalks, curbs, streets, intersections, storefront improvements, streetscape, crosswalks that are more ADAcompliant, and overall community improvements and upkeep.

They feel a streetcar will be used heavily along this corridor, along with the continuation of the bus, and there is a lot community support that can help with a grassroots support campaign for a streetcar. A streetcar route along Independence Ave. Streetcars must increase transit ridership and complement the existing bus service. A significant community question is making sure the financing plan is fair and equitable. In order to ensure success, investment in a streetcar must be matched with supportive policies and focused leadership as well as community involvement.

The Northeast community would like to see improved sidewalks as part of a streetcar project. They feel they have been dealing with inadequate sidewalks and hope that a major transportation project will assist the community with other community improvement projects.

How will the streetcar work within these constraints and can a streetcar project assist with the safety of crosswalk planning on Independence?

How will a streetcar work within these constraints? But all concerned agreed that they want to be kept in the loop throughout the process and especially during construction.

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They would like to keep as much parking maintained as possible, both lots and street, and for the City to work with them to make sure the public knows that businesses are open during construction. The financing of this project remains a question for the Northeast Kansas City community.

A majority of stakeholders feel that a project of this magnitude can, and should, assist with that eyesore of an intersection. With nothing left but to depend on Natsu, despite his harsh treatings, she soon learns her place. While her personality comes off as annoying very early one given the right circumstances you will come to understand her more and she will grow on you.

After time, her attitude mostly drops, though she knows nothing about the world, and is plenty naive.

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She never acted out of malice, but due to the misguided belief that she should have everything she wants--because she had always had this.

With Natsu's help, she learns basic communication, friendship, understanding, and soon maybe even a little harsh love? He put up with Komomo's atttitude as a kid, and would always bake pastries for her. His pastries were often thrown out by the maids and other chefs due to being burnt or not up to the standard set by the household, but Komomo always felt they were the best. When he comes back to Japan, he welcomes Komomo to his home and bakery to help her out by allowing her a place to stay and a job, when she has nowhere else to go.

Don't be fooled by his kindness, he has an awful sadist quality of always wanting to bully or make Komomo cry. Despite this, he always tries to do the best for her, and guide her about the world. But if you don't like romance at all then I would recommend you stay away from this manga, except if you really like sweets, then you can read the manga just for that.

So far in the first volume there's no lovey dovey scenes, quite the opposite actually, but I can tell that's the route this manga wants to take. I may be wrong though. Characters Komomo Ninomiya As a heroine I think she's quite interesting. She's not your typical shy, everyone-likes-me-type character so that's where her uniqueness come in. It's the opposite where she has a lot of confidence even when nobody likes her and she gets into a lot of hilarious scenarios sometimes since she is quite clueless about certain things since she grew up rich and treated like a princess.

It's interesting to see how a character reacts to certain situations when they're taking right out of their comfort zone. So if you want something like that, I would recommend this manga. Her brattiness at the beginning of the story also didn't really bother me cause I mean she was quite young so behaviour like that is almost expected, even from "normal" kids.

Natsu Azumi Quite a looker, but he's currently in the first volume 1 very strange I don't want to spoil, but if you've read the first volume you'll know what I'm talking about. As a little boy he was quite shy I would say and looked really friendly and timid.

But at his older age he seems quite different. I guess that's to be expected since he grew up, but still, he has a strange personality. In volume 1 one might think that he's a very rude person and wants to act out harsh revenge upon Komomo because of how she treated him when they were younger, but I believe his softer side will shine out more in the next volumes. He just startled me at some of the comments he made, but if you want to know what those comments are, you'll have to buy and read volume 1 to find out.

Natsu's friend I can't for the life of me remember his name right now He's a "meh" character. Not too interesting but also not horrible either I guess. But I don't think he's suppose to stand out.