Loves enduring promise ending relationship

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loves enduring promise ending relationship

Love's Enduring Promise (Love Comes Softly Book #2) and over 2 million other books . My 2nd observation, reading this book seemed to be a never ending list of intimacy or development, as in Book one, into the relationships in this book. Here is my new story: Loves Enduring Promise. A simple flaw that they will correct next time in the other relationship. Little of these warriors has actually reached the final mark and has found that special prize in the end. The book opens about two years after the ending of Love Comes Softly. of one couple's relationship, but I suppose there was enough romance present in the.

It is back-breaking work. Missie's hands are bruised and blistered. Marty is exhausted from taking care of the kids, planting the crops and nursing Clark. Aaron is traumatized over what happened to Clark and feels a heavy desire to help his father. Missie is plowing the fields when she realizes that it's lunchtime - and Saturday. She's missed her appointment with Grant!

As Missie toils in the fields, the bearded stranger who rescued her father returns Clark's axe to her. The mystery man Logan Bartholomew introduces himself as "Nate. Love's Enduring Promise - Promotional Shoot After plowing the field, Nate approaches the house with Missie and we learn that Clark's leg is badly infected.

Nate tells them that it needs to be opened up again so it can drain.

Love's Enduring Promise (Love Comes Softly #2) by Janette Oke

Missie says no at first, but Marty understands it has to be done. Nate convinces them that he's seen this kind of stuff before being a ranch hand and knows what to do. Otherwise, Clark might lose his leg or die. Missie takes the kids out to the barn and reads them a book while Marty helps Nate with Clark. Grant goes to the school to find Missie but is disappointed to find it's closed. At the farm, Missie brings Nate water while he works the land.

Then Marty arrives to tell them that Clark's fever has broken and he's hungry. So happy and thankful for Nate's help, Missie invites him for dinner.

That evening the Davis family has a picnic in Clark's bedroom. The kids eat on a blanket on the floor with Nate while Clark eats in his bed. Clark thanks Nate and hires him to help with the crop, promising to pay him after the harvest.

loves enduring promise ending relationship

As Missie and Nate tend the fields together their relationship grows. She asks about his history but he doesn't tell her anything. On a Saturday, they go riding together.

loves enduring promise ending relationship

Nate finds a good piece of oak and takes it with him. He also tries to get honey from a beehive, but the bees chase them and they have to jump into the lake to get away from the swarm. Missie and Nate arrive home, soaked to the skin, only to find Grant waiting. Missie can't believe she looks such a mess again!

She explains that her father had an accident, so she wasn't able to meet him for lunch. He inquires if it would be okay to ask Clark, when he's feeling better, if they can date. Nate, jealous, distances himself emotionally from Missie. He refuses dinner with the family, but hands Missie a nice cane he made for Clark out of the oak he found the day they spent together.

loves enduring promise ending relationship

Feeling better, Clark talks to Nate and thanks him for the cane. He's searching for some answers to Nate's history. Clark suspects that Nate is really Willie - Zeke's son who left town six years earlier after the tragic death of his little brother. Clark asks Zeke if he would want to talk to his son again.

loves enduring promise ending relationship

Zeke says yes, he has a lot to say to him. Clark tells Nate that he knows he really is Willie LaHaye.

He tells him that his father wants to see him.

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Willie admits he came home to set things straight but lost his courage. He's been living out in the woods since his arrival. When he was young, he was setting traps for his father and his little brother followed him. Willie got them lost and during the night his little brother died from exposure. Guilt ridden, he left home because he didn't know how to make things right.

Missie has a few wonderful dates with Grant. She has never seen such riches - the finest china, the most beautiful silver, the finest food. Grant, whose family owns the railroad company, is campaigning hard to win Missie over, and she finds herself falling for the wealthy young man. Marty speaks to her about being careful that she chooses a man she loves, not necessarily a man with money. She reminds her to be thankful for what she has. Love's Enduring Promise - Promotional Shoot After being reunited, Zeke and Willie end up having an argument one morning and Willie leaves the old man's house.

Both are harboring a lot of resentment, hurt feelings and unresolved problems. Missie has another elegant date with Grant. When he kisses her without her permission, she feels uncomfortable. He proclaims that he wants to marry her. Missie tells him she can't because she doesn't love him.

It is still primarily about Clark, Marty, and their growing family, but more like a series of snapshots of their lives together over a span of approximately twelve years.

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It is also about how the community in which they live and the people within it grow and change as time goes by as well. I didn't find this one to be quite as romantic as the first book of the Love Comes Softly series, probably because it doesn't focus in on the building of one couple's relationship, but I suppose there was enough romance present in the multiple courtships and marriages among secondary characters and the next generation of the Davis family to loosely characterize the story as a historical romance.

Once again, I loved reading about life on the frontier, the sense of warmth and love that comes from family, friends, and community, and how they all share in the joy and sorrow, laughter and tears that life can bring.

Most of the story is still told from Marty's point-of-view, but occasionally snippets of other character's perspectives pop up. Then Missie takes over some of the bits near the end, probably as something of a transition to the next book, Love's Long Journey, which will be her story.

There are numerous mini sub-plots that highlight all the changes in the community. As more people come to the area, the residents welcome a new teacher, new preachers, and new neighbors. I particularly liked the part about the new preachers, because it highlighted a spiritual position with which I agree, that true spiritual sustenance doesn't come from big words or fancy sermons, but from an ability to sense an earthy oneness with God on a much simpler level.

The people also say good-bye as some of their fellow residents move on and others pass on. I was very taken with a sweet side story about a young couple's much longed-for child not being exactly what they were expecting, but he ended up being a remarkable boy who was their pride and joy.

loves enduring promise ending relationship

There was also one of the many romances that ended in heartbreak, which also tore my heart open a little too, not just because of what the couple experienced but because of other issues which I'll address in a moment. Overall, every little piece of the narrative came together to make me feel like I was a part of this little frontier neighborhood.

I would have to say that Marty is still the main character in this book. She strikes me as a no-nonsense kind of woman who works hard, and would do just about anything for anyone.

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She can be pretty stubborn and independent at times. She can also be fairly exuberant in her faith, and is eager to share it with others, but I wouldn't characterize it as being particularly overbearing or preachy. Underlying everything is a loving woman who is a great wife and mother.