Kurau phantom memory ending a relationship

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kurau phantom memory ending a relationship

Looking for information on the anime Kurau Phantom Memory? Find out more Edit Ending Theme .. Kurau Phantom Memory: The Complete Box Set S.A.V.E. Jan 5, Phantom Memory Kurau: Good Anime, Bad End going to hold on to the fact that the first Kurau and Christmas had that sisterly relationship. Dec 21, I'm finally here at the concluding volume of Kurau Phantom Memory, Previously , Christmas and Kurau's brief moment of peace came to an end when a . It gets the central characters and their relationship spot on, and the.

You can tell this disc hails from the dying days of ADV, as other companies in the end released some of these titles. One final time I point you to the six-page folded insert that comes in the Amaray case for the interesting material about the show.

The Investigation Report - Brief 6 contains interviews with director Yasuhiro Irie, voice actresses Ayako Kawasumi Kurau and Misa Kobayashi Christmassome more of the original cover art, more of the regular column from Aya Yoshinaga, and little doodles and thoughts from the director.

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Conclusion Kurau Phantom Memory concludes in the same way that it started, with an energetic, engaging and gripping storyline that grabs the attention from the first episode on the disc, and doesn't let go. It's just a shame that the volumes in between the beginning and end never quite lived up to that.

kurau phantom memory ending a relationship

It's fast paced action with Kurau and Christmas battling the twins Regel and Windt, trying to stop the Rynax energy go wild on Earth and endanger everyone. And just when they think that they have that under control, the GPO's plan unfolds bringing even more lethal opponents on to the field.

Whereas for most of the series, Kurau seemed to find the strength to deal with adversity time and again, here we find that she finally reaches her limits, and the toll that the continued attacks have on her begins to tell, to the point where even Christmas is unable to help her.

It all leads to the grand denouement on the moon, a dramatic crescendo that kept me on the edge of my seat. Fortunately, Kurau Phantom Memory takes the time, an episode for an epilogue to give the tale a proper, narrative ending that ties up the loose ends. So often series rush the ending, or try and cram too much in, that you don't get to appreciate the journeys that the characters have been taking, and how they are affected and grow from the events.

kurau phantom memory ending a relationship

Kurau Phantom Memory gives you that satisfaction. As I said though, it's the middle of the show that brings things down.

Kurau Phantom Memory ED *Moonlight*

While a promising start, and a satisfying ending do enough to make watching Kurau Phantom Memory worthwhile, and I certainly have no regrets in buying the show, it's just that the series never has the consistency or the overall quality to make it a must see show. It excels in many areas, the animation from Studio Bones is excellent, the music is good, and if you invest solely in the central characters of Kurau and Christmas, then you can't really fault this series.

It gets the central characters and their relationship spot on, and the emotional arcs that they both go through are engaging and sympathetically performed. It must be said though that Ayaka Steiger at least gets some weighty scenes as the story concludes, and her arc at least is resolved with conviction.

But once again, poor Doug is left a little unresolved, Dr Amami is there just to be depressed and guilty at what he has done to his daughter, while Saito is a thin and wasted villain, with no weight to his motivations. Saito's character just doesn't have the presence or strength to act as a suitable foe, and you never really fear for Kurau and Christmas as a result. Also there is very little satisfaction when Saito eventually gets his comeuppance.

Kurau: Phantom Memory (TV)

Another issue is that the world of tomorrow doesn't get enough development. We don't learn enough about the Rynax energy project, or the GPO, and how this world came about to give the story its context. Certainly if you look in the extras and the Key Words glossaries on the discs, then you will find much of that information, but it shouldn't be in the extras, it should be in the story.

Kurau Phantom Memory is fun, entertaining, and this final volume gives it a very rousing send-off. But in almost every respect it is mediocre and disposable anime fodder.

It isn't all that memorable, and neither will it be the first title that trips off my tongue if someone asks me for recommendations. But if character arcs mean more than narrative and world-building, then Kurau will appeal, especially as it is very easy to invest in the central characters of Kurau and Christmas to the point where you are willing to overlook the show's shortcomings.

kurau phantom memory ending a relationship

Wong Shun Yee — Voiced by: Soft-spoken and a man of few but precisely-chosen words, Wong seems to know more about what is really going on than his own superiors. He also has suspicions that he is not being told the complete truth about the Rynax situation.

Ayaka Steiger — Voiced by: She seems to be focused on advancing in rank by any means possible, but in fact her own father was the head of the GPO until he was assassinated.

For this reason, Ayaka prefers to be called only by her first name, and one of her real goals is to find out the reasons behind her father's death. She trusts no one with this secret, although she still keeps track of her former partner Doug, and she and Wong appear to develop a relationship based on mutual respect.

Ichise — Voiced by: Nobuo Tobita Japanese ; John Swasey English Although an older scientist than Amami, Ichise began as a subordinate in Amami's lab, but quickly worked his way up to a position in charge by sucking up to the GPO and betraying his former colleagues.

A ruthless man, he cares about nothing but advancing his own agenda, no matter what the cost to others might be.

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Saito — Voiced by: Saito is intent on building a military unit out of Rynax soldiers. Minamida — Voiced by: He is a tough-talking man who harbors a secret fondness for Kurau, but that won't stop him from sending her on the most dangerous assignments. Ella — Voiced by: World-wise and a keen observer of human nature, Ella understands the relationship between Dr. Amami and his daughter far better than they do themselves. Ted — Voiced by: He is also growing increasingly disenchanted with his father, who quit his "cool" job in the GPO to become a "boring" low-end private eye.

Frank Zaksman — Voiced by: The action in the series is realistically depicted.

Review for Kurau: Phantom Memory - Volume 6: To Split Infinity

Recently, I've seen too many anime series with magical superheroes who fly so fast that you can barely follow their actions. With Kurau, she can only fly for so long before she gets tired. Her fighting is also defensive rather than destructive.

It's not all action though, and the drippy opening theme tune also signifies that this sci-fi action drama is aimed towards female viewers. I guess the remit for the series was for something like Ghost in the Shell, but with less intricate technology, more humane characters, and no women with huge breasts. Subsequently there are more female characters than male in Kurau, and the central character has super powers that are more organic than cybertronic.

kurau phantom memory ending a relationship