Mars war logs ending relationship

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mars war logs ending relationship

I can't complete the Electrical relationship side quest. I've tried talking to Mary in private but after exhausting all the conversation options, the. Romance: Judy Side: Resistance Team: Judy/Mary Details: Marco dead / Honour alive As i played various endings for myself i decided to. Metacritic Game Reviews, Mars: War Logs for Xbox , Mars: War Logs takes you to the red planet over a century after the catastrophe that.

Mars: War Logs Review

Especially given the price. They even did a good job of making it where there's no "good" or morally "right" and "wrong" conclusion to the game.

mars war logs ending relationship

The game's ending falls into morally grey territory. While it does have some glitches, the biggest issues with the game lie in the combat department.

mars war logs ending relationship

You can tell Spiders was trying to go for a more realistic approach to fighting your enemies. Really trying to make it feel like a fight for survival. You have to carefully juggle your attackers.

mars war logs ending relationship

For the most part they succeeded, but it can be too rigid and awkward for it's own good at times. Particularly when fighting larger groups of enemies. With limited supplies and the useless companion AI you can be overwhelmed by groups larger than three in ways that feel unfair. Playing the game on it's higher difficulties can be an absolute nightmare that feels impossible. Yet, there's still a feeling of success that comes from narrowly making it out of a fight alive.

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As you progress and level up, new options become available to make combat feel more flexible and easier to manage. Originally posted by Anax: Originally posted by kaay: This deep relationship between Sean and Mary is further made clear later in the game when she argues why she refuses to dress properly.

Its clear that she considers to always belong to Sean and to be broken by his death.

mars war logs ending relationship

Basically the message she sends to Roy is that "you can have Sean's broken toy but never more than that" I disagree. She talks about sex as a form of payment and the way she says, "Are you going to sleep with me?

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Sean did," is as unromantic as possible. I don't remember exactly what she said about her clothes, but if you choose to be patient with her during the romance quest, she eventually wants to have sex with Roy because she actually likes him and wants it. It also seems she's never felt that way before.

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Of course, player choices have a degree of influence on how the story plays out and how the characters come off. Again, the story in MWL is not explicit, its implicit, you have to deduct it from the context. Like the reaction Mary had when Sean was killed, that was love.

Also the fact that she wanted to exact revenge and kill Roy even if it cost her life, she went so far that she overloaded and almost killed herself.