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Mario was seen at the end of Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest Relationships She also appears in Mario vs Donkey Kong: March of the minis. Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis also featured cut-scenes from Silver Ant for a high This ended NST's relationship with Silver Ant. Mario vs. Donkey Kong Developer(s) Nintendo Software Technology Publisher(s) Nintendo First Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong Latest Game Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge Genre Puzzle plays on a 2D plane similar to the Lemmings with the goal to get the Minis to the end. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!.

The player may also earn any combination of three bonuses: All Minis, which means every Mini-Mario made it into the door; Perfect Chain, which means that there was no break between Mini-Marios entering the door; and Nonstop, which means that at least one Mini-Mario was not stopped by being tapped with the stylus stopping on elevators or waiting for platforms don't ruin this bonus. There are three medals, or stars, that can be earned upon meeting their requirements; bronze, silver and gold.

In each room there are cards and coins. The minigame involves tapping ShyGuys as they come out of pipes and avoiding the Bob-Ombs that occasionally come out as well. There are two types of coins: Small coins are worth 50 points and large ones are worth Collecting coins will definitely help in meeting the score required for a Gold Star.

The DK stages play a bit differently from the main game. In these stages the bottom screen shows a cannon loaded with a Mini-Mario, a belt upon which the cannon moves on, and a button labeled Shoot that the player must tap to fire the Mini-Mario. The top screen shows your remaining hits, which depends on how many Mini-Marios the player led to the door throughout the entire floor, DK's remaining hits, which always starts out at six, DK's location, and objects the player needs to hit with a Mini-Mario in order to damage him.

If a Mini-Mario collides with DK's side, that will damage him as well. The only way to get lose your own health is if your Mini-Mario is hit with an object or if DK breaks it.

DK's movement varies with the stage. In some, it is like the shell game in that there are three locations he can appear and you can somewhat guess where based on a pattern.

In the others, he is on a swinging platform that will kill a Mini-Mario if the Mini-Mario collides with it. Floor 8's DK Stage involves him moving between vines.

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Once the player hits DK six times, the stage ends and the score is tallied up with points for each second remaining and points for each surviving Mini-Mario. The extra three DK stages are modeled after stages in the original Donkey Kong arcade game. Construction Zone[ edit ] March of the Minis incorporates a feature that was meant to be included in the cancelled Donkey Kong Plus. The player can create levels and upload them wirelessly or over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection for friends to play.

For each floor completed in the main game, its corresponding kit is unlocked for use in the construction zone. In addition, when the player completes the minigames for the first 3 floors, 6 floors, and all 8 floors, Special Kits 1, 2, and 3 are unlocked, respectively.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again! review

There are three save files. Construction Zone - A Level Editor feature is also present in this game, where players can create their own levels. Friends can also utilize a Wi-Fi connection to share levels online. Play Level - Levels created by the player or received from others, that have passed a play test all Minis can reach the goalcan be played here.

Edit Level - Players can create or edit a preexisting level here, from one of eleven kits. See how kits are unlocked is described below. Erase Level - Players can delete levels at will. Nintendo WFC - These options allow interactions with other players. Synchronize - Players must connect to the WFC to get their own levels ready to send to others. Receive - As long as each player know each other's friend codes and have them installed under their friends list, levels can be received from either at will.

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Nintendo also has been publishing a level every so often. WFC Friends - Up to sixty friends can be stored here, registered with a friend code. The player's friend code is on the top screen. Multi-Card - Two friends, each with a copy of the game and close to each, can send and receive files locally.

Broadcast - Same as sending. The other player must choose "Receive" for this to work. Receive - The other player must choose "Broadcast" and choose a level for this to work. Options - March of the Minis has some unique features and bonuses. Audio - adjusts settings from Stereo, Surround, or Headphones. The player can hear every sound effect and music track in the game when they beat the Main Game.

There are one hundred forty four sound effects and seventy seven music tracks in all. Showroom Movies - Players can watch the four real-time movies again and again here. Only one - pre-title - is unlocked at the beginning, so again the Main Game must be played to find them all. The additional movies are Introduction, Ending, and Musical. Gallery - Players can look at eighteen pictures from the Main Game here. The next is before the final battle on the Roof, and the last is from beating the first level in the basement.

Credits - Replays the credits. The player must finish the Main Game at least once to unlock it. Title - On the title screen, Mini Marios walk across the bottom of the top screen.