Mighty aphrodite ending relationship

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mighty aphrodite ending relationship

Woody Allen and Mira Sorvino in Mighty Aphrodite. Things don't go quite according to plan, but the ending is a happy one, despite being deeply The relationship between Allen and Bonham Carter just doesn't work. Allen's Mighty Aphrodite, combined with the pragmatic context, the setting and the .. making use of the underworld connections entitled by his job, he ends up . happy; Lenny's relationship with Amanda is finally reinvigorated; the chorus. Mighty Aphrodite is simultaneously a departure and a re-visitation of a particularly graphic porn shoot and ends with the exclamation "I like acting! as this paternal relationship develops, if only briefly, into something else.

mighty aphrodite ending relationship

She always sounds out of breath, her words tumbling over each other, that nasal whine sounding like the screech of brakes before a ten-car pileup.

Despite these antecedents, the character is rather different from anyone in earlier Woody movies, in her frank acceptance of sexuality like the scene where she describes a particularly graphic porn shoot and ends with the exclamation "I like acting! The writing seems focused in different places than usual, as well.

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Unlike Woody's discontented husbands in earlier films, Lenny is not really looking for an affair, and this becomes even more true once he meets Linda. She inspires in him, not sexual feelings, despite her attractiveness, but fatherly caring and a desire to help her out. He admonishes her not to sell her body, to give up her unrealistic acting dreams and settle down into a conventional life: Even as his own marriage falls apart around him, as his bored wife focuses on her own career and flirts with having a real affair, Lenny throws himself into helping out Linda, becoming a platonic friend to her.

Mighty Aphrodite

That he eventually does sleep with her is just one more of the film's interesting echoes of Allen's personal life, as this paternal relationship develops, if only briefly, into something else. It's not so much an attempt to apologize, but an acknowledgment that the best intentions can go awry and be perverted by either fate or character flaws.

mighty aphrodite ending relationship

Lenny is never able to really help Linda, and his earnest efforts only cause more problems for both of them. This is not the only way in which Mighty Aphrodite sets itself apart from earlier Woody films.

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The director is also playfully experimenting here with the form and structure of the Greek tragedy, indulging in his love of metafictional devices to draw parallels between literature and life. The film opens with what seems at first like an absurd non-sequitur, as a group of somberly dressed ancients in stone masks ascend to the stage of a crumbling amphitheater and recite, in chorus, a portentous speech about destiny.

This formal, stylized opening cuts directly to a scene in a New York restaurant, where Lenny and Amanda are discussing having a child; the tension between the ornate language of the Greek chorus and the direct, casual dialogue of the main characters helps establish the film's interaction between old and new forms of storytelling.

Woody gets a lot of mileage out of this device. The opening scene is played almost completely straight, used as a deliberate subversion of expectations, but subsequent appearances of the Greek chorus become funnier and funnier, as the group comments on the action, directly warns Lenny about the likely consequences of his actions, and draws parallels between Lenny's troubles and older dramas like the story of Oedipus. This fable, with its characters who are ironically unaware of what they're doing and who fulfill their fates through ignorance, is directly related to the intertwined destinies of Lenny and Linda.

The characters of the Oedipus tale thus appear to Lenny along with the Greek chorus, bringing together past and present, fiction and reality.

Sometimes, without explanation, Lenny appears in the amphitheater with the chorus, and sometimes they come to him. In one scene, the chorus leader F.

Murray Abraham comes to see Lenny as he talks on the phone with Linda for the first time. The chorus leader attempts to talk him out of it, but soon hands Lenny a pencil from offscreen and reaches a hand out to hold the paper still as he writes.

It makes the assertion that getting on with one's life is a remedy for pessimism. It's worthwhile to carry on. This modern playing-up of Pygmalion divulges its solemn undercurrents, with observations by the Greek chorus, which periodically bursts into song and dance, while in unison developing a plot that lends itself to farce, Woody playing a sportswriter who's initially opposed to adopting a kid despite his career-driven wife Helena Bonham Carter being unable to get pregnant for the sake of her job, yet she has her way and they adopt a boy they call Max.

As Max gets older, it becomes clear he's exceedingly gifted, and Woody becomes preoccupied with learning the identity of Max's biological mother.

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After some tense scenes of farcical suspense, Lenny finally locates Max's mother, Linda, call girl and part-time porn actress. Lenny, never disclosing his real reason for seeking out Linda, swiftly becomes her friend and counselor, and sets about finding a nice guy for her to marry. Lenny recommends a young boxer he knows, a potato farmer from upstate, who is a good kid but not very smart.

Although the increasingly colloquial Greek chorus might sound like a cumbersome adjunct to a Woody Allen comedy about contemporary Manhattan neurotics, it truly works properly. Chorus members including F. Murray Abraham, Olympia Dukakis and David Ogden Stiers make urgent notes of the choices Lenny is making, and their peculiar counterpoint helps Allen pull off some of the more clearly perfunctory plot developments.

By the end of the movie, when the deus ex machina arrives from the sky in a helicopter, it feels like an stimulation rather than what it is, an expedient plot device.

Her Oscar win has apparently been subject to the same "come-on's" and "gimme-a-break's" as Marisa Tomei's for My Cousin Vinny, perhaps because young bimbo roles, including those of Brooklyn spitfires, are often so two-dimensional, they're all taken for granted as precisely that. But known for being remarkably dignified and eloquent, Sorvino goes way outside the hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold peripherals of the part in developing a genuinely sensitive and charming character.

Through events that I won't divulge, Woody brings us to an addendum set a few years later, when Lenny and Linda meet again, and there is a bittersweet development in both of their lives, although each of them is conscious of only half of it.