Lisa the painful joyful ending a relationship

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lisa the painful joyful ending a relationship

Character sheet for the Lisa series. Main Characters Lisa Armstrong The protagonist of LISA: The First, she's Brad's younger sister. She was forbidden to . The ending seemed kinda dissapointing. lisathepainfulrpg . childhoods and relationships with violence/self-harm (Lisa and the buzzsaw is. The game's DLC chapter, Lisa: The Joyful, follows Buddy as she attempts to Austin Jorgensen, the original Lisa was inspired by a former relationship of his.

He sees Buddy as his redemption for failing to protect Lisa. Unbeknownst to almost everyone, Buddy is the child of Dr. Yado and his wife. At some point, Dr. Yado to mess-around torture Brad by playing with his life, and they decide to do so by strategically placing a baby Buddy for Brad to discover. Yado also sees Buddy as the lynchpin for a possible war, which he believes will result in his rule.

After this act has been performed, Dr. Yado sees little use for his wife. We are led to believe that she kills herself, as a note is discovered next to her body in Dr. Regardless, the circle of violence against women is continued. After finding the baby, Brad and his friends decide to raise Buddy in secret. They build a hidden basement for her personal room. Over time, Brad seems to move past his personal demons, throwing away his joy. Raising Buddy appears to fulfill his life, and they share several touching moments together.

Unfortunately, around the time Brad becomes middle-aged and Buddy is an adolescent, Brad relapses and becomes addicted to joy again. He often sees visions of Marty and Lisa, which disappear when he takes joy. Also, once Buddy becomes an adolescent, she begins to grow curious about the outside world. To her disappointment, Brad refuses to let her leave the house, believing that the cruel world would destroy her.

She is seen crying, alone.

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To compromise, Brad fashions a mask for her, allowing her to take short walks by his side. Around this time, he also captures a person and beats him unconscious. He takes the unconscious person to Buddy, and tells her to kill the unconscious person. She is confused and refuses. Brad tells her that the world is a cruel place, and she must be strong and vicious to survive.

The man awakens and begs her not to kill him. She decides to listen to Brad and kills the man. It is hinted that Brad does this several more times, possibly with abled-bodied people that Buddy must kill herself. One day, Brad comes home after a joy bender and finds his hut has been attacked. His friends are either gone or dead, and Buddy is missing.

Brad takes it upon himself to save her. Throughout his adventure, several roadblocks stand in his way. Most notably, Buzzo and his gang harass him several times. In two of these run-ins, Buzzo forces Brad to choose between losing an arm or the lives of his friends. Throughout his adventures, Brad unsurprisingly discovers that everyone wants to capture Buddy for their own purposes — mostly sexual pleasure.

He also finds several allies to aid in his quest, and several very strange people join his party. At one point, he even crosses paths with Rando, but their meeting is short and Brad demonstrates little affection. Unfortunately, Brad also finds several villains who torture him. For instance, a gang forces his allies to play Russian roulette.

In short, terrible things happen to Brad and his friends, but Brad continues throughout horrible hardships. Eventually, Brad finds Buddy. Instead of going with him, Buddy resists Brad. She says that it should have been her decision to live in the basement or risk living her life in the world. She had to live inside, only go on short walks with her owner, and her name was Buddy.

Also, it is possible that Buddy believes that Brad did not want to be a father to her, but only wanted to be redeemed for Lisa. Because of her hatred for Brad, she runs away. Brad learns that Buddy used a boat to escape, and Brad must make one himself to follow her.

The materials are extremely difficult to obtain, and Brad must kill several people to make the boat. Whereas Brad was the victim of his roadblocks before, he now appears to be the aggressor. This is especially true when Brad must chop-down the final tree of a sacred forest, only after killing those who consider the forest sacred. Two additional detail should also be noted. First, as Brad progresses throughout his adventure, more joy mutants can be seen. It is unclear whether this is coincidental or planned.

Second, in certain sections, Dr. Yado can be seen observing Brad in very hidden locations, always holding his trumpet. We later learn that Dr. Yado can control the joy mutants with his trumpet, which may be the cause of their growing frequency as Brad continues his journey.

He arrives on an island with a single inhabitant — Marty. It is extremely unclear how Buddy found Marty, or where Marty has been. Marty has observably aged, so he does not seem to be a hallucination. Brad, of course, goes into a rage.

Marty claims that he has changed, and Buddy says that Marty has been a better father to her in the short time that she has known him than Brad has in her entire life. Brad beats Marty to death, unforgiving of his transgressions towards himself and Lisa. She was forbidden to leave the house and was molested by her father, Marty.

Her only friend was a young boy named Bernard who she gave the name Buzzo. She forced him to maim and kill small animals, and mutilate her with a buzzsaw. Eventually, she killed herself to escape her suffering.

Blinding Bangs Cute and Psycho: It's revealed in Joyful that she was a seriously messed up little kid, pleading with Bernard to cut her up so Marty won't touch her anymore and goading him into cutting off a cat's paw.

lisa the painful joyful ending a relationship

With Buzzo, as it's revealed in The Joyful. Going by the tone of their dialogue together, it may have been more than just that. Lisa is shown hanging by her neck in the title screen and in several of Brad's hallucinations.

From what we see in Lisa: The First, it's more than implied that Marty's abuse drove her to do it.

lisa the painful joyful ending a relationship

On account of being dead, you never truly encounter her in either The Painful or The Joyful; All of her appearances are as Brad and Buzzo's hallucinations. The only time she has any actual appearance whatsoever is in her casket within The Joyful's Joy Lab.

Hidden Eyes Lonely Funeral: A flashback shows Brad being the only one to attend her funeral. You can also find what is basically a visitation room with her casket within a secret Joy Lab room in The Joyful. Unwitting Instigator of Doom: She made Buzzo mutilate a cat, and then herself, as a way of proving his love for her as well as making Marty not want to force himself on her anymore. This would prove to be the event that led to Buzzo becoming the depraved, vindictive monster that he appears as in The Painful.

In Lisa The First, it is heavily implied that she was sexually abused by Marty. Small Role, Big Impact: While she's the main character of the first game, in the RPG she makes one living appearance as a baby, gets one line in a flashback, and is an occasional silent hallucination the rest of the game. And yet her life and death have such an influence on Brad and Buzzo that the sequel still carries her name. Her death is the catalyst for many events in the series and she was Buzzo's love interest.

Lisa is always seen in a white dress, and aside from Yado is the driving force behind the entire series. Brad Armstrong Brad Armstrong "I just I wanted to do something good. I'm the one that was supposed to protect you. I can't let anyone hurt you A retired middle age martial artist who's haunted by the memories of his broken past.

After the Flash killed all females in Olathe, Brad one day found and adopted an infant, Buddy, the last female in Olathe. He initially decides to raise her only as a way to alleviate himself of the guilt he feels for his part in making his sister, Lisa, commit suicide years ago.

However, he comes to genuinely love Buddy, and she makes him feel emotions he never has. When she is abducted by the Rando Army, Brad is determined to save her, as she is the only thing in life that matters to him now. He used to be one, as shown in flashbacks. By the time of LISA: The First, Brad had left the Armstrong household years ago, and most likely never called or visited. The First, as he was never really a big part of Lisa's life.

And Then John Was a Zombie: No matter what choices the player makes, he transforms into a Joy mutant in the ending. Near the end, as he faces off against the entirety of Rando's army, he has this to say. I've been dead for 35 years.

lisa the painful joyful ending a relationship

Today is the day I live. Even after losing his afro years ago, Brad is still able to kick ass. Subverted later on in the game when Brads actions become more questionable. He's a master of the self-created Armstrong Fighting Style which is described in the artbook as "a mix of Karate and pain".

According to one of the epilogues of The Joyful, he picked up Karate from his grandfather. He sports a full beard which was, if the cutscenes are anything to go by, present since he hit adulthoodand is haunted by his regrets and bad memories.

According to Buddy and Rando, Brad did not like being referred to as "dad" due to his own horrible experiences with his own father, which is why they refer to him by his name. In the finale, he forced to overdose on Joy by Buzzo, which ensures his transformation as a mutant.

Brought Down to Badass: It's implied that he's out of practice, since he has to relearn his own martial arts style via leveling. He's still strong enough to deal with the various wasteland warriors, albeit with backup from his party members. Brad is perpetually, completely straight-faced, never reacting to the ridiculous people or situations he encounters, and always perfectly willing to beat up squirrels or cross dress without question.

Dark and Troubled Past: In addition to being emotionally abused by his father, Marty, Brad was also a helpless witness to his sister Lisa's eventual suicide after suffering all manner of abuse from their father.

It's also implied that Marty would force Brad to take part in the abuse, too. He also deconstructs the typical RPG protagonist. The majority of enemies faced are simple, sometimes completely innocent men who Brad tramples in his quest. By the end of the game he's regarded as a ruthless monster and others are terrified of him.

At the endgame, when Buddy in no uncertain terms states that Brad was more responsible than anybody for her misfortune. It's at this point that he loses all hope, and begins to mutate. Brad's body is feeling strange He has become a failure. Nothing will stop Brad in his quest to save Buddy, not even the loss of his own limbs or party members. Dying from Joy overdose in the finale just makes him stronger.

Also justified as a side effect of Joy, causing the user to obey their inner most desires as mentioned in the Joyless ending. As a result nothing would stop Brad from "protecting" Buddy.

By Buddy, when he was raising her. Happens again at Dismal Island, in a less wholesome manner. Brad's Dark and Troubled Past has driven him to severe Joy addiction. Game dialogue changes depending on if he continues to take Joy or tries to kick his addiction. Thanks to Buzzo forcing him to take three Joy pills at once, Brad by the end of the game is turning into a mutant, which puts him in a drug-fueled rage that lets him easily demolish Rando's army whether or not he has limbs. Not only do his moves get upgraded, he even gains the ability to restore SP by crying over Lisa and inducing fear by screaming.

Not only does he share his monk-like appearance as well as being the master of his own martial art style, he's actually the former master of Rando and Buzzo, the resident Expys of Raoh and Jagi. Eyes Always Shut Failure Knight: His devotion to protecting Buddy is spawned from his failure to protect his sister. What he has become by the end of the game, having taken innumerable lives, stealing, terrorizing and possibly even blackmailing others to find his daughter.

He warns Buddy that people will always try to use her, but states that for once he wanted to do something good with his life. He concludes by asking Buddy if he did the right thing. Attempted this in order to be a better parent for Buddy, but wound up falling Off the Wagonleading to the bender he wakes up from at the start of the game. A player can attempt this again in a Joyless run, but ultimately Buzzo forces Brad to overdose by threatening Buddy's life, making it all for naught. While losing one or both of his limbs does hinder him severely, he's still capable of biting and tackling anyone in his way.

He is also still able to climb ropes and ride his bike using his mouth. I Have No Son! As far as he's concerned, Dusty was never his son and he admits that he never cared for him as he did Buddy. When confronting his father, Brad can choose to spare him, which at least seems like a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, the Joy that Brad took earlier causes him to kill Marty anyways, further pushing Buddy away from him.

Huge Rider, Tiny Mount: When riding the child's bicycle, this enables him to cross over small gaps. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Flashbacks and his general mood show that Brad can be very kind at times, and that his gruffness is mostly for show.

A number of people describe him as having a sensitive soul, but his years of abuse from his father and watching his sister be driven to madness and eventual suicide have seriously dampened his worldview. A signature move in the Armstrong fighting style. Because the fire is a manifestation of emotion, Brad can use this even without hands.

Lisa: The Painful RPG: The Best Game You Never Played (but should)

The first battle of the game involves Brad killing a small and relatively harmless dog, a precursor for the terrible deeds he commits during his search for Buddy.

He asks that Buddy hug him, something no one has ever done for him. The player can choose to allow or deny it. Love Makes You Evil: His desire to protect Buddy from everyone leads to him killing many people in his way, ultimately does more harm to everyone than anything else and in the end is more out of a selfish desire to make up for the loss of his sister.

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Brad has high HP alongside a wide variety of powerful offensive moves. This makes him useful throughout the entire game. His main weaknesses however are unimpressive speed, a lack of support skills like buffs and HP recovery and Joy addiction Which weakers him while suffering from withdrawal. Also, losing his limbs will permanently and noticably hinder his performance, though he'll still remain quite powerful even without them.

Brad's ferocity causes Rando's army to go from confident What Brad considers Lisa's suicide to be. He was not only complacent in Marty's abuse of Lisa but also participated in it, albeit unwillingly. Brad also left the house some time before Lisa killed herself, leaving Lisa alone with Marty. My Greatest Second Chance: Buddy is this in a nutshell. Brad wants to protect Buddy no matter what as a sort of redemption from failing to prevent Marty from abusing Lisa.

Not in This for Your Revolution: Everything Brad does is for his own reasons, he legitimately couldn't care less about saving humanity or anyone that he isn't close to.

While he doesn't physically or deliberately abuse Buddy, he does leave some hefty emotional scars. Also from Buzzo, considering that Lisa's suicide was the event which made both became gradually insane and commit atrocities as a result. A rare twist of this trope being Played for Dramaas Brad fights both his own gang and the Rando Army near the end and wins, which is even more incredible considering that Brad may be lacking one or both arms by then. However, tragic part comes in the end of the came, when it's revelead that he only was able to achieve it because he was slowing turning into a Joy mutant.

He will stop at nothing to protect Buddy. However, his obsession for protecting her drives him to do some horrible things.

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Remember the New Guy? While Brad's goal of saving Buddy is understandable and relatable, his actions throughout the game are nothing short of horrifying. He murders just about anyone who stands in his path, even if all they're guilty of is standing in his way. He routinely forces people to join him by doing such things as stealing something valuable from them, holding their loved one hostage, or lying to them by saying he will help them with their cause or desire.

And in the end, he has more or less doomed any and all chances for Olathe to ever recover by killing influential people and destroying important gangs and organisations that were keeping some kind of peace and order. In the end, one has to wonder how much of these actions are caused by Joy, Brad himself, or a mixture of the two, and how redeemable Brad is will come down to the conclusions about his character that each player comes to themselves.

Brad blames himself for Lisa's death, and the guilt of not protecting her from their father is a big part of his motivation. Never shows any emotion other than anger, and boy has he had a hard life Has a noticeable gut, but is also one of the strongest guys in the wasteland, bar none.

The only thing Brad really wants to do is to be the father his dad never was for Buddy as a means of redeeming himself after contributing unwillingly to Lisa's abuse and failing to stop it from eventually driving Lisa to suicide.

lisa the painful joyful ending a relationship

Brad is however just not fit to be a parent. He is regularly neglectful, letting Rick, Sticky, and Cheeks handle her care most of the time. Sets a terrible example by almost always being high or drunk around Buddy. And he can be quite emotionally distant and verbally abusive without even really meaning to. In summary, Brad's dream is simply impossible to achieve because he as a person is simply not fit to fulfill it.

According to Dingaling, Brad would have liked to get married, but didn't think he deserved it. Due to his Joy usage, Brad is literally unable to stop himself from saving Buddy. All Brad wants to do is find Buddy, but he has no moral qualms about his actions in achieving that.

It is implied that Dr. Yado had been fueling his obsession with saving Buddy thanks to his joy addiction, and Yado's trumpet. The Joyful has Buzzo provide credence to this and admitting that the bad things Brad had done was not his fault. Brad can headbutt and slide on his head to knock down opponents. If he loses both arms, this is his only method of attack, riding a bike, and climbing a rope. The Memory of Brad in The Joyful. The only thing he can do to benefit himself is healing in his second form, but the one after that has him healing you instead.

And I am one of a kind. The only female to survive the White Flash. Adopted by Brad as an infant, she is abducted by the Rando Army for their own purposes. However, not everything is as it seems. If she chooses not to take the Joy vaccine, the epilogue shows her as a Joy mutant. Progressively grows into this throughout The Joyful. Part of it is because of taking Joy. In contrast with her father's bare fistsBuddy wields a scimitar roughly as tall as herself in Joyful.

In The Joyful, the ending where Buddy chooses to take the Joy vaccine shows that she eventually has a child. It's unexplained whom the father of the child, though. Interestingly, in a variant of the ending where she doesn't take the vaccine and becomes a Joy mutant, she still somehow has a child. This only happens if you previously fought Bolo. In The Joyful, after everything she went through, Buddy has become utterly ruthless, determined to rule Olathe so that no one else can hurt her.

Buddy's fighting style is based entirely on survival, most of her attacks are stabs at vital body parts and she's not above exposing herself to distract enemies.

In The Joyful, if she's jumping down at the right angle, she can pounce on enemies and instantly kill them. Buddy will stop at nothing to get away from Brad and always seems to be just one step ahead of him. Seems to be this at first, but it's subverted in that not only is she escaping captivity on her own, she is actively trying to get away from Brad, even preferring her supposed captors Marty and Rando over being with him.

Distracted by the Sexy: In The Joyful, she can flash her opponents to distract them temporarily. Does Not Like Men: With few exceptions; although, this is justified considering that most of the men she comes across are murderous and attempted rapists. However, people like Rando aren't exempt from this, despite Rando having her best interest in mind. It eventually backfires on her when Rando leaves her in the dead of night because he can't continue to help her kill all these people.

Her ruthless combat style was taught by Brad, who advised her to never feel fear or mercy when taking a life. Near the end of the game, she gets her face clawed on by Mr.

lisa the painful joyful ending a relationship

In The Joyful, she wears bandages over her face, covering the eye. Her speed stat is extremely high and far exceeds all of her other stats which are more or less average. Buddy is the only woman left on the planet. As soon as the news gets out, everyone in the world goes looking for her.

He Who Fights Monsters: Buddy reasons that the only for her to live freely in a world full of perverts and kidnappers willing to kill to get at her is to Beat Them at Their Own Game by becoming the top link of the food chain.

Brad Armstrong

I Just Want to Be Free: What Buddy most desires is the freedom to do what she pleases without others forcing their will or control on to her. Oh boy is she ever. She's a ruthless murderer, dispassionately slaughtering even people who aren't trying to oppose her only considering one person to be beneath contempt.

She even tells him she never trusted him before finishing him off. Jumped at the Call: Upon learning that she is the future of humanity, Buddy eagerly embraced her new, all-important role.

Rando, who is the nicest person you can ever find in Olathe, can be killed by Buddy, simply because he intended to protect her. Last of Her Kind: Is the only known female left in Olathe and is necessarily not a good thing to be. While some men wanted her to have sex, some need her to repopulate.

Buddy is the future of the human race and as such is treated like a prize or an object, and the fact that no one seems to be considering her feelings or mental state, Brad included, forms her motivation. More Deadly Than the Male: The men of Olathe are a bunch of perverted thugs, but Buddy is a ruthless killer, capable of slaying countless men without hesitation or mercy. In the end of the Joyful, Buzzo reveals to her that every bad thing Brad had ever done to her was never his fault, and by extension, neither was the much kinder Rando, whom both only wanted to protect her.

She breaks down in tears after mercy killing Buzzo, and is given the option to fall into despair, or try to move forward. How she runs in "The Joyful.